Hey everybody! this is my first story so let me know what you think. More chapters are coming.

For the first time since the Titans began, Raven had the tower to herself. The others had left to go to a party downtown. They begged her to come along, but she wasn't in the mood to party. (As if she ever was)

She decided that she should try to relax and take a bath. She grabbed a towel and headed down to the bathroom. She turned the faucet on and filled the tub with steaming hot water. She undressed and slowly sank into the depths of the tub. Suddenly, the toothbrush holder exploded in a flash of dark energy. Raven took no notice of this. The sudden relaxation made her powers slip slightly but they came back under control with very little thought.

Raven got very drowsy. She drifted off to sleep right there because she had had very little sleep for the past couple days.

…She was walking through the halls of Titans Tower. There was blood on the floor and walls. She saw Starfire in the entrance to the kitchen. She was not moving but Raven could hear the sound of her sobs.

"Starfire, what's wrong?" Raven inquired.

There was no answer. Raven sped up to see the cause of Starfires odd disposition. When she saw what lay in the other room, She was in shock. Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy were all lying on the floor, dead. She would not have thought it possible, but there it was, right before her eyes. She turned Starfire to face her.

"Starfire? Starfire! How did this happen?" Raven Asked, fighting back tears." What happened?"

"They were here. They got into the tower and…"

Suddenly, her Titan communicator sounded, but it was real quiet at first and slowly started to get louder.

Raven sat up and got out of the tub and wrapped her towel around her body as she rubbed her itchy eye. She reached into her cape and answered her communicator.

"What's up? How's everything at the tower?" came the voice of the green Titan.

"Super. What do you need?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to see how yo… I mean the tower was. We'll be back soon. See ya."

She closed her Titans communicator. Damn. Her quiet, calm, relaxing night was about to end.

She picked up her clothes and deposited them in the laundry shoot and started to walk to her room. She stopped outside the bathroom. Down the hall, something was rummaging around in Cyborg's room.

She started twards the mechanical boys room. Just before she reached the door, The thief stepped out.

"Hello, Raven," came a rough, cold voice. She knew that voice. Where had she heard it?

Now She knew who it was. How could she have forgotten?