Chapter 1

Amy Rose was driving her van down the highway. She was staring straight
ahead at the bleak, clouded horizon; tears threatened to pour down like
rain. Her face was pale and rigid and plagued with hurt. Sighing she looked
past the windshield. Great, just great. Smoke was pouring out of the hood of
her car, and she could hear a great deal of clanging. She had most of her
clothes in the trunk of the van; where she was going she didn't know. Just as
far away from him as possible...

She hated him now. Hated him with all of her heart. He had destoryed what
was left of hers... Amy hung her head, ignoring the constant threat of tears.
Why? Why had he done that? It hurt her so...Amy had gone back to apoligize
for glomping Sonic by the pool. It was always like this. She would get dissed,
cry, then apoligize. Unfortunately, this time would be different than just the
routine meeting.


The pink hedgehog walked up to her blue hero, ready to beg for forgiveness.
Lightly tapping Sonic on the shoulder, she took a deep breath. As he turned
around she cleared her throat, sounding almost expectant. Suddenly, hands
grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her vigoruosly.

"Why Amy!? WHY!?!?" Sonic bellowed.

Amy staggered back, surprised at his sudden outburst. She tilted her head
and gave a questioning look. What did he mean?

"Sonic... I-I don't understand..." She started.

"You don't understand? You don't understand!? GEEZ!!! I tell you day after
freakin' day TO GET AWAY FROM ME!!! I DON'T LIKE YOU!!! It's nice for you to
apoligize - wait. Is that why you're here?"

Amy nodded slowly and tried her hardest not to shake from fear. She had
never seen Sonic act like this... Never...

"Well don't bother! Don't even try to speak!! JUST GET OUTTA MY LIFE!!!!"

Sonic was now yelling into Amy's ears.

"B-but Sonic... I....." The pink hedgehog was thrown off by a slap in the face.

She looked up to see a very angry Sonic standing over her with a raised hand.
Amy lifted a hand up to her cheek and felt the sore spot. She couldn't believe
it, no, she WOULDN'T believe it. Sonic, her hero, had slapped her. And the
pain inside hurt more than any slap to the face ever could. Amy didn't know
what to do: Break down crying, or slap Sonic back and run. Not thinking clearly,
she went for the latter. She weakly raised her hand and half-brushed it across
Sonic's cheek. Staggering and stumbling, Amy Rose bolted down the street,
afraid of what Sonic would do if he decided to follow her...

End flashback

Amy's POV

I can't believe it! All I wanted to do was apoligize! He didn't even let me speak,
just a slap on the face! Time and time again he turned me down,
why didn't I get the hint?! It's been three years since ARK, and I still haven't
gotten over him! No, wait. Keep your head on Amy, stay calm. No crying here;
be tough!

Now I could feel the car slowing, and the clanging got louder and louder.
Luckily for me there was a picnic area. Pulling over into the dirt drive, I deeply
regretted not packing something to eat. Hunger clawed at my stomach as I sat
down in the shade also regretting my lack of water. Slowly, ever so slowly, I
started to drift into a heat- driven sleep. It was then that I was vaguely aware
of a certain approaching figure...

(sometime later)

'Where am I?'

I slowly sat up on the... bed? Looking around, I realized I wasn't where I
started. I was in a dark red room with a small bathroom area. Including the
bed I was on, the only other piece of furniture was the nightstand and a
wooden basket chair in the corner. I strained for the slightest peek into the
other hall, but to no avail. I sighed, slightly worried. Trying to calm my
shaking nerves, I looked around the room for the second time.
Noticing whoever took me left a glass of water on the nightstand, I grabbed it
and chugged it down in great gulps. Once finished, I looked down at the
nightstand again. There was some sorta sketch book and a few newspaper
clippings. Curious, I picked them up and placed them beside me on the bed.
One by one, I looked through the clippings. All of them had articles on the
many times Sonic had saved the day. One in particlular was marked with a
star in the corner. Surprisingly it was an article about me! Now I remember...


Below the interview was a picture of me holding my Piko Piko hammer
triumphantly and smiling. The article had been telling about how I had
convinced the late Shadow the Hedgehog to help Sonic defeat the Bio Lizard.
Not much to say, seeing as it was a pretty small article; two paragraphs at
the most. I scowled at my reference to Sonic. Not who I wanted to see right

Since all the other articles were about Sonic, I just skipped straight to the
sketch book. Opening it, I gasped. Right on the first page was an amazing
sketch of my article picture, colored and all! It... it looked like a real picture;
the colors so vivid! Turning the pages I looked at the other pictures. I saw
some pictures of Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic, all just as lovely as the first!
Then I started to see some more pictures of me, each more beautiful than the
previous one. Man, this person has a thing for drawing...

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming down the hall. Quickly placing the
clippings and the notebook back, I pulled the covers close over my head. As
the footsteps got louder, so did my heart. Finally they stopped, and a soft
chuckle could be heard. I looked up from the covers, eyes wide.


Right in the doorway, with the biggest smile, was Shadow the Hedgehog.
Surprised, I jumped out of the bed and ran up to hug him! After a while I
heard him coughing and choking, at which I let go. It took a minute for
Shadow to catch his breath, with which I took the time to look over his
somewhat new appearance. Not much had changed, except now he was
wearing a long-sleeved white t-shirt and a dark red vest over it. As if sensing
my questioning motive, the ebony hedgehog raised his hand.

"Before you ask me anything, I wanna ask YOU something Amy Rose." He

I just nodded.

"Anything Shadow."

"What happened to you? You've... changed...." He said, noticing my teenage

(Amy is wearing a pink tank-top with a rose on the front and a white skirt, red
and white sneakers on her feet. Her quills are a little longer, although she still
had her red head-band. A white choker was her chosen accesory. And don't
forget those feminine curves... 0o did I jus' say dat?)

I blushed.

"And one more thing... How did you get this far out? Don't you live in Station

"Well... First of all, it's called aging Shadow. Second, you can stop staring." I

Shadow quickly shook his head, slightly blushing. He then gestured to sit back
down on his bed. After we sat down, he turned to me again.

"Alright. Are you sure you wanna hear it?" I asked.

He nodded.

So I told Shadow about the whole thing, however hurtful it was to recall the
events. Towards the end of the story I started to shed a few tears. The look
on Shadow's face wasn't one to forget so soon. At first it was a look of
sympathy, which changed to one of anger and hatred.

"...and then I found myself here." I ended.

"Man. I knew faker didn't like you," Shadow paused, "But this is going too
far! That low-down cheap, cheezy little..."

"Shadow! It's ok. Sometimes Sonic doesn't think before he acts... It's alright,
I'm fine." I tried to calm him. Why he was getting all worked up about MY
problem was anybody's guess...

"Now, I believe you have some questions to answer yourself Mister." I then
poked Shadow's arm.

He chuckled. I could tell this was going to take a while...

(and hour later)

(Shadow's POV)

Man, did that take long! Telling Amy that wasn't exactly a piece of cake... I
told her that her and Tails' thoughts of me crash-landing somewhere on
Mobius were indeed correct. I had crashed a little ways away from this town,
where a good scientist had found me. Turns out he had been the relative of an
ARK member. So he housed me and healed me, reading from the bible when he
had the time. Tristan Docker was his name, a man in his late 20's. I lived in
secret at his house for two and a half years. Then we moved closer to his
workplace.We now live in this small three-story house. The basement was his
designated workshop, the second floor our living space, and the attic was a
spot to exercise or get a good workout. Since Tristan was working most of the
time, I would work out or draw, hence the sketch book Amy had looked at. As
she observed, I had a lot of free time to cultivate my art style.

"But this is so amazing... How did you learn all this?" She asked me.

"Well, I watch art exibits on TV and, well... free time is all I can come up
with." I answered, scratching my head.

"But... how did you get these?" Amy asked while gesturing towards the
newspaper clippings.

"When I was sick and bedded down, Tristan brought me some newspapers to
read..." I laughed. "I would clip out the ones I was most interested in and
maybe do a few sketches... Like the ones you saw."

All Amy could do was giggle and sigh.

"Hey, Amy?" I ventured.


"Where will you stay if you don't wanna go back yet?"

A thoughtful look passed over her face as she held her head in her hands,
contemplating her dilema. I too started to think up ideas. The hotels here were
sorta nice, but how would I keep in touch? It would look suspicious if I snuck
over there... If she stayed with someone else, I'm sure that there would be a
ruckus over how she got here.... And she can't sleep in the trees like I
sometimes did.....

"Hey! I bet you can stay here with me and Tristan!" I exclaimed.

Amy looked somewhat surprised.

"I can? Oh, I don't wanna be a burden... or mess anything up..." She said.

"No, it's alright. As long as you don't go into the basement, you'll be fine. We
also have a guest bedroom." I tried to reassure her.

"Well... I guess...." Amy still looked aprehensive.

"Hmm... Can you cook good?" I asked.

"Why of course! All girls need to know that!"

"Then you're staying, Amy! We haven't had a decent meal in ages..." I stated
while rubbing my grumbling stomach.

Amy just giggled. All of a sudden, she gasped and grabbed my shoulders,
shaking me.

"What about my clothes!? And my other things!?" She said worriedly.

"Amy! It's ok. I grabbed your stuff from your van and carried it here. Your
suitcase is on the couch in the living room."

"Oh, thank you Shadow!!! Thank you so much!" She yelped while hugging me

As soon as she let go, she bolted down the hall and into the living room, then
into the guest bedroom. I started laughing a little. I could tell she was
grateful, but something about her was different... I can't place my finger on

Tails' place

ring ring

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Miles "Tails" Prower yelled as he hurried to pick up
the phone.

Making his way through various pieces of machinery, the not-so-young kit
hoped whoever it was wasn't going to hang up before he got there...

"Hello? Miles Prower speaking. Who is this?" Tails asked, speaking into the

"Tails! Am I glad you're there lil' buddy!" It was Sonic.

"Hi Sonic! What's up?"

"Listen Tails, something's wrong with Amy. I.... did something I shouldn't

"What? What's wrong? Where is she?" Tails was now worried.

"That's the problem! I don't know! It's a long story, so how's about I come
over and tell you at your place?"

"Sure! C'mon over Sonic!"


ding dong

'He gets faster every time!' Miles thought as he ran to open the door for his

As Tails ushered Sonic into his living room, he couldn't help but think what
Sonic would do to make Amy disapear. Then again, Amy was always getting
put down by the elusive blue hedgehog. No matter her approach, he was
always just out of her reach...

"Tails..." Sonic started, knocking the orange kitsune out of his train of thought.

"I want you to promise to help me, no matter what my actions are. Ya gotta
understand that... sometimes I don't think before I act..." he continued.

"Of course Sonic! I know you do that. Now tell me, what happened?" Tails

So Sonic explained everything, even the one thing he wanted to leave out.
At one point the fox's eyes were as wide as saucers. It didn't seem like the
same Sonic he knew... It surprised Tails that Sonic would go to that extreme
just because he didn't like Amy...

"Sonic... I can't believe you would do that.... Even to Amy....." Tails said,

"And I'm sorry, ok!?" Sonic exclaimed, a little exasperated.

"Ok, ok, calm down. Alright, I'll help. But I won't guarantee anything..."

Back at Shadow's

(Amy's POV)

Sometimes you start to think, "Is this really happening?" Well, that's what I'm
thinking right now. After I settled in, Mr.Docker came back from work. He
seemed like a nice guy and said he was pleased to house me. So I made
dinner for us, consisting of mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, steak, and
rolls. Mr.Docker helped with the steak since he knew more about grilling than
Shadow or I. It was sort of funny seeing them wolf their food down and go
back for seconds and thirds.

Right now I'm laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling. I can't believe Shadow
has been alive all these years... It just seems impossible. I mean, why didn't
he come find us? Sonic was very heart-broken he couldn't save Shadow, even
though he got over it with time. I'm sure that if Sonic knew Shadow was alive,
he would race right over. I'll have to ask Shadow why he didn't reveal himself...

(end POV)

As Amy came to that one conclusion, sleep started to take over. Gradually,
the pink hedgehog's eyelids started drooping lower and lower. Before drifting
off totally, Amy shifted so she could see the starry night sky and the moon
shining through down on her floor. With a sigh of content, Amy Rose finally
let sleep take over her tired and weary form. Resting up for a new day, and
new surprises.

(next day)

A mechanical hiss could be heard as the door slid open, revealing a large
high-tech room. Computers were everywhere, various readings coming up on
the screens. In the middle of all these was the master computer, with a control
panel as the keyboard. In front of the computer was a chair. Drumming his
fingers on the arm, Dr.Eggman waited impatiently for some news. As he heard
the door slide open, he swiveled around to face one of his SWATbots.


"Excellent! Please share what you have collected No.362," The obese scientist


"Hmm... interesting... Have they by any chance found out where?" Eggman
scratched his chin.


The mad doctor slammed his fist down out of frustration. He had spent years
hunting down this thorn in his side, but nothing had worked. Every time he
had a lead, C31 would escape and leave no vital clues. Everything Eggman
had come up with had only proved to be a waste of time.

"Well then keep looking! HE HAS TO BE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE!!!" the doctor

Obediently, the 'bot pivoted on its heel and strode out the door, paying no
mind to the fact that its master was not very pleased. Typing away furiously at
the keyboard, Eggman began his search yet again. Time and time again, as he
pulled up countless files, nothing was there that he hadn't read and re-read.
Even though he had read them so many times that he could recite each one by
heart, he still went through to see if he had missed anything.

"It's only a matter of time C31... until you must reveal yourself and your


"Sonic! Sonic, can you hear me?"

"Loud an' clear little buddy!"

Sonic found himself in the desert zone (and I dun care if it isn't a zone! it is
now!), zooming past the rock formations that loomed over the land. It had
been two hours since he and Tails had started their search for Amy, and
nothing had come up. Sonic was now starting to get worried. What if Eggman
had captured her? Or worse, killed her?

'If he so much as touches a single hair on her head... I'll, I'll, kill HIM!!!' The
cobalt hero thought.

"Sonic, I'm getting tired... Maybe we should give it a rest for now. Amy's tough,
she can take care of herself for a while!" Tails said through the communicator.

"Nu-uh Tails! What if Eggman captured her? What if he tried to kill her? What

"Sonic! Calm down. If Eggman had taken Amy, I would know! Number one: He
usually leaves a note. Number two: Until we get back home, I can't check my
laptop to see if he DID kidnap Amy! And number three: We don't even know
where he is! I need to find out at home!" The kit argued.

Sonic sighed. He hated it when Tails won their arguments...

"Alright Tails. Let's go home!" Sonic shouted as he jumped onto the wing of
the nearby Tornado.

back at Shadow's place

Amy yawned as she stretched and hopped out of her bed. The pink hedgehog
slipped her red slippers and her silk robe on while yawing once more. As she
shuffled down the hallway, she thought about the events that had occurred in
the last twenty-four hours. Running away, being found by the once-thought
"dead" Shadow, and meeting the one who had cared for him when he was
wounded. It was interesting, she admitted, yet strange and coincidental. As
Amy rounded the corner to the kitchen, she saw Dr.Docker sitting down,
sipping a cup of coffee. He looked up at her as she came in.

"Morning Amy. Have a good sleep?" He asked kindly.

Amy smiled.

"Yes sir. And you?" She replied.

"Fairly nice. Save Shadow's snoring..." With that he rolled his eyes. Amy just

Quietly she went to work preparing their breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages,
and toast. As she scurried around the kitchen grabbing the ingredients,
Tristan raised and eyebrow. Amy stopped to give him a questioning look.

"You know... you don't have to do all this....." he said.

"Well, I for one think I do. I owe you and Shadow for letting me stay. AND I
just like to cook." The pink hedgehog replied while resuming her busy bustling.

About and hour later everything was ready to eat. Amy got out three plates,
cups, and an assortment of sliverware. Right on cue, Shadow walked in
yawning. To this, Tristan chuckled.

"NOW you come in... trying to get outta breakfast duty, eh?" He asked.

After that, everyone had a nice laugh. Amy then dished out the food to the
eager and hungry professor and hedgehog. Instead of eating some of the
delicious foods she made, Amy sat down with some fruits instead. After about
fifteen minutes of sparse conversation, Mr.Docker had to leave for work. All
three said their good-byes as the doctor left for his car, picking up the luch
Amy had packed him (MOMMY!!!! ...I'll shut up now...). Once she had finished her breakfast, she
got up and headed for her room.

"Gettin' a shower?" Shadow had asked.

"Yeah. Why? Do you need one?" She replied.

"Eh, I usually take one after my workouts. Do me a favor, will ya?"

"Sure. What?" Amy said curiously.

"Don't use up all the hot water, 'kay?" Shadow had asked with a smirk.

Amy just grumbled and left the kitchen. Once she got to her room, she quietly
closed the door, making sure to lock it. As she got out her toiletries
(toothbrush, comb, t-paste, de-oderant...) she thought of what she would
wear. She decided on a pair of jean shorts and a white spaghetti-strap top,
with the same shoes and headband. Before going into the bathroom, Amy set
her shoes by her bed.

Upon entering,she hung her toiletry bag on the coat hook and took out her
comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, and cup. Quickly brushing her teeth and
combing her quills, she grabbed some towels and a wash-cloth from the
cabinet. Amy turned on the shower and adjusted the warmth to her liking.
Stepping into the tub, the pink hedgehog shivered as she felt the first warm
drops of water pelting her from the faucet. Quickly she washed herself and
turned off the water.

Amy dried off and wrapped a towel around her body. Once fully dry, she
slipped on her clothes and dried her quills.

"It feels so good to be clean..." She said, glancing at the clock.

It was almost lunch time.

'Geez... time sure flies...' the pink hedgehog thought.

(Shadow's POV)

After Amy had gone to get a shower, I went to my room to change. Every
morning, except on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, I would go upstairs for
a workout. I would change into my (men's) tank and a pair of shorts. Walking
upsairs, I heard the shower turn on in Amy's room. I just shook my head,
hoping she wouldn't use up all of the hot water; one of my pet-peeves. Usually
I start out with my stretches, to get my muscles warmed up. Then I go to lift
some weights and run on the tread-mill, turning on the TV to see what's up.
Normally it's just a news upadate on how Sonic has just saved the world or

Although today was different.

A message covered the screen reading "MISSING: AMY ROSE THE HEDGEHOG.

My eyes widened. In one swift movement, I turned off the TV and was out the
door of the attic. Amy must know...

We must be careful.

Eggman's base

"So... Ms.Rose is missing...." The obese tyrant hissed.

"I consider this quite the advantage..." he added.

After rubbing his chin in thought, Eggman typed some codes into his computer. Sighing he swivled around in his chair and called out.

"SF8! Come here!" He beckoned.

Out of the shadows stepped not a robot, but a female coyote. She was wearing
a black cat-suit and holding a metal rod. She had infrared red-tinted glasses
on (like hippie glasses) and her blonde hair was tied into a shoulder length
pony-tail, two thick red strands framing her emotionless face. Her tail had a
metal band around it with the words "SF8" carved onto the metal. And her
would-be "bright" blue eyes were calculating and cold.

"Yes master?" She answered, her melodic voice low and dull.

"Be a dear and fetch this... girl...." The doctor answered while handing the
coyote a picture and profile.

"Amy Rose huh? Sounds like a brat ta me..." SF8 scoffed, stuffing the paper
into a pack attached to her belt.

"Hmm... maybe so.... But DON'T fail me. You are my best agent; you can't
afford to fail... For your sake...." he muttered.

SF8 knew all too well what he meant.

"There is information on her most recent location and whereabouts. Use that
to your advantage."

The female nodded.

"Very good. I trust you with this responsibility... And I trust you will carry it
out...?" Her master commanded more than questioned.

"Yes sir. Your wish is my command master..."

And with that, the coyote disapeared back into the shadows. The maniacal
laughter of Dr.Eggman resounded off the metallic walls of the base.