Operation: D.O.M.E.

Digging up


Monument makes

Everybody chase you down

Chapter 1: The Unexpected Archeologist

As Jackie was working on an area he was digging up, a fellow archeologist came running toward him.

"Sir, I think I have found something that might interest you" said the archeologist.

"Show me" said Jackie as he followed his fellow archeologist.

As Jackie followed the archeologist to a large digging area with other archeologists, Jackie was amazed at what they have uncovered.

"Just what is this exactly?" asked Jackie.

"We don't really know frankly" said the head archeologist as he came toward Jackie, "we just uncovered it recently."

"We think it may be some sort of an ancient housing place of some sort" said another archeologist.

"That hasn't been proven yet" interrupted the head archeologist.

"Then let me go inside and see it for myself" said Jackie.

Jackie carefully leaped out the large tree and slowly climbed its branches. He could see a door, so he backed up and kicked the door down. Surprised to see it to be such an easy task for him, he walks right inside the room. Jackie then turns on a flashlight and starts searching.

"Hmm, whoever lived here didn't have that much technology" said Jackie to himself.

"Wow, this place is cool!" said a voice behind Jackie.

"Jade, what are you doing here?!" cried Jackie as he turned his back, "How did you get pass the other archeologists?"

"Hello, Rabbit, Roster, and Snake Talismans?" replied Jade, "I also brought over the Ox and Pig Talismans just in case if something goes wrong."

"Jade, what could possibly go wrong?" asked Jackie.

Then all of a sudden, both Jackie and Jade heard screams outside the abandon tree dome. As they slowly poked their heads out of the door Jackie kicked down earlier, they could see what it appeared to be kids the age of Jade in some type of armor tying up the unconscious archeologists except for the head archeologist.

"You have got to be kidding me" said Jackie shaking his head while seeing this develop in front of his face.

"Don't worry Jackie I am on it" said Jade as she activated the Snake Talisman.

"Jade wait" said Jackie, but it was too late and Jade had already gone down to investigate just who these kids were doing.

As Jade slowly crept by, she could see the team of archeologists Jackie worked with were tied up and unconscious. She carefully passed by the tied up archeologists and saw a strange ship that looked like a school bus, but with rockets attached to it. She crept up closer to the strange vehicle and took a look inside the window only to see a strange bald kid interrogating the head archeologist.

"Look I am telling you, I have nothing to do with this so-called Father you are speak about" said the head archeologist.

"A likely story" said Number 1 as he circled the chair where the head archeologist was sitting, "why would a group of archeologists be so interested in the Kids Next Door's ancient tree dome. So are you working for Father or not?!"

"I already told you, I'm just a mere archeologist, I don't know who this Father is" replied the head archeologist in a panic voice.

"Fine, have it your way" said Number 1, "Number 4, do you think you can handle guarding this so-called archeologist?"

"No problem" said Number 4 as he loaded his weapon and walked into the ship.

As Number 1 left the ship, Jade activated her Snake Talisman and started to sneak around to the entrance of the strange vehicle. She deactivated the Talisman and knocked on the door.

"Yea, what do you want?" asked Number 4 as he was opening the door.

But as Number 4 was opening the door, Jade leaped and knocked Number 4 out with the Ox Talisman. She then went to work and freed the head archeologist.

"We have to get out of here" said the head archeologist, "these kids are crazy, and all I ever wanted to do was to dig up the archeological find of the century."

"Well, you can get out of here, but I'm going back for Jackie" said Jade.

Meanwhile, back at the abandon tree dome, Jackie was hiding from Number 1, 5 and 2 who were heading into the abandon tree dome.

"No signs of any of Father's agents" said Number 2 to Number 1.

"Keep searching" replied Number 1 as he started to contact Number 4, "Number 4 is the head of this operation of Father's secured. Number 4? Number 4, why are you not answering me?!"

"Number 4 isn't here" said Number 3, "he looks like he's taking a nap."

"Number 3, what are you doing?!" cried Number 1, "Why are you not back guarding the other agents of Father we just apprehended?"

"Don't worry" replied Number 3, "I placed some of my Rainbow Monkey dolls to guard them."

"Number 2 and 5, I want you to secure this area" said Number 1 as he was leaving the tree dome, "it seems that you can't just get good help these days."

"So Number 5, do you think your sister Cree or Chad could behind this?" asked Number 2.

"Well, I have to agree with you on that" replied Number 5, "this doesn't look like any of their IMOs. Looks like Father might have hired somebody more challenging this time to pull it off."

"Shine your lights that way!" cried Number 2 as he saw Jackie emerging from his hiding place.

"Aw, look you kids have your costumes already on, Halloween is over" said Jackie.

"Don't play games with us" said Number 5, "now tell us why you are here!"

"I'm a simple archeologist" replied Jackie, "all I am here is to just dig up this ancient whatever this is."

"A likely story" said Number 2, "I don't buy it."

"But really, I am really an archeologist!" cried Jackie.

"Ha!" laughed Number 2, "That's what an agent of Father would say!"

"I don't know what the heck you just said!" cried Jackie, "I don't even know who this Father you are talking about!"

"Number 2" said Number 1 on his inner com, "we have a major situation down here. Father has sent his Ice Cream goons after us. Number 3 and I are having trouble keeping them at bay while Number 4 remains unconscious."

"Number 5" said Number 2 as he heads out of the tree dome, "you stay here and keep an eye on Father's agent. I got some Ice Cream men to fight."

"Look, I don't want to hurt you" said Jackie to Number 5, "I am actually really good with children."

"Not buying it" replied Number 5.

"It you don't let my uncle Jackie go, I'll make you" said a voice behind Number 5.

As Number 5 turned around, she could see that no one was there. Then some strange lasers came out of nowhere and zapped Number 5's gun right out of her hands. Then the room around her started to spin and Number 5 got dizzy and fell down.

"Come on Jackie, let's get out of here" said Jade as she became visible.

"Jade I really should call Captain Black, I think he will be able to get us out of here" replied Jackie.

"Not as long as you got crazy kids in weird armor running around trying to chase you down" said Jade.

Suddenly before they could move a helicopter came on the other side of the open doorway. On the helicopter was a strange man in black with what looked like a pipe in his mouth.

"Come on" said the strange man on the helicopter, "do you want to get out of here alive?"

"Do we have any other choice?" asked Jackie.

Suddenly Number 1, 2, 3 and 4 storm into the ancient tree dome armed with their weapons at Jackie and Jade.

"Alright you agents of Father, it's time to take you in!" shouted Number 1.

"Well, what are you two waiting for?!" shouted the strange man on the helicopter, "Get on the helicopter if you don't want those kids to get you!"

"Well, that makes a lot of sense today" said Jade.

Jade activated the Roster and Rabbit Talisman with the help of Jackie. Together they leaped across the platform to where the helicopter with the strange man was. Jackie however lost his wallet while leaping onto the helicopter as it took off. As Number 1 came closer to Jackie's wallet, he picked it up and activated his inner com.

"What's your status Number 1?" asked Number 86 on the inner com.

"Two of Father's agents escaped" replied Number 1, "but all is not lost. I can give you the location of where this agent of Father's might live, and that's Uncle's Shop."

"Good work" replied Number 86, "I'll personally take care of this myself with some other operatives. Number 86 out."

Meanwhile on the helicopter, Jackie and Jade were both curious into why would some stranger rescue them for no reason.

"I would like to thank you for rescuing us back there" said Jackie to the strange man sitting across from him.

"It's no big deal" said the strange man, "but I think I have something up your ally that might interest you."

"Jackie, I don't trust this guy as much as I didn't trust those crazy kids back there" said Jade as she whispered to Jackie.

"Jade, please" said Jackie, "this man was kind enough to rescue us from certain doom. The least we can do is help him out."

"As I have saying before, I have something right up your ally" said the strange man, "you see, I know from the looks of it that you are an expert in your field. I would like you to track me down some of these items I have for you."

"These look very similar to what the team of archeologists I was just with a few hours ago" replied Jackie as he looked over the papers he was given.

"I know you are well skilled in doing this" said the strange man, "those are the clues you will have to find. I'll drop you off at whatever place you wish to."

"Can you drop us off at San Francisco?" asked Jackie.

"No problem" replied the strange man, "pilot, take us to San Francisco and step on it."

As the helicopter landed in San Francisco's airport, as Jackie and Jade were leaving for the terminal, the strange man got out of the helicopter for a moment to wave good luck to Jackie.

"Good luck Mr. Chan" said Father as he was waving to Jackie while behind Jackie's back, "you shall be the down fall of the Kids Next Door."