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The Third let out a sigh of relief as the Jounin left his office. He took a quick sip of the water on his desk and stared at the pile of reports next to it. 'I'm glad Kakashi didn't hear about Sasuke leaving. He would probably rush after him immediately. But he is needed for many of the S-Ranked missions now.'

He grabbed a few papers and started signing. The first report was a 'Mission Failed' and there were Shinobis killed in action. Sarutobi bit back a growl.

They needed the alliance with the Mist and had signed the treaty with the Sand as well.

Walking over the glass ball, he decided to see who Shikamaru was gathering for his A-Ranked Mission. With Orochimaru hunting on Sasuke, or rather, the Sharingan, it might be dangerous for mere Genins to go after the Uchiha.

Nara Shikamaru had gathered Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuga Neji, Akimichi Chouji and Rock Lee.

The Third sighed. Although they were all talented Genins, coming across powerful Sound-nins might prove too much for them.

"Perhaps I should have sent Kakashi with them after all..." Sarutobi mumbled, even though it was impossible for any Jounin to join them...


A Motion Too Far

- Chapter 11: Established Additions



Naruto, Kimimaro, Gaara and Haku had just arrived to see Yakushi Kabuto and a red-haired girl fighting with both Uchiha Sasuke and Rock Lee.

"Strange..." Haku observed. "Seeing that Uchiha Sasuke is the last of his Clan in Konoha, it is surprising they only sent this one Genin after him." The Ice user said as he stared at the panting Rock Lee.

"Those two are too powerful for them." Kimimaro stated, glaring at Kabuto. "That traitor, we should get rid of him now."

Naruto nodded his head. "But he is a bad match-up for you, Kimimaro." He gazed at Haku. "You or me?"

Gaara gazed at them, decided it was some sort of rivalry the three had of picking their opponents.


The trio looked behind them to see two Mist Chuunin behind them.

"Dosu?" Haku looked a tad surprised and looked at the other accompanying him. "Ayumi?"

Naruto and Kimimaro gazed at them too. Dosu was the Sound Genin they almost killed, had Ayumi, by order of Zabuza, not intervened in the Forest of Death.

Ayumi was a grey-haired girl, who had the same height as Naruto, wore a simple Chuunin outfit and had dark blue eyes. She was one of the Medic-nins from the Mist, from before Zabuza ruled over the Water Country. Her skills were similar to Kabuto's/

In the Forest of Death, she had summoned a dead body similar to that of Dosu's, and replaced the real body with it. "So who are they?" She asked as Sasuke was hit in the face by an angry Tayuya.

"Leaf Genins and Sound Shinobis." Kimimaro answered. "What are you two doing here?"

Before the duo answered, Gaara spoke up. "There are other Shinobis approaching."

They all put their senses to the test and indeed sensed three Shinobis approaching the scenery before them. "Mizukage-sama sent us after you." Dosu explained. "That guy is Yakushi Kabuto, he is from the Sound. The other is Tayuya, she owns a Curse Seal from Orochimaru..."

"Let us wait. I want to see what happens as soon as those other Shinobis are here."

After some speech, it was clear for everyone to see Kabuto and Tayuya had the upper hand in the battle. Rock Lee was already unconscious and all Sasuke could do was pant to keep from falling to the ground.

But that changed when Kakashi suddenly jumped into the clearing and landed next to Sasuke. On the other side, in speed faster than even Kakashi, Gai had appeared as well.

Dosu held in a growl as someone else joined the Sound-nins in the battle.

Kabuto chuckled as Kakashi's and Gai's eyes widened.


Above in the trees. "What do we do now?" Naruto asked no one in particular.

"Orochimaru is too powerful for the Leaf Jounins." Dosu stated. "The Leaf is at a disadvantage."

Haku nodded. "We have an alliance with Konoha. We will help them."

With that, all the Mist-nins jumped down and landed in front of Kakashi and Gai.

Orochimaru's eyes narrowed as he noticed Dosu and the Mist Hitai-ate on his forehead. "So you have betrayed me, Dosu-kun?"

Kabuto in the meanwhile was calculating the chances of victory now. "Orochimaru-sama... I do not know whether we can-"

Orochimaru held up his hand. "We should try and see what can happen now." He threw Tayuya a soldier pill and smirked. "These Mist-nins truly are a pest."

"He..." Haku started as he looked at Orochimaru. "He is powerful. His power can be compared to... those Akatsuki we fought."

Orochimaru's eyes widened. 'They fought Akatsuki and survived?! But then... Sasori did join the Mist, didn't he?'

"They don't stand a chance." Kakashi suddenly piped up, observing Tayuya, who was getting her Chakra back thanks to the Soldier Pull. "We are with too many."

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes. 'I can handle both Kakashi and Gai at the same time. But Kabuto already has trouble with one of those Mist Shinobi. Tayuya in her Level two Curse Seal won't be enough either.' The Legendary Snake Ninja sighed as his gaze fell on Sasuke, who was sitting on the ground, panting behind Kakashi and Gai.

Kabuto analyzed the calculating Orochimaru and nodded his head. "It's best if we retreat for now, Orochimaru-sama. We are only with three."

"Tayuya." Orochimaru started. "Where are the others?"

"Hell if I know. Some weak idiots from Konoha were trying to get that Sharingan kid back with them, at the same time we were trying to get him to come with us. And then, this Sasuke brat just ran off." The red-haired girl explained. She left out how all of them were caught by a Shadow Jutsu from one of the Konoha Genin.

Orochimaru snarled. "They never take this long to deal with enemies, so we must consider them all dead. We will retreat." With that, the trio vanished.

Kakashi now faced the Mist-nins. "So, I thank you for your arrival, but we will be taking Sasuke back with us." The grey-haired Jounin said as he turned towards the Uchiha. Gai in the meantime already had Lee on his back. Kakashi held out his hand to Sasuke, but the Sharingan user slapped his hand away and moved his gaze towards the Mist-nins.

"I'll go to Mist, Kakashi." Sasuke said. "Konoha is no place for me to stay at."

Kakashi tilted his head to the side and smiled. "Perhaps it is possible, but not now. We will first negotiate with the Hokage and the Council. If you go to Mist, there's reason for Leaf to start a War with the Mist. We don't want that." Behind Kakashi, Gai nodded his head. "For now, you will come with us to Konoha."

"I will come with you." A voice suddenly said.

Kakashi, Gai and about everyone else turned their heads towards the sudden appearance of...

"Mizukage-sama!" Ayumi announced.

"Mizukage-sama." Both Kakashi and Gai greeted. "You want to come to Konoha?"

"I am interested in Uchiha Sasuke and it seems the feeling is mutual." Zabuza grinned. "besides, the old man owes me." He then turned towards the Mist-nins. "Gaara, your team will come with me."

Gaara nodded his head. His team meant him, Dosu and Ayumi.


Gaara rested his eyes on the sight of Konoha a week later. Apparently, it was going to take longer than expected and the Mizukage was stuck in meetings with the Council of Konoha. A message was sent back to Mist to tell that Sasori was in charge for the time being. The Leaf Village was still recovering from Orochimaru's attempt to take the Village down. "Recon." Gaara whispered, and his two subordinates knew instantly what he meant.

All three of them were no longer together. Gaara jumped from roof to roof to investigate the Village. Zabuza had ordered them to do so, just in case Konoha ever wanted to go to war with them.

And... another thing was, to look out for promising Shinobis. It seems Mist was trying to gather those, not that Gaara cared. The more talented Shinobis there were, the more powerful opponents he would be able to have.


"Stop." Neji calmly ordered his teammate, who was ready to launch another volley of Kunai and Shuriken. "Someone's here, Ten-Ten." His Byakugan eyes narrowed. "From the Mist." He turned to the tree and simply glared. "You can come out now. I can see you!"

Ten-Ten and Neji watched how a girl landed on the ground before them. "Impressive. I've been taught by a Silent Killer, but you still sensed me?"

Neji grinned. "My eyes can see a lot. What are you doing in Konoha, Mist Shinobi? There are no Chuunin Exams."

"Ah, name's Idako Ayumi!" She said cheerfully. "The Mizukage is in Konoha right now, and I'm one of his bodyguards, so to say."

Ten-Ten nodded her head. "I'm Ten-Ten, nice to meet you." She held out her hand.

"Hyuga Neji." The Byakugan user said, but he didn't hold out his hand. He watched Ayumi shake hands with Ten-Ten and observed her with his Byakugan to see that she wasn't up to anything. "Mind telling us why you were watching us?"

"Actually, I was impressed by you two. You both seem skilled." Ayumi answered. "So, you two are still Genin?"

Neji glared. Ten-Ten smiled sheepishly.

"Well, you seem to have the same skill is the average Chuunin, but you're not wearing the Konoha Chuunin outfit, so I just assumed it" Ayumi started. "Anyway, I'm looking for talented Shinobis, you know where I can find them? We're holding something special in the Mist in a few months, so I want to let every gifted Ninja in this Village know. You two are hereby invited. As long as you don't have a mission interfering of course."

Ten-Ten caught the scroll Ayumi threw at her and read through it. "Well? Where can I find others?"

Neji narrowed his eyes. "You Mist-nins are not to be trusted. What if this is some sort of trap. You want all of the strong Shinobis of Konoha in one place? Heh, sounds like a plan for ambush."

Ayumi snorted. "We have an alliance. But in the Mist, it's an opportunity to become Jounin through this... experiment." She suddenly shrugged. "Actually, it's simply a fighting tournament, Mizukage-sama style." She watched their reactions. "You would cringe if you knew Mizukage-sama."


Dosu was calmly walking through the Village, until he heard the sounds of many... vibrations? He glanced sideways without moving his head to see a boy with glasses. 'The sounds coming from his body...' His eyes twitched. 'are really annoying.'

Shino had also watched the boy and knew that the guy had participated in the same Chuunin Exam he was in. He wasn't there for the end of the second test or for the final test.

Dosu had stopped walking and was already facing Shino. "Excuse me, Konoha Shinobi."

Shino nodded his head. From out of the Ramen Stand behind the glass-wearing Shinobi, Dosu watched another boy, this one with a small dog, step out. "Something wrong, bug man?"

Shino shook his head. "This..." Shino narrowed his eyes at his Hitai-ate. "Mist Shinobi wanted to ask me a question." Shino was now suspicious, however. 'Wasn't he from the Sound?' And then there was another thing. 'If he is from Sound, the Village who started war with us, then why is he here and how is he a Mist Shinobi now?'

Kiba looked from Shino to Dosu. "You lost or something? Konoha is a pretty big place, so getting lost isn't such a big deal, you know?"

"What is your business in Konoha?" Shino suddenly said, ignoring the fact that Dosu wanted to ask a question first. Kiba looked at Shino with a shocked expression on his face. Shino was weird, but never rude.

Dosu chuckled. "Hm, you don't seem to trust me. I see you are a fine Shinobi. I have come to give you this." He handed Shino a scroll. "I am here because the Mizukage is in the Village." With that, he vanished.

Shino didn't open the scroll yet. 'He was form Sound, but now with the Mist? Perhaps he was a Spy from the Mist?'

"Oy, open the scroll, Shino!" Kiba ordered. "Could be interesting!"

Shino sighed. Why did Kiba always have to yell so much?


"Why have you summoned me?"

"I want you to use your special Jutsu. Let him know my patience is wearing thin."


Zabuza was gritting his teeth in anger as he left the meeting room. 'This council is unbelievable! The only way for this to work is to go at war with Konoha. But... Konoha is a precious ally. This peaceful Village will never betray us, so we must use it without the Village knowing it.'

Zabuza jumped backwards and had his Sword already in his hands as Naruto popped out of nowhere in front of him. The Demon of the Mist blinked, before he glared and put his Blade back on his back. "Naruto, you idiot! I told you to never do that!"

Naruto chuckled as he bowed. "So sorry, Zabuza-sensei... But, Sasori-sama's getting impatient. He's... not as good as you are in handling with all those reports, complaints and missions, you know? He even gave me, ME, a freaking B-ranked mission! I was so mad, but I didn't let him know, because he would kill me without hesitation!"

Zabuza groaned, feeling a headache coming up. 'Man, his voice can be so annoying sometimes... Maybe Dosu can do something about the way his voice sounds?' He considered Naruto and frowned as he imagined how Sasori was handling everything in Mist. "Sasori should be capable of handling this, Naruto? What is the problem?"

Naruto sheepishly scratched the back of his head. "Well, he already killed three Mist Genin while you were gone... Ehehe..."

"What?!" Zabuza roared. "Any promising ones?!"

Naruto immediately shook his head. "No, no, just, just three of the really annoying ones."

Zabuza released a sigh of relief. "Alright, I'll be back in a few days. In the meantime, I want you to gather Gaara and the others. I have an important mission for you. It's good that you came."

Naruto grinned. "It's always good when I decide to visit, Zabuza-sensei."

The taller Demon rolled his eyes. "Whatever, Naruto, just look for them."

An hour later, Uchiha Sasuke was in the Mist, standing alongside a grinning Naruto. "Gee, what a plan..."

Back in Konoha, Kakashi was talking with Zabuza. "A few Shinobis from Konoha will accompany you back to Mist. The only reason for that is to prevent Sasuke from following you, or you taking Sasuke with you without anyone noticing it."

Zabuza nodded his head, trying hard to keep the grin inside of his face.


The plan had worked, especially since Sasuke had cooperated.

Small Flashback:

Dosu had used a Henge to transform into Orochimaru and try to persuade Sasuke to come to the Sound for power, enough power to kill his brother Itachi. All of them knew that Sakura was eaves-dropping at that time.

At that time, Gaara intervened and attacked 'Orochimaru', telling him Sasuke would stay in Konoha for the time being. Along with Ayumi, they attacked 'Orochimaru' and drove him away.

And then Sasuke finished the act by saying: "I'm going to Orochimaru, you all won't be able to keep me in this forsaken Village forever!!"

Sakura's eyes widened as Sasuke went home, as did Gaara and Ayumi. Sakura, with tears in her eyes, jumped for the Hokage Tower, intent on telling him everything. Everything about this Orochimaru guy.

When she left, Sasuke returned and Naruto appeared. "Ready to go?"

And then, Naruto used Hiraishin no Jutsu...

End Small Flashback

And that's how all of Konoha thought Sasuke had gone to the Sound, and not the Mist. Zabuza had acted disappointedly at the news of this and returned to Mist with an enormous amount of glee inside.


Zabuza grinned at the Chuunin Teams in front of him. In the last week, he had gotten a few new additions to his Village. Others were lost before he took the Village over, but he found them again. One was almost taken away by Orochimaru even, had Sasori and Hidan not intervened.

The newest most powerful additions were Suigetsu and Deidara...

Zabuza decided that the young man Deidara was too powerful for a 'Mist Chuunin' and would join Sasori and Hidan in their ranks. For the others, he had made two special teams of Chuunin.

The first was Naruto, Gaara, Kimimaro and Haku. Each day would have a different Captain for this team.

The second was Sasuke, Suigetsu, Dosu and Ayumi. The same as above, every day a different leader.

The second team would roam the lands in search for new additions for the Mist Village, while the other trained immensely hard to prepare for a showdown with the Akatsuki.

Sasori trained Sasuke to prepare for both Orochimaru and Itachi...


"The Mist is becoming a problem, Pein."

"That so? Why would you say that?"

"You already know that Sasori joined them, but other than him, two other S-Ranked Missing-nins have joined the Village. Deidara and Hidan. These two are not to be taken lightly either..."

"Explain, Zetsu. Perhaps we need to take the Mist down, with it expanding its power so swiftly..."


"I can't believe you lost your cool again." He chuckled. "I mean, you were even Captain for today!!" He burst out laughing.

"Shut up, Uzumaki." Gaara growled. "That moron shouldn't have gotten on my nerves."

Naruto was still laughing, while even Haku and Kimimaro were barely keeping their grins from turning into laughs as well. "But still! This mission was non-kill! You told us this in the beginning of the mission! And then who's the only one who kills... our CLIENT?! It's you, damn it!!"

Gaara glared. "That cheap bastard wanted to pay for a B-Ranked Mission! What we did was definitely A-Ranked!"

Haku shook his head in disbelief. The things in which Gaara lost his cool over lately were really, as Naruto expressed, laughable. Before, he would kill anyone who would dare look at him, but now, he killed anyone who crossed the line in respects to the Mist Village, only.

Loyalty at its best, the medic of the team concluded. "Anyway, I suppose this is a Mission fail?" He supplied.

"Not exactly." Kimimaro answered. "We accomplished the mission and received our pay." He shrugged. "Though not all of it. We just killed out client afterwards." He glanced at the laughing Naruto and the glaring Naruto. "It is no big deal. He wasn't an important client, anyway."


Sasuke's left eye twitched. "Are you... snoring?!" He whispered loudly into the microphone.

On the other side, Suigetsu glared at his earpiece. "Geez... Not everyone sleeps as little as you, you know, Sasuke..." He whined.

"You mean, not everyone sleeps as much as you do, asshole." Ayumi replied, listening in on the conversation.

"You all do realize we are supposed to be quiet, right?" Dosu said. His supersensitive ears were tingling because of the noise they were making. But then again, Dosu's ears were always tingling, because they were just like that.

"Quiet." Sasuke suddenly said.

"What, you heard a rabbit?" Suigetsu whispered.

"He said quiet, you idiot!" Ayumi shouted.

Dosu and Sasuke both rolled their eyes. "She's here."

"You know, is it wise to be so close?" Ayumi nervously whispered. "I mean, what if they notice we're taking someone away?"

Sasuke, about half a mile away from her position, shrugged. "We're trained for this. If there are too many, we run, if there are not too many, we will kill all."

"There she is, I recognise her." Dosu let everyone know. "She seems alone, but she is one of them, keep your guard up if you make your move, Sasuke."

Sasuke groaned inwardly. "I wish Naruto was here. His Jutsu makes this so much easier." Without hesitation, Sasuke launched himself towards the girl and knocked her out with a single hit to the back of the neck.

At least, that's what he thought, until she turned and hit him hard in the face. 'D-damn!!' Sasuke thought as he covered his face with his hands and was heading back for the three he was in seconds before.

Before the girl could make a noise or something of the sort, Dosu and Suigetsu knocked her out from behind. "Man, we better be quick." Suigetsu said. "Ayumi, how's the situation?" He said into his microphone.

Dosu picked up the girl and put her on his right shoulder, also waiting for an answer. "Ayumi?" Dosu repeated, getting slightly worried since it was taking too long. Sasuke was already picking himself up.

"Everything is fine, impatient bastards!" Ayumi whispered back. "Now get going, there are three Shinobis approaching your location fast!!"

As they left, Suigetsu was jumping next to Sasuke, while Dosu was in front of them with the girl on his shoulder, with next to him Ayumi. "Man, did you get your ass handed to you!" Suigetsu chuckled.

Sasuke glared. "I didn't have my Sharingan activated, water bastard."

"Yeah yeah..."

Ayumi chuckled for all of them. "Tayuya of the Sound Four of Orochimaru... captured."


A few hours later, back in the Mist, Naruto's team was hanging around in the waiting room, in front of the Mizukage Office when Sasuke's team entered. Naruto took notice of the red-haired girl on Dosu's shoulder. He pointed a thumb at her. "She looks familiar."

Sasuke nodded his head. "Yeah, she's one of those Shinobis Orochimaru sent after me. Apparently Zabuza is interested in her, because we don't have many Genjutsu Specialists in our Village."

Kimimaro frowned as he rose from his seat and walked over to Dosu. "Doesn't she have a Curse Seal?"

Dosu nodded his head. "Which is why I think this will be pointless."

Haku shook his head behind Dosu. The long-haired Ice-user was also seated. "Zabuza-san has also developed a Juin Jutsu..."

"Where's Gaara?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto pointed his other thumb to the door to the Mizukage. "In there. He screwed up again."

And then, Ayumi entered the Waiting Room, with a soft groan. "Don't tell me he killed the Client again?" She asked, exasperated.

Naruto's team all nodded gloomily.

Sasuke grinned. "You guys are hopeless."

Dosu then put the unconscious Tayuya on a chair and turned to Ayumi. "What took you so long?"

Ayumi shrugged. "That damned Deidara again. I've already told him so many times!! No is No!!"


An hour later, Zabuza was face to face with a still unconscious Tayuya in white room with two white chairs. They were sitting opposite of each other. He took some blood from Tayuya and covered all of his fingertips with it. Then, he performed a long sequence of seals, before entering a new number of complex seals. After that, he put all of his fingers on Tayuya's stomach.

"Juin Jutsu: Kai!!"

Zabuza watched as Tayuya peacefully slept. "You are no longer cursed by Juugo's disease... But, that doesn't change the fact that you are still one of Orochimaru's subordinates... Tomorrow's going to be a rough day." He said to no one, as he was alone in the room.

Tayuya suddenly woke up and lunged towards Zabuza.

Zabuza's reaction was a simple yawn and he easily stopped her by grabbing her by the throat, while unspeakable amounts of Killer Intent were pouring off of his being. "Impressive... I didn't expect you to wake up so soon. You surpass my expectations a little."

Tayuya couldn't move because of the massive Killer Intent. That didn't mean she wasn't still pissed. "Who the hell are you!?"

Zabuza turned intrigued. "Ah, with such a terror, you still have a foul mouth, hm? Interesting." He chuckled. "I am the Mizukage and I have freed you from Orochimaru."

"Freed!!" Tayuya roared, slowly being able to move again. "I wanted to be there, you eyebrow-less freak!!"

And then, someone else entered the room. "Wow, Zabuza-chan. You having trouble there?"

Zabuza rolled his eyes before he glared at the newcomer. "You're late."

Hidan shrugged. "So this is she, hm? She seems rather weak."

Hidan 's eyes opened up a little in surprise as Zabuza released the girl and she instantly stabbed him with a Kunai through his forehead for the insult. Hidan chuckled as he plucked the Kunai out and grinned evilly at the red-haired girl. "Oh I like you... But you're gonna have to do a whole lot better than that, girly."

Tayuya's eyes had widened only momentarily. "Who the hell are you?!"

Hidan chuckled as he turned his gaze from Tayuya to Zabuza. "Man, I really like her attitude, she isn't frightened so easily, hm?"

Zabuza frowned. "She's still weak, as she hasn't overcome my Killer Intent."

Hidan this time chuckled out loud and looked Tayuya straight in the face. "Oh hell no!! You froze because of this weak guy's Killer Intent?! Oh man, now I am very, very disappointed!" He then grinned at Zabuza. "No offense, old man."

Zabuza sighed. "Just train her here." The sword wielder said as he rose from his seat and headed for the door. "I expect good results."

Hidan snorted. "How can you expect anything less from me, Zabuza-chan?"


"So, what did he say, Gaara?" Naruto asked as the two of them were heading for a place to eat.

"Same as always." Gaara replied. "Well done." He quoted.

Naruto chuckled. "That's Zabuza for you. If someone's killed it always satisfies him to no end."

Gaara grinned. "As it should be."

"So, you know where Haku and Kimimaro have gone?" The blonde asked the redhead.

Gaara shrugged. "Who knows? They probably went along with Sasuke to train with Sasori, seeing as they've been doing that for the past few days."

"How's your Next Ability coming? Mine's close to completed."

Gaara seemed deep in thought. "Shape-shifting is more complicated than my other Youkon Techniques..."

Naruto nodded his head. "Man, you have the ability to shape-shift, that's so cool. All of that thanks to your demon, huh?"

Gaara frowned. "What's your new skill?"

"... Elemental Mastery..." Naruto answered.

Gaara turned silent as he stared at the full moon.

"Sounds boring."

They both walked into a Ramen Stand.



The Fighting Tournament in Mist will be in the next Chapter, but Sasuke won't be able to participate... Otherwise Konoha Shinobis might recognise him, you see. But I'm wondering, who should be in this tournament, anyway?

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