Chapter 8: Captain Black to the Rescue

As the hour and seconds approached, the finishing touches on the super weapon were completed. The ceiling of the room which the super weapon stood started to open wide, and Father entered the room with the Delightful Children behind him. Another door opened on the left. Members of the Dark Hand emerged from that door along with Jackie Chan, Jade Chan, Sector V, Number 86 and her squad in chains along with several Ice Cream men to make sure nothing goes wrong.

"Is this the super weapon you were talking about?" asked Valmont to Father.

"Yes" replied Father, "this ray gun-cannon would have been the weapon that could have destroyed the early adults and my fellow country people. Yet for some strange reason the Kid leadership at that time never followed with this plan."

"So instead we're going to us it against them? Right?" asked Chow.

"Precisely" replied Father, "there will be fire works for our victory!"

"You will never get away with this Father!" cried Number 1 as he struggled to get out of the hands of the Ice Cream men who were holding him.

"Oh, but I already have" replied Father, "I will finally complete the destruction of the Kids Next Door forever!"

"Everything is already set" said Mr. Boss as he entered the scene.

"Excellent" said Father, "just in time for the Kids Next Door's utter destruction."

As Father and the Delightful Children were getting ready into their positions, Jackie and Jade were trying to come up with a plan.

"I think we still have a chance to stop them" whispered Jade to Jackie.

"I think we might be a little tied up to do anything" replied Jackie.

"If we can get the bag of Talismans out of Fynn's hands, I believe we can cause some trouble" said Jade.

"Whatever you two are whispering about, count me in" said Number 86.

"Look, I'm sorry I caused a lot of trouble in the Moon Base" said Jade, "but I had to do what I had to do."

"That's in the past" said Number 86, "we need to come up with a plan to get that bag away from that henchman. Sector V, do any of you have any plans?"

"I would like to help, but I'm tied to the system" said Number 2 as he made a witty remake.

"I hate to agree with Number 2's lame witty remake, but he's right" said Number 5, "we can't do anything to stop Father from firing that super weapon against the Kids Next Door Moon Base."

"Why don't you prisoners keep quiet!" shouted an Ice Cream man, "Father is very busy and he doesn't want any interruptions!"

As Father and the Delightful Children were finally in their positions, Father gathered all the villains near the super weapon, along with their new members into the villain's club, the Dark Hand. The prisoners watched helplessly as Father gave the Delightful Children to the chair near the buttons of the super weapon.

"You my children may begin the count down" said Father.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two--" said the Delightful Children.

"And what comes after two?" asked Father.

"On--" replied the Delightful Children but the Delightful Children were unable to finish the word.

At that time, everybody heard a motorcycle come toward the mansion. The lights of the motorcycle became even closer to the window of the room, and the motorcycle flew in the window, by breaking it down. The one driving the motorcycle was Captain Black who took off his helmet.

"Do you know how much that window costs!" cried Father as he lid up with his furious attitude.

"You're under arrest for sympathizing with the criminal organization of the Dark Hand" said Captain Black as he was preparing to grab out some items out of his pocket.

"You apparently don't know what you are up against" said Father, "I am surrounded by my loyalists! And they will do whatever I say, even to attack someone like you."

"That's what you think" said Captain Black as he finally pulled out some strange marble-like weapons.

"Hey look" said Mr. Boss as he pointed at Captain Black, "he wants to play marbles with us. That's a stupid kid's game anyway."

Captain Black then threw those marble-like items at the Dark Hand and the rest of the villains, causing explosions to happen. In the chaos, Captain Black grabbed the bag of Talismans from Fynn as he was trying to escape the chaos. He then took the keys from an Ice Cream man and threw it to Jackie. Jackie then set himself free and began to set the others free as well. As the smoke cleared, and the chaos started to calm down, Fynn found that the bag of Talismans were missing from his pocket.

"Where did the bag of Talismans go?" asked Fynn.

"And where's my key?" asked the Ice Cream man as he looked in the place where he had once placed the key.

"Are you looking for this" replied Captain Black as he showed Fynn the bag of Talismans.

"Give that bag to me!" shouted Fynn.

"Hey, don't forget about me" said Jackie as he tapped his hand on Fynn's shoulder.

As Fynn turned around, Jackie delivered a good punch at Fynn, knocking him out.

"Bodyguard!" shouted the Delightful Children.

"Yes" said Hak Foo as he came to their aid.

"Make sure you keep those two busy" said the Delightful Children, "we are determine to destroy the Kids Next Door without their interference."

As Hak Foo jumped down to fight Jackie and Captain Black, Captain Black had come up with a plan to destroy the super weapon, so he called Jade over.

"Hey Jade" said Captain Black, "how would you like to help us destroy that super weapon?"

"Does this mean I can use the Talismans?" asked Jade.

"Certainly" replied Captain Black, "on one condition, you share some of those with your new friends to help with the destruction of that super weapon."

As Jade was coming over to the Sector V and Number 86 and her squad with the bag of Talismans in her hand, they were still suspicious of her.

"Look, I think we kind of got off on the wrong start" said Jade.

"Yea, tell me about it" said Number 4 as he was feeling the area which Jade had knocked him out before, "I think it was you who knocked me out back at the ancient tree dome cite."

"So what's in the bag?" asked Number 2, "Your secret bag of tricks?"

"Not tricks, Talismans" replied Jade.

"Hmm, so how do these things work?" asked Number 1 as he looked into the bag.

"I'll show you" said Jade as she took out the Monkey Talisman.

"What does that one do?" asked Number 3 as she pointed to the Monkey Talisman.

"This can turn anyone and anything into any animal" replied Jade, "watch as I use it on one of the villains. What animal do you want me to turn that villain into?"

"How about turning Mr. Boss into a weasel?" asked Number 2, "He really seems like one to me."

Jade carefully aimed the Talisman at Mr. Boss. She fired the Talisman at Mr. Boss and turned him into a weasel. The Ice Cream men surrounding him were shocked and started to draw their weapons and go closer to the Kids Next Door operatives and Jade.

"What the heck does the one with the pig on it do?" asked Number 86.

"Why don't you try it out" replied Jade as she handed it to Number 86.

As the Pig Talisman was in Number 86's hand, she concentrated on the Ice Cream men's weapons. Suddenly heat rays came right out of her eyes and melted the weapons of the Ice Cream men. When the Ice Cream men saw this, they ran like cowards out of the room.

"Just tell us what the other Talismans do" said Number 5, "and we'll take the most useful ones to our advantage."

"The Dragon Talisman fires a fireball out of the Talisman, the Sheep Talisman is useless, the Roster Talisman is levitation, Rabbit Talisman is speed, Ox Talisman is strength, Tiger and Rat Talismans are useless and another important Talisman is the Snake which can make you invisible, the Dog Talisman makes you invulnerable, the Horse Talisman heals yourself and anything else" said Jade, "those are the main important ones anyway."

"Let's destroy that super weapon" said Number 1, "Kids Next Door move out!"

As the Delightful Children were back in their place, they were about to fire the red button on the super weapon's control console, when suddenly there was an explosion.

"What's going on down there?" asked the Delightful Children.

"I'll send in more Ice Cream men to deal with them" replied Father.

"Uh, we don't have anymore" said Chow.

"Well, why not!" cried Father.

"They all ran away" said Ratso.

"Then go down there and stop them yourselves!" commanded Father.

The Dark Hand went down the ladder only to see the members of the Kids Next Door having the Talismans in their hands.

"Well, well, well" said Number 86, "so these are Father's true agents."

"That was very clever of you four to make it look like Mr. Chan was the real mastermind behind finding the pieces of the super weapon" said Number 1.

"So, what do we do?" asked Chow to Valmont.

"Yea, big V?" asked Fynn.

"I think it's time for a hasty retreat" replied Valmont as he was trying to leave the room.

The four members of the Dark Hand started to run out of the room like cowards, as Number 86 and Number 1 used the Pig and Dragon Talismans to fire back at them. Number 4 flew up to the platform where the Delightful Children and Father were. Number 2 eventually made it up the ladder with holding the Monkey Talisman in his hand.

"What's this?" asked Father, "Do you two want to watch as your precious Moon Base is destroyed into nothing but rubble?"

"And please stop interrupting us" added the Delightful Children as they were about to press the red button again.

"Since you are such sheep" said Number 2, "how about being one?"

Number 2 used the Monkey Talisman to turn the Delightful Children into sheep.

"How did you manage to turn them into sheep?" asked Father in an astonished voice.

"With this" replied Number 2 as he showed Father the Monkey Talisman.

"You two shall never get pass me" said Father, "that Moon Base is going to be destroyed tonight!"

"That's what you think" said Number 4 as he pointed the Roster Talisman to the control console.

Suddenly the control console started to lift up in the air, giving Number 86 and 1 the chance to use the Pig and Dragon Talismans to use it against the control console. The control console is then destroyed, and after that, Number 86 and 1 start to fire at the super weapon, destroying it into nothing but rubble. Meanwhile, Jackie and Captain Black were still fighting Hak Foo.

"You two are going to pay for what you did here" said Hak Foo, "I can easily take you down."

"That's what you think" said Jackie as he gave Hak Foo a good punch.

Hak Foo was hit pretty hard by the punch, and then decided to try to escape and leave the mansion. As he was about to head to the exit, Number 5 was standing in his way.

"Move aside!" demanded Hak Foo.

"Bring it on that" said Number 5 as she prepared the Ox Talisman.

Number 5 then leaped and kicked Hak Foo across the hallway, and he hit hard right on the ground. Hak Foo recovered from the attack.

"Hak Foo runs like scared little bunny!" cried Hak Foo as he raced passed Number 5.

As Father noticed his loyalists running away from the battle scene, he decided to run away took by making a smoking exit. He then threw some fire causing some smoke to arise. When the smoke lifted, Father was gone, but the Delightful Children remained as sheep.

"Hey Jade, how do I change the Delightful Children back?" asked Number 2.

"Just say the magic words, 'change them back'" replied Jade as she shouted it from below.

"Change them back" said Number 2 as he changed the Delightful Children back to the way they were.

"I think we should do the same with Mr. Boss" said Captain Black looking at the weasel.

"Fine" sigh Number 2 as he threw Captain Black the Talisman.

"Change him back" said Captain Black.

The weasel then changed back into Mr. Boss. Both Mr. Boss and the Delightful Children were confused and couldn't remember what was going on. As the battle was finally over, and the Kids Next Door were coming out from the mansion to head back to their ship, Jackie wanted to know more about Captain Black's mysterious pass.

"Captain Black" said Jackie, "I was wondering, what were those items you were carrying in your pocket that you used earlier?"

"It's a trade secret" replied Captain Black, "I'm afraid you will have to wait until the time is right for me to reveal this to you."

As Captain Black got back on his motorcycle, he left the scene, as did Sector V and Number 86 and her squad. The two KND ships head back to the Moon Base, while Jackie and Jade watched Captain Black in his motorcycle head off into the sun set.

"Do you think Captain Black knew that organization?" asked Jade.

"I don't know" replied Jackie, "but I think we will soon find out about what he did in his pass."