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Chapter Eight – Harry Potter

Die, Dumbledore! Die!

Dumbledore choked and tried to grasp his throat with his hand. All the while he was going a strange shade of purple.

No! Your precious Dumbledore is dying, boy.

Harry Potter started to do a strange jig. I am the best! I am the best!

Harry started shaking and sweating. No! What are you doing? He grabbed hold of a darkpower remover from a table and crushed it to his chest. What are you doing, you fool? The remover was a small golden globe that glowed red in the presence of a dark wizard. It was glowing like the fiery pits of hell itself. No! Yes! Put the indicator down.


I won't get into an argument with you. It burns!


Harry Potter started to glow a strange red colour. A misty fanged shape formed of smoke poured out of his mouth. No!

Dumbledore started to get to his feet, the purple colour gradually leaving his face. "Very strange taste, those biscuits."

No! You should be dead!

"Tastes like some sort of cream? Ulcer? Wart? No, spot cream. An acquired taste, I'm sure. Remind me to fire those house elves. On second thought I'd better not; Hermione would never forgive me."

Harry Potter looked to his right. A ghost-like Voldemort was standing there. "Spot cream? I put spot cream on his biscuits? Where's the poison?"

With a triumphant look at Voldemort, Harry put his hand in the right hand pocket of his robes and pulled out the bottle of poison.

"A curse on these spotty teenagers, you gave me the wrong bottle!"

Dumbledore cast a spell at the ghostly form of Voldemort. "Imprisinion."

A fine network of golden bars surrounded Voldemort. "You will pay for this, Dumbledore!"

"You're probably right, but at least I won't be spotty."

A line of energy connected Dumbledore's wand to Voldemort. He next pointed his wand at a crystal ball on his desk and the spirit of Voldemort was trapped in it. Harry walked over to the crystal ball and he could see the face of Voldemort spinning in the void.

For the first time since the forest his mind felt clear. There was no evil presence in his mind. No voice talking in the background. He looked up at Dumbledore.

"Thank you, sir."

"No, thank you. I haven't tasted spot cream since I was a boy." He nodded his head sadly. "We used to have some strange ideas of pranks in those days. It got so you took to looking in mirrors as you walked down the corridor. Not because of vanity but because you wanted to know if you were the right shape to go through doors."

Harry looked at Dumbledore curiously. He couldn't imagine the old man being young and having fun. "What about Voldemort?"

Dumbledore smiled. "I haven't seen him in Hogwarts since he was a boy by the name of Tom Riddle." Dumbledore tapped the glass of the crystal ball with a bony finger. "Hello, Tom?" The face of Voldemort was mouthing curses and swear words. "You gave up on Herbology from what I remember?" Dumbledore's forehead creased as he thought. "Let's plant you in the flower garden. That way you can catch up…" Dumbledore raised his wand and the crystal ball floated out of the tower and crashed into the flowerbed below.

Harry raced to the window and could see the crystal ball surrounded by daffodils and begonias. He smiled and looked at Dumbledore. "Shouldn't he go to Azkaban?"

Dumbledore was nibbling at a marshmallow. "Eventually, eventually. In the fullness of time. When the season is over… Possibly. He makes such a nice garden ornament. Certainly better than my gnome collection." Dumbledore peered over at Harry. "So how long has Voldemort been possessing you then?"

Harry looked down at his feet and said in a small voice. "I don't know."

"These last two assignments you have done for Professor Snape have been terrible. Is that because of Voldemort's influence?"

A small spark of hope erupted in Harry. "Yes it is! I'd like several other bad marks to be taken into consideration as well please?"

Dumbledore gave him a shrewd look. He didn't need the powers of Legilemency to see what was going on in Harry's mind.

"We'll see. We'll see… I think you should see Madam Pomfrey in the hospital wing. I also think you should talk to your friends without Voldemort's influence."

Harry suddenly felt like all his bones had been sucked out of his body. He was physically and mentally drained. The past five years of his life had been dominated by the shadowy figure of Voldemort. Not always directly but he had been a shadowy figure who had directed his life since birth. Why else would he have gone to the Dursley's? Why else would he have stayed there? Now that influence was gone. He did not know what his life would hold now. He walked down the stairs to the hallway, leaning on the wall as he went. Waiting at the bottom of the stairs were Ron and Hermione.

"Hey guys," said Harry and sat down with a thump on the floor in front of them. "You would not believe the day I've had…"