By: Ochako107

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Chapter 1: The Loner

"Here's your change." The lunch lady dropped the few coins into his hand which he counted. She can't even add up forty cents… he thought to himself. He took his tray without a word and walked out into Gotham High's cafeteria. Of course, there were all the clichés sitting at the appropriate tables as he glided past them without a second thought.

First there are the jocks.

"Yo man, I swear I could have made that touch down!"

"Whatever, Cyborg." He heard the table jocks talk.

He continued to walk. Next are the cheerleaders.

"Oh, Black fire, please let me on the team; I would like it so very much!"

"No way sis." The black haired girl flipped her hair over.

The table to the left is the weirdoes.

"Ha-ha! Looooook, I can balance soy milk on my nose."

"You look like a… a… a seal, Beast boy."

The young man walking past all these tables and shook his head as he took an empty table in the far corner. He opened his milk carton and began drinking the cool milk glancing at another table in a far corner.

The Goths.


"Shut up." The girl, Raven, got up and began walking towards the lunch line alone.

Everyone fit somewhere, like a puzzle… everyone but him. The young man was an outcast. No, he wasn't an outcast because all the outcasts sat that the table by the trashcans. He looked at the table to find the group of shivering boys looking as if they would freak out at the slightest thing. He shook his head and glanced at the empty table he sat at. He wasn't an outcast, he was a loner.

He shrugged and ate in silence. A group of gigglingsophmores passed by his table while whispering and talking amongst one another while the junior kept his eyes low.

"He's so cute."

"I wonder who he is."

"I never saw him before, he's totally hot!"

"Laura, don't say that!"

"But his eyes are so gorgeous." The group chattered while walking by.

Taking the last bite of his lunch, he threw the tray away and sat back down at his table. Fifteen more minutes till lunch is over. He glanced at his watch and slouched in his chair. The spiky haired boy rummaged around in his pocket to find his pair of glasses.

No, he wasn't blind, he had perfect vision, but it was better if no one wanted to associate with him if he didn't attract any attention to himself. So what did the loner do for the rest of his fifteen minutes? Well, for ten he read his book quietly.

"Yo Cyborg, go long!"

"Give me my hat back, now."

"No way goth girl." One of the jocks laughed while holding it over her head. "You'll have to catch it!" He threw her beanie across the cafeteria as Raven stood like a statue just glaring at her black cap.

Out of mid air, a hand shot out and plucked the cap from the air. "Yo, leave her alone, man."

"Cyborg! Come on, we're just having fun with the chick."

"I am not a chick." Raven growled. She stalked over to Cyborg and stood before him with her hand extended out. "Give me my hat."

Cyborg looked down at the smaller girl and grinned. "Here you go." She rudely grasped it out of his hands. "HEY! Don't I even get a thank you!?"

"Thanks for what?" She continued walking back to her respected table. Cyborg glared at the purple and black clad girl while muttering incoherent words under his breath.

The boy who threw the cap in the first place clapped him on the back. "Pretty cute chick hua? Tough too… if only she's loose the bitchy attitude."

"Yeah, she's pretty hot." Cyborg said looking down at his feet. "You shouldn't pick on people you know."

The other boy laughed. "I wasn't picking on her. Just testing her out." Cyborg moved away and folded his arms across his chest.

"What does that mean? You aren't going to--"

"We'll see. She is pretty hot and who wouldn't want a piece of me?" The other boy laughed and walked away from a gawking football player.

"The bastard…"

Raven stalked back towards her table. "Damn jocks think they can mess with anyone they want…" Suddenly, she let out a gasp as she slipped on a puddle of spilled soda. "Ah!" She flew backwards and prepared herself to hit the floor. How embarrassing! She thought.

She closed her eyes and struggled but found herself being caught by someone. But no one even sits over here! She opened her violet eyes and found herself standing on her two feet again. She turned around to find a boy sitting alone at the back table.

"Are you okay?" He asked. She raised an eyebrow. Who was this kid?

"Yeah, I'm fine… do I know you?"

"Probably not. I usually eat outside on the bleachers. They're doing construction so I have to eat inside." He placed a bookmark on his page. "I'm Robin."

She glanced at the boy. He wore khaki pants and a plain hunter green shirt. He had black spiky hair and black rimmed glasses. He didn't look like the rest… not a jock, not a weirdo… he wasn't sitting with anyone else either. Who was he? Raven was a tough girl but not rude to someone whom just saved her embarrassment. She slowly let her own name crawl out her mouth. "I'm Raven." He nodded his head slightly and began packing up his bag.

"Nice to meet you, Raven." The bell rung and everyone began to dispersed to their classes.

Raven just stared at the boy who walked away with his head cast downwards. Never had she met…

a loner.

Author's Note: This is my first Teen Titan's fic. (Don't shoot please) They are high school students and stuff so take it how you will. Like it? Please review!