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Gohan and Videl stood in front of the one that they had assumed would have done one of many things- yell, curse, throw them out of the house, murder them- but all of those seemed much better than the reaction they were recieving now. For all of this time, since Gohan had let slip the news- whether joyful or disaterous depending to how she was taking it- out from his lips, his mother had remained incredibly silent. Fear gripped the young, unmarried couple as the older woman opened her mouth, only to close it.

She was speechless.

Was this the last time they would ever see the inside of the Son home? They didn't know, but they feared the outcome sure enough.

He could see differing emotions warring within those obsidian orbs that she had come to share with her two sons. One moment, she seemed as though she were ready to kill them both, and the next seemed to be something somewhat near extreme happiness. The young man could see depression, excitement, fury, ecetera, ecetera inside the very eyes of the mother who had scorned him for even thinking about fighting at all when he had been a boy. Truthfully, he didn't know what she would say, but he knew that his things should or would be capsulized by the morning.

"Mom, I..." He couldn't speak his mind, nor tell the woman who had given him life what he thought about what had occured. All he wanted her to know was that he was sorry, but also that the two of them were happy about the development, the young fetus within the body of his beloved, and that they wanted the child that was to grow from it. His statement only failed him though, and he just couldn't make her truly understand that this moment just felt... right... to them.

Videl's hand shook as he held it within his own, and he only gave her hand a gentle and loving squeeze. He knew inside of him that this was as hard for her as it was for him, and all he really wanted to do was pull her into his arms and hold her tightly in his strong embrace. Gohan wished that he could just protect her from the pain she was feeling right then. His mate needed his strength, his love, and he was all the more willing to give it to her- because he knew more than anything that she would do the same for him. They loved each other that much, and nothing- especially something like this- would ever break that bond.

"Mrs. Son, we... Gohan and I, I mean... we want this baby." His dark eyes turned and gazed at the woman he loved more than life itself, surprised that she had found the words that he had tried to say only moments earlier. The demi-Sayian could only smile at the sight, feeling awfully proud of the amazing young woman who had somehow found it in her heart to love (as her father called him) as alien such as him. He had no idea how she did it, but he only thanked her for her blessing called love. "I know that... that we're young, but... we can't live without each other, and... and I know we wouldn't try to either." He could feel the heat resonating from her face from where he stood, and he only gave her hand yet another squeeze, telling her that it was okay. She didn't have to continue if she didn't wish to.

"We came here to tell you that, well, we want this baby that we made, and... and that I can't live without this woman." The words had surprised him, and he really didn't know what to tell her other than the truth. He didn't know of the reaction that was to come but... as long as they were together, everything would be okay. He just knew it.

But the creepiest reaction of all had come.

Chi-Chi had jumped from her spot, dropping the China plate that she had been drying, and hugged the teens tightlly in her arms. Her eldest swore he could see stars reflecting in the older woman's eyes, which meant one thing...

"My first grand-baby!"

They were forgiven.


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