Demon in My View

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Bright light pierced through into her vision when she opened her eyes, and she closed it immediately upon seeing the person beside her.

"Raven, I saw that! I know you're awake."

"No, I'm asleep. Deep in dreamland. Don't bother me, or you'll regret it."

"If you don't get up you'll be the one regretting it." Robin sighed and gave a subtle kick; Raven rolled off the sofa with a satisfying "oomph".

Glaring daggers at him, she challenged. "What do you want?" It was the sort of question used to ward people off. Robin, on the other hand, answered it.

"To talk. About your little episode back there. Raven-"

And with no fear, the arrogant little Birdboy. Raven now had more reason to kill him, if need be.

"What episode?" she interrupted.

"Don't play dumb with me, Raven. You ran off on your own. Again. Just the day before you promised never to do that, ever. Again. Do you think I'm going to let you avoid me for days on end? Again?!"

Robin was right, of course. He always was. Only, he didn't need to know that she thought so.

"It is scientifically proven that getting angry frequently raises one's blood pressure, which wouldn't be good for our publicity, Robin, if anyone of us suddenly exploded."

"Raven, I'm warning you. Don't change the subject, damn it!"

"Language." Raven quietly swept out the door of the medlab.

And then she was gone.


Raven remembered to breathe the moment she was out of the lab and in her room. In her room she was safe. No one was watching her, waiting to see her fail. She didn't need to act. In her room, she could be herself.

It was her own private space - anyone who went in would not live to tell of it. And she would not be held liable for the death.

You have been forewarned.

She sighed and collapsed on her bed. Robin was right. They were a team. They should do things together. But it was so much easier to be alone, to not have to put on an act. The other Titans all expected her to be one of the strongest members - besides Robin.

She was the down-to-earth one. She was the responsible one. She was the one who would save them - if Robin was unavailable.

Starfire could be happy and free. She could be the strange, cherubic, child-like one, who didn't know any better.

She wished she could have that kind of power.

But she didn't, and it was what she didn't have that counted. Frustrated, she drove her fist hard into the pillow beside her. Something shattered.

A trickle of warm liquid dripped and landed on her foot. For a minute she thought a pipe was leaking, then she turned her wrist over and saw the cut.

Huh. When and how had she gotten that cut?

It was too clean a cut to have been done accidentally. However she had gotten it, it had been intentional. And it definitely hadn't been her. Who would be stupid enough to cut her won wrists? Not her, not even if she was at her worst.

She frowned and lowered a bright blue jewel to the wound. The bloodhad begun to clot again.

The jewel glowed - not a soft gentle blue, but a harsh, dark black. Wha-? A current of blood spilled out. The cut didn't heal; on the contrary, it had opened wider, more blood spilling out by the minute. She cursed.

Rushing back to the medlab, she paused outside long enough to determine that no one was inside. Then she entered, striding over to the medical cupboard and emerged with some bandages to dress her wounds.

"You should wash it."

She jumped, the bandages fell to the floor and unrolled.

Beast Boy fell to the floor too, and laughed. "Gotcha, didn't I, Raven?"

Raven sniffed and glared at him. He had. That was one fact he didn't need to know. He already delighted in startling her enough as it was. "Did not."

"Did too."

"Did-, oh, suit yourself."

Beast Boy sighed. "You're supposed to keep on saying 'did not' until you lose. You do know that, don't you, Rae?"

"Oh really, pardon me for my ignorance then," retorted Raven sarcastically. She really wasn't interested in out-sliming Beast Boy now. It was way too easy.

Beast Boy hunted around for a smart and witty remark then, failing, he decided to sniff and say, "You're so immature, Raven."

Raven smirked as she concentrated on wrapping the bandages around the wound after having applied the ointment. Then again, it was just too fun.

The wound on the other hand, just would not stop bleeding. What was up with that?

"Titans, Go!"

It seemed that Nehima had decided to strike again. Weird.

But good. That meant Raven could take revenge for the cut. She'd decided that the cut had probably been made by her. Some sick pleasure of hers or something, she thought, floating along behind the other Titans.

Realizing the position she was in, she switched, flying faster to take a position up front.

Robin saw, caught her eye to give her a warning look. She paid no heed. This was her fight. The other couldn't possibly win against Nehima, not with their attacks.

Oddly enough, she hadn't told her teammates about the way to defeat Nehima. She wondered if-

A happy Nehima standing atop a gigantic cloud of Shadows a distance away shook her out of her thoughts. Now was not the time to be thinking - it was time to fight.

She moved - splitting away from the rest of the Titans. She could see Nehima's laughing face.

She concentrated her thoughts on being cold, unfeeling - the closest she could get to cold and unfeeling anyway - and hurled a ball of black energy at her, muttering, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Nehima smiled nastily. The shadows intercepted. A few of them dissipated. It was a triumph - albeit a small one.

Still, the uselessness of it angered her. It angered her like nothing had ever done before. She felt her hot fury bubbling to the surface. The rationale part of her tried to calm down, to remain cold but this new dark, angry, primal part of her was stronger. It was winning.


The air crackled with all the dark energy of her enraged self.


And then she attacked.


The sheer power of the attack surprised her. She had no idea she had this much power, not even when her dark rage had overpowered her. And yet… and yet she wasn't enraged now, but a very serene calmness surrounded her, guided her actions. Her father was not controlling her now - she herself was in control of her won actions...


It was- it was impossible. How could she be so angry, so furious, and yet nothing, nothing had been destroyed.


She was dimly aware of her teammates, staring-

Nehima, growing startled as the ball of dark energy was hurled towards her-

She hands, reaching up- to block-

Herself, Raven Roth smiling, laughing… no, cackling. Like an evil witch. An evil demon.

And evil half-demon.

Then the Shadows, carrying off Nehima. The end of the fight.

Too soon. She craved for more, more!

She turned on her closest targets.

The Teen Titans.

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