The time has finally come and I couldn't be more excited!

THE LINE is now available to purchase (retail price $13.95). 

So, want your own copy? Of course you do!

Let's see which category you fall into:

1. I want to buy the book. Like, now.

- Go to iUniverse and type my name, "Courtney Brandt" and THE LINE will appear:

- Go to Amazon and type my name, "Courtney Brandt" and THE LINE will appear:

- Go to Barnes and Noble, type my name, "Courtney Brandt" and THE LINE will appear.

2. I want to buy the book, but I can't order things online:

- March down to your local bookstore and have my ISBN number (0-595-42281-0) in hand. Since it is available online, you can ask nicely for your local store to order you a copy, and have them call you when it comes in.

- Wait patiently until I come to your general area for a book signing. I've got one arranged in Atlanta at the moment and am working on more.

3. I just want to help!

- Order a copy of my book from a bookstore…but don't pick it up…hopefully they'll put the extra copy out on the shelf!

- Copy and paste this entire bulletin and send it out to all your friends…that is seriously the best thing you can do for me.

- Leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for my book telling people that they are missing out by not buying THE LINE.

4. In case you needed a reason, so, why do all this?

- It will make you feel good.

- The book is actually worth reading - the version that was online was such a rough draft - the new version has new scenes and an entirely new ending.

- Help send a message to publishing companies that a marching band series is worth consideration.

- Help support other young artists like yourself – a percentage of my royalties will be donated to a music charity.

- Together we can try and break the top sales on Amazon and make publishers take notice.

- It's a belated birthday present to the author!

- If I sell 500 copies, then I will get a tattoo. That's right, you can totally force a stranger to permanently change their body!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all!!! I'm working on how to distribute signed copes so keep an eye out for future notes. I will be posting the direct links for where to purchase the book in my profile. Thanks again for all the support thus far!