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Three silhouettes moved without hesitation through the fierce snowstorm. Where trees were ripped from the ground by the fierce winds, they just lazily moved, as if the winds didn't affect them. Animals weren't pitied as they soared past them, carried by the wind towards an unwanted destination.

The tallest of the three carried a huge sword on his back, was a bit hunched over as he walked and still towered above the other two. A white cloth covered his mouth. He carried a hitai-ate of the Mist.

The second tallest carried a white hunter-nin mask with red stripes across it and small black mark, evident from the Mist. What was more special about him was that there seemed to be an invisible barrier around him; making the snow and hail from the storm go around him.

The third and smallest of the trio carried no hitai-ate and seemed to move even lazier than the other two, if that was even possible. With his hands in his pocket, his eyes closed and his mouth formed into a grin, he didn't seem to mind the ice that hit him.

"Across the horizons the nine shall meet." The tallest said. "Perhaps we should increase our speed." He turned toward the second tallest. "Haku, get rid of this storm."

"Yes, Zabuza-san."

A Motion Too Far

- Prologue

"What's this?"

Nine shadows stood completely still in the middle of a gigantic cyclone of hail, where they should be ripped apart, by the rules of nature. But these nine figures were anything but normal.

"Three Shinobis. All three have a lower Chakra Capacity than any of us, no need to worry. But combined, they're stronger than one of us, but only one." One shadow said as he stretched his right arm and pointed towards the direction three strangers were approaching them from.

"They gain the knowledge of us meeting here, then?" One of them asked. "Or do they happen to be here by chance?"

Another shook his head. "Impossible. They know of our presence here. The storm I created is meant to scare people, even Shinobis, strong or weak, away. This storm is not easily dealt with; even Jounins will have difficulty with it and won't bother. We must know who they are before we get rid of them..."

"Ah, I do not think there is a need to worry. I sense a familiar Chakra Signature. An old friend sends his regards, to know for sure…" A third Shadow said as the outlines of his hands became clear and they started forming seals. "Suiton, Kirirouka!"

A small gust of mist appeared in front of the user and suddenly disappeared as fast as it had appeared. And then, four seconds later, it reappeared. The user looked at the slightly bigger cloud in front of him and smirked. "No need to worry at all… It is Momochi Zabuza."

Zabuza and the two others were walking a mildly fast pace and were engaged in small conversation.

"What did that small cloud mean?" The shortest boy asked.

The tallest didn't face the small boy, but answered. "It's a Mist Technique. Used as a beacon to signal or relay a message. This one had a signature on it from an old friend. As you saw, I put my own signature on it, using the same technique on it and returned it. Hoshigaki Kisame and the others know we're approaching them… And from the looks of it, we are accepted, seeing that we haven't been attacked yet."

"Hoshigaki Kisame… A Shinobi from the Mist?" Haku asked.

Zabuza nodded his head. "Yes. He's powerful, stronger than me. All of the Shinobis we're approaching are stronger than me. Show respect."

The shorter one rolled his eyes as the other two looked at him. "Sure, I'll be quiet…"

"Naruto. It is very important you do not mention your name. They know of your secret and most likely, they will get interested in you as time goes. The same goes for you and your secret, Haku. It's not so much as in the name, in your case, Haku. But with you, Naruto… For the time being, your name is Naruzaki Uzumo."

The short blonde kid nodded his head and followed the other two.

"Momochi Zabuza, what brings you here with us?" Kisame asked as he appeared to Haku's left. "And who did you bring? A Hunter-nin?"

Zabuza shook his head. "No. Just a cover-up for given missions. These are Haku and Naruzaki Uzumo. I got your message, Kisame-san."

Haku and Naruto both immediately noticed that their teacher showed great respect to the other, shark-like, man. Zabuza continued. "What did you want me to do?"

Kisame smirked and closed his eyes when a second shadow appeared directly in front of Zabuza. Zabuza's eyes widened when his eyes met the blood-red eyes of a Sharingan user. 'An Uchiha!'

"I've heard little of you, Momochi-san… But you have been monitored by our organization." Uchiha Itachi said as he glared directly into Zabuza's wide eyes.

Haku's eyes were also widened as he saw how impressed his teacher was by the other man. Naruto was in much the same predicament. 'Who is this guy?'

"Organization?" Zabuza asked as he calmed down from the surprise.

"Yes. I've joined the Akatsuki. Just recently, a member left us. A quite troublesome one at that, too. He's Sannin level. Apparently, he has set his eyes on a vessel." Kisame said as he opened his eyes and looked at Zabuza.

"A Sannin has set his eyes on a vessel?" Zabuza frowned at Kisame, but inwardly he worried a bit. 'Naruto is a vessel… Could they have found out? I have been monitored, as they have said…'

Itachi answered for the Mist Shinobi. "Orochimaru has the ability to take over bodies and claim them as his own, effectively extending his lifespan. He has set his eyes on a Mist Shinobi, held prisoner by the Mizukage…" Itachi said, before he looked at Kisame, who continued for him, as if he knew Itachi didn't want to talk anymore...

"Orochimaru is after a Mist Shinobi called Kaguya Kimimaro. At the moment, he's held prisoner by the Mizukage. He's the only survivor of the Kaguya Clan. His Clan died on the battlefield and Kimimaro is now feared by his entire Village. It won't really bother us if you don't succeed in grabbing the kid and get him out of Mist with you, since we can defeat Orochimaru with and without him, easily. But it'd be more beneficial if you'd grab the kid from the Mizukage."

Itachi closed his eyes. "I will leave now. I have no expectations; fail or succeed, I do not care; the snake will die when he faces me. I'm leaving, Kisame."

Kisame nodded his head. "Back to your village then, huh?"

Itachi nodded his head. "It's time to measure my strength…"

Kisame chuckled, having no idea what Itachi meant, as usual and turned away from the Sharingan user, who had already left. "Anyway, I'll be joining you on this small mission, for good times' sake! The other five should be here soon!"

Zabuza smiled beneath his mask. "The other five? You mean they're all coming? They'll all help me?"

Kisame nodded his head and smiled. "Yes, a reunion of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist!"

Naruto and Haku were both following the seven Swordsmen from behind, moving in complete silence through Mist Village. 'They're all good… Real good. All around Zabuza's level, I think.' Naruto thought. He glanced sideways at Haku, who was jumping and running right next to him. Naruto couldn't see his expressions because he was wearing a mask. 'I'm the weakest here… I don't want to be a liability…'

Minutes later, or was it seconds? Naruto didn't know as Shinobis were all around them. Naruto was young, but he was a true Shinobi, who did anything to protect his precious persons; Zabuza and Haku. But they were losing the battle they were in at the moment and all of them knew it. Outnumbered by High-level Shinobis wasn't something to be happy about.

But it all changed when Zabuza got injured badly and lost consciousness. Naruto glanced towards Haku, who was slowly losing as he was outnumbered. His mask had crumbled off his face. Clenching his fists as he watched Zabuza's face and Haku's panicked expression, he didn't notice a Shinobi behind him until he was hit in the head and the darkness tried to grab him…

And then a light unlike any he had ever seen before hit him from the front. His eyes, his ears, his nose… They were better than ever!! He grinned evilly as he stared at his hands… or rather, his claws. Just then, Haku landed in front of him as he got hit. "Nuh-Naruto! Your eyes!"

The Shinobi behind Naruto had fallen back after he noticed the same eyes. 'Red eyes… This kid is no normal kid…'

Naruto smiled, but didn't seem to react to Haku's words. "Don't worry, Haku… This will soon be over…"

"Don't be crazy! Even though you seem a lot stronger, we're greatly outnumbered!" Haku screamed as he rose to his feet and avoided a few Shurikens. He looked distressed as Naruto got hit in the arms a few times. A second later, Haku was amazed to see the wounds gone and the Shurikens on the ground.

"Accomplish the mission! I'll rip these guys apart for hurting my precious persons!!" Naruto roared as he vanished and reappeared behind an enemy Shinobi, whose head fell of a second later.

Haku's eyes widened at the display of speed, but turned away. "Accomplish the mission!" He screamed towards one of the seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Kisame nodded his head as he took one last look at the blonde boy… who was now surrounded by a huge fiery cloud of Chakra… "That's one heck of a kid Zabuza's got with him…"

Haku turned back to Naruto as the Swordsmen turned to accomplish the mission. "We'll deal with the Shinobis here, right, Naruto?"

Naruto didn't react as he soared through another set of bodies. Haku tried not to look engrossed at the now in blood covered Naruto and performed a few hand seals. "Hijutsu, Makyou Hyoushou!"

And the entire area they were fighting in got surrounded by many mirrors. Inside one mirror, Haku nodded his head towards Naruto.

In his enraged state, Naruto still noticed and jumped out of the field of the Demonic Ice Mirrors. The remaining Shinobis couldn't do anything but scream as Haku sliced away.

There were still many Shinobis left outside of Haku's attack. And Naruto didn't seem to mind at all as the grin on his face widened a very great deal…

Naruto and Haku were seated on the ground, with their backs again each other and both panting crazily… "That was… amazing…" Naruto whispered.

They were both outside of Mist Village and waiting for Zabuza and Kisame. They had made sure that most Shinobis were dealt with and now they only needed to find the kid, Kimimaro. Before Orochimaru could.

Haku's eyes had widened when Kisame told them he had succeeded in killing the Mizukage. 'Still… If Naruto hadn't released a part of the Chakra from the Demon within him… we most likely would have failed in our mission.'

And then, a soft sound of someone landing came to their ears. Naruto and Haku both looked up to see their teacher with a boy beside him. A boy older than the two of them. "Oy, brats. Meet Kaguya Kimimaro. He'll be travelling with us from now on…"

"What about Akatsuki?" Haku asked as he rose to his feet to stand face to face with Kimimaro.

Zabuza shrugged. "Kisame said we accomplished in our mission. This actually was killing the Mizukage. But he said it's a good thing Kimimaro didn't fall in Orochimaru's hands. He also noted that his organization didn't have time to deal with Kimimaro."

Naruto rose to his feet as well and stared into Kimimaro's eyes. "Oy, My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I will someday be the greatest Shinobi ever!!" He screamed as he extended his hand towards Kimimaro.

Kimimaro looked a bit puzzled at the blonde's actions, but shook his hand after a full two seconds.

Haku smiled and extended his hand as well. "I am Haku. Nice to meet you." And Kimimaro shook his hand as well.

"Mission accomplished."

"How odd… I never expected you to be able to actually kill the Mizukage…"

Kisame chuckled and shook his head. "Same here… but those brats who were with Zabuza… they're really powerful."

Itachi almost looked curious as he glared a few daggers at Kisame. "You are saying that they made the difference?"

Kisame nodded. "Yes, you should have seen it, too. This kid just pulled out some major huge Chakra… and it was red too!"

'Red Chakra?' Itachi's eyes immediately narrowed. 'Those kid's names were Haku and Naruzaki Uzumo…' Itachi closed his eyes and reopened them a second later. "Maybe we should let them be observed more closely…"

"So, what did you do in the meantime, Itachi?" Kisame asked and folded his arms.

"I realised I have no real measuring stick in this world… yet. Perhaps it will come in the form… of a true avenger…"

Kisame frowned for a few seconds, but shrugged and turned away. 'I'll never understand that Uchiha…'


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