Authors Note: This is not like my usual fics but I need to vent a little.


They say that pain is temporary.

They say that time heals all wounds.

They are wrong.

Pain is everlasting; it is the control it has over you that is temporary, but only if you can overcome it.

I have seen people consumed by pain, unable to see past it until it kills them and those around them.

I have seen people driven by pain to commit feats that were thought to be impossible and then go on to do more.

I have endured more pain then most people can possibly conceive of bearing.

I staked the boy I considered my brother.

I watched the only man I have ever considered to be my father ripped apart by vampires while I was chained to a wall.

I found my oldest friend hanging from the ceiling the morning after her girlfriend was killed by a polgara demon.

I watched my little sister in all but blood transform into a ball of green energy and disappear into nothingness.

Almost everyone I have ever known has died, most from unnatural causes.

I have had moments of near insanity and yet I never let it the pain consume me.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I had to pull the plug on the machines that at were keeping the love of my life alive.

None of the pain I have ever endured comes close to the pain of flicking that switch.

Hearing the monotone whine of the heart monitor as it flat lined eroded what little there was left of my sanity and humanity.

Tonight I go and find the biggest and most vicious demon around and make it mad.

Tonight the pain will stop.