Demon in My View

Summary - Raven's been cold. Blunt. Sarcastic. Unfriendly. But she has never been evil. There has never been a demon in her. Till now.

"Dude, you sure it's here?" Beast Boy frowned and scanned the surrounding area.

"Sure, I'm sure… our communicator beeped, didn't it?" Robin objected indignantly.

"Robin, chill. No one's implying anything," Cyborg answered somewhat distractedly. Strange, his sensors couldn't pick up anything either…

Starfire flew a few metres in each direction and stopped. "Dear friends, it appears to me that no disaster had occurred at the particular spot we currently inhabit. Unless…" She pointed a small grey rat that had its head stuck in a can.

They were currently in a small alley, just inside of Jump City. It appeared deserted, except for several small rodents scurrying through the day's leftover rubbish. Neither of them seemed capable of triggering anything disastrous enough for their communicators to have picked up.

It just so happened that the rats gave a sudden squeak and scuttled off - just as giant beam blasted a hole in the ground - right next to the last, silent member of their team - Raven Roth.

"There, see! I told you BB, this is the place!" Robin laughed triumphantly. All of a sudden he seemed taller, more alive, in his ready-for-anything fighting stance.

Beast Boy didn't answer - the reason being that he was now a twenty-or-more feet tall T-rex. It was an unwritten rule that T-rexes didn't talk. It was also an unwritten rule that T-rexes attacked things. Just like what he was doing now - he whipped around and sent a few black things flying.

No matter. They simply landed, picked themselves up again and continued the fight.

"What are these things?!" Cyborg growled. Whatever they were, they had a fast recovery time. This was not good news to the Titan. He blasted a trio of them. The disintegrated, then appeared out of nowhere to form six black things.

"Unless I am much mistaken, they do not resemble any form of life on this Planet. Friends, what should we do?" Starfire shot a green blast back at the black things. It stumbled, stopped and split into two, then continued onwards towards them.

"Star's right, either they're from another planet or-" Cyborg ducked as another black creature leapt at him, narrowly missing him. "-they're dead…"

"Well, that would explain why they don't go down!" Robin gritted his teeth and flung several bird-a-rangs out in different directions. One of them hit a black creature. It squelched, then split into two.

Beast Boy roared his agreement and tried to bite one of the black creatures, made a T-rex-ish face and spat it out. It squelched on the pavement then formed back - double the original number.

Then, as suddenly as they had arrived, they suddenly retreated, spiraling off back down the alley, disappearing into thin air.

'What the heck-?!" Robin started after them, then stopped at the empty street at the end of the alley. Where had they gone now? To the city to wreck more havoc?

"What just happened over here?" Beast Boy, back in his green human form, scratched his head. "Why'd they suddenly leave like that?"

"Perhaps they wanted to have an - ah…" Starfire searched for the word. "-fracture."

"Fract - oh you mean break… no, Star, people don't just break in the middle of a fight." Robin shook his head, puzzled.

"I am uncertain of the reason for this fracture, but where is friend Raven?"

Robin blinked. Only now did he realize that Raven had disappeared. He let out a frustrated breath and swore. "Damn you, Raven…" Why, oh why did she have to go off by herself?! Especially now with such a powerful enemy?! They were a team, for god's sake!

Raven Roth gritted her teeth. She hated chasing people. Why couldn't they just stay still - that would make fighting them much easier.

The moment the black creatures had appeared she instantly knew who was behind this attack. It wasn't someone from her world, but a distant enemy. Not that they'd had many run-ins - this enemy had mostly kept to herself and the people from her world hadn't bothered it either. It was simply a distant threat.

So why was on Azar was she attacking this world now? A frown creased her brow. Why? Why?!

A noise behind her startled her out of her thoughts - a flutter of wings as the black creatures spiraled back towards a now-stationary silhouette standing on top of a building.

"Raven Roth. It has taken quite a while, but I have finally tracked you down to… Earth it is called, isn't it?" said silhouette murmured in a soft silky voice.

"Nehima." Slowing to a stop, Raven spat the name out like a curse.

For a moment the Maestere seemed blank, then she smiled nastily. "That's right, so you do remember me - and my powers, hopefully. Thank god for that. It'll make this fight all the more interesting then." She laughed - an evil laugh without mirth.

Apart from a low growl, Raven gave no sign she had heard Nehima at all. Instead her hands rose, emanating a powerful dark energy. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" She hurled twin balls of it at the Memory Master. Instantly she knew it would have no effect.

Nehima remained stationary, perfectly calm. A handful of black creatures rushed forwards, forming a shield around her. The black blast hit the shield, causing the black creatures - Shadows - to scatter in different direction, then assemble at Nehima's feet - double their original number.

Nehima laughed with child-like happiness.

Damn… I used too much anger… Raven fumed inwardly. Nothing would work against the Shadows, except attacks totally drained of emotion. She had to remain cold, totally cold, in order to successfully defeat Nehima.

A bird-a-rang cut through their fight, followed closely by a thunderous roar, a string of green shots and a loud, "boo-yah!"

Raven cursed her friends silently. Didn't they yet realize their attacks simply deterred the Shadows for a while, then doubled their number, causing them to become even stronger?! Surely they weren't that dense! Especially Starfire's. She was simply feeding them more energy with each blow, purely because her attacks were so rich in emotion.

She glanced at Nehima, trying to calm down enough to attack without feeling.

Nehima seemed slightly displeased by the arrival of the other Titans, then, shrugging, her face grew cold. She swept her arm in a wide sideways arc, over the whole area where the Titans were doing battle with her Shadows.

Even though she had been expecting it, Raven still felt the attack and was shocked by the total lack of emotion in it - it was so cold… so cold…

The thing tilted Nehima's head to glance down at the fallen bodies of the Titans. Robin, noble Robin, always protecting the other Titans. Where was he when she had been attacking Raven? From Nehima's mouth, it made her issue an amused laugh.

The thing moved on, now looking at the beautiful, happy, alien girl Starfire, the humorous green changeling Beast Boy and the wise half-machine, half-human Cyborg. All who were supposedly Raven's friends.

Not for long. At least, not if the thing could help it.

Suddenly, Nehima's body convulsed violently.

The thing gave a disappointed sigh. If only they didn't rebel so much… but no matter, she would pay later. For now, it had better complete the task now before the Titans awoke.

Slowly, it lifted a fragment of something red out of Nehima's white robe. Then it gently lowered the fragment down to where raven's body lay. Using Nehima's dagger, it controlled her hand to cut a narrow slit on Raven's wrist. A thin line of blood dribbled out. The fragment slipped off Nehima's hand into the cut, moving so carefully and casually, it was almost like Nehima had dropped it when, really, it had moved on its own.

The thing grinned with child-like anticipation. Oh, this was going to be sooo fun.

Eh well… this is the first chapter of my first teen Titans fanfic… my beta-reader said the last chapter was pretty confusing. I guess it is - it'll get clearer nearing the middle of the story. But you can tell that something's controlling - oh I won't tell. heh heh.

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