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He wondered why one night filled with endless happiness could cause such pain yet gleefulness in him at the same time. One night, he had ruined both their futures.

Could he tell her? Could he utter the words of how scared the strongest man in the universe was, afraid how badly he could fail? He had never acted like anything but the big brother role, but now…

His biggest role was coming. It was inside of her now.

"Please", she whimpered to him, tears in her eyes. "Say something." Her soft as velvet hands touched his harsh ones, trying hard to gain eye contact with him. "Speak to me, Gohan."

He gulped down his spit nervously as she spoke his name. Damn it! They weren't even out of high school yet!

"I'm…" He paused, tightly shutting his eyelids closed, hiding the coming tears. "I'm sorry", he told her, fists clenching powerfully together. "This is my entire fault, Videl. I did this to you." She hugged him, trying to soothe his knowledgeable fears. She only knew because she had them too. "I'm scared, Videl", he whispered, his tense body slightly loosening, holding her softly against him.

"I know", she told him softly, burying her face into his shirt. "Me too." She stopped, thinking to herself. What would their parents say? How would they live? Would she be a good mother? She never had one, so could she even try to be one? "Let's try to be strong. Mentally. We've been through worst than this. That's safe to say."

He held her to him, his tight grip on her body loose enough that she wouldn't get squashed against his broad chest. "I love you", he whispered, stuttering as his tears came strongly. "I love you so much, Videl."

"I love you too", she told him, kissing the top of his head gently, hands roaming his back as she tried to comfort him. Tears began to escape the strongholds of her eyes, dripping down her cheeks. It wasn't tears of sorrow from the loss of the final years of her childhood. They were tears of happiness, knowing that she was to bore the child of the one man she had loved since she met him; a future superhero was to come from her body. Nothing could take that joy away from her, not ever.

She held tightly as he cried out his worries and fears, weeping with him with her own doubts. After an hour had passed them by, they just stood, holding onto each other as if both their lives depended upon the two of them touching.

"Your dad is gonna freak", he told her softly, softly laughing at the idea.

"Your mom will love it", she told him warmly, a hand caressing his smooth face.

"That's what scares me." She giggled at his comment, mind wandering about how their parents would react to the news. So far, there hadn't been a knowledgeable reaction that she knew both of them envisioned. "Videl?"

She looked up at his pleading face, eyes worried. For the first time that she had known him, he had looked so pathetic childish. "What Gohan?" she questioned, voice containing all her fears at the moment.

"I hope it looks like you", he told her, pulling away from their hug. His hand had found her immediately, as if he were afraid that she would disappear if he didn't hold onto her in some way or another. "C'mon", he beckoned warmly, his feet rising from the ground they stood upon. "We have some things to explain. I suggest going to the place where we'll get into more trouble first."

She nodded a small smile on her playing on her soft lips. "Yeah, Chi-Chi's waiting."

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