Sparrow the Rum-Soaked Pirate
(with apologies to Burl Ives and The Mouse)

You know Morgan and Silver and Blood and Barbossa
Read and Bonney and Bill Kidd and Rackham
But do you recall the very worst pirate of all--?

Sparrow the Rum-Soaked Pirate
Had some very funky clothes
And if you stood downwind
You would have to hold your nose.
All of the Royal Navy
Swore that they would see him hang--
They locked away Jack Sparrow
To rot in jail until he swang.
Then one foggy Port Royal night,
Barbossa stole a lass--
Sparrow somehow saved the girl
Got the treasure, regained the Pearl.
Then how Norrington loathed him
As he swam away with glee
Sparrow the Rum-Soaked Pirate
We'll write you out of history!

There's a distinct possiblity that I'll be doing more Christmas fic.

Yo ho, yo ho--I mean, ho ho ho! (Egg nog...yummy...)