Chapter 4: New Deadlines

Tristan and Joey immediately made crosses with their fingers and showed them to everyone, practically screaming, "Ah, it's a ghost, come back to haunt us, WAAAAHH! I don't wanna die!"

Meanwhile, Tea had abandoned her plastic bag and let it fall on Yugi/Bakura's head, who snatched it off and stuffed it once more in Tea's pocket. "Dead?" she whispered. "But how?"

Kaiba's face showed no emotion, but his eyes held an angry spark that refused to go away.

"The plane they were on crashed halfway between Domino and Tokyo. When the police came to check it out, they found no survivors. None at all."

"Gozaburo's doing?" Yami asked. Even he was in shock.

Kaiba shook his head. "No, he was just as surprised as I was when he heard about it. But he wasn't unhappy about it, either."

Yugi/Bakura scowled. "Well, I for one, no matter how nice Niwatori used to be, think she's still a jerk. She thought I was a geek!"(As far as I'm concerned, you're not a geek until you do the hokey pokey in front on the president with barney)

Joey stopped his paranoid ghost-repelling ceremony and shrugged. "Well, I wouldn't put it past you, buddy" he had to run fast to avoid Yugi/Bakura's angry swing.

Yami sighed, "Stop it, Aibou. Yes, this is all very puzzling, but we can't stop here. Kaiba, just tell us where Sira is and we'll bother you no more."

"It's too late for that," Kaiba said. He whipped out his cell phone, talked into it for a while, and then snapped it shut and opened the door to the office, motioning for them all to go out. They left the building into the bright sunlight, making them all blink rapidly. Then a limo drove up and a chauffer opened the door.

Kaiba got in and the gang followed, glad to be out of the harsh rays of the sun.

"So where are we going?" Tristan asked as the limo revved up and started off.

"The Domino City Gym. Sira hangs out there more than she does at home."


"Ever since the plane crash she became very paranoid."

"Ah," everybody acknowledged, although they had really no idea what he meant.

A few minutes in silence passed. Then suddenly Yugi/Bakura slid of his seat, clutching his bandaged head and sweating. He began making anguished noises, like that of a wounded animal, triggering Yami to drop down next to him and shake him roughly.

"Aibou! What's going on? Aibou!"

"Ow, stop that Yami uugh it hurts"

"What hurts?! Yugi! Answer me!"

By now Tea, Tristan, and Joey were looking very frantic. Yugi/Bakura had started to roll on the floor, his face taught with pain, his pupils shrunk to a pinpoint. Kaiba simply stared.

Then, almost as quickly as it began, Yugi/Bakura's convulsions ceased and he relaxed, lying down with his head on Yami's lap. Yami, almost hesitantly, asked quietly, "What happened, Aibou?"

"Bakura's dying," he answered softly. "He needs that Eye soon, or when he goes out, I will too. I didn't save him, I only bought him some time."

Tea clutched Joey's hand and closed her eyes. Tristan eyes almost took up all the room on his face, while Kaiba inquired, "Anybody care to fill me in?"

Tristan told him what Yugi had done at the hospital. Kaiba listened silently.

"So why does he need the Eye? I thought it could only read minds.(if you read my mind now, you would see a picture of my sis on da floor obeying my every command oh well, I can dream)" He asked after he got it all.

Yami sighed and lifted Yugi/Bakura back on his seat. "Most people don't know it, but the Eye has some healing powers. That's why we need it back."

The limo stopped and everyone looked out the window to see the gym. The chauffer opened the door and everyone stepped out, batting their eyelids against the sun. Yami supported Yugi/Bakura up, who wrestled against him.

"Yami, let go, I'm fine now."


"Yami, I took a frying pan from the hospital before we left, I had a feeling I would need it again. Remember last time I got sick?"

Yami's face went white and he let go of him. Last time Yugi got sick with the flu, Yami had become very nuts and tried to force him to eat dead bugs (ancient Egyptian remedies, maybe?). He didn't let Yugi outside his room at all, even after he got better, until one day Yugi sneaked out and took the art of frying pan whacking lessons with Joey and Tristan, being the non-violent type he was. When Yami had found out he was gone and stormed out to get him back, he was faced with his one very small counterpart armed with a very menacing frying pan. Ever since, Yugi had taken to carrying it around, threatening to smack Yami in the face if he ever forced him to do anything again.

Just now, Yugi/Bakura drew the frying pan out of his pocket (maybe he had huge pockets big enough to fit a frying pan in it? . ). The rest of the gang, remembering the Ruling Days of the Frying Pan, tried their best to hold in a good laugh. It proved fruitless, as they started to lean on each other in order to stand up. Kaiba stared at them like they were crazy.

Yugi/Bakura started to swing the pan threateningly. "Mr. Frying Pan wants to meet you again"

"Ahh! Yugi, no aaahh!" he skipped backwards to avoid having a flat nose for the rest of his life (he managed, unfortunately). Yugi/Bakura tucked the pan away, pleased by Yami's aversion to the kitchen utensil.

Yami skirted into the gym, followed by Yugi/Bakura, Joey, Tea, Tristan, and lastly Kaiba. They stood unsurely in the entrance hall, unsure (well, duh, why else do you stand unsurely?), until Tea spotted a service desk and they walked over to it.

"Um excuse me?" Tea asked timidly. The secretary looked up at her from the top of her glasses, but instead of answering her she faced Kaiba.

"Well, hello Mr. Kaiba!" she exclaimed shrilly. "So nice to see you! Your inventions are wonderful, I bought a d-,"

"Save the unsatisfactory hellos for American movie stars. I want to know where I can find a girl named Sira," Kaiba butted in shortly.

The secretary was shocked. "Mr. Kaiba, you're a CEO, you shouldn't be-,"

"I don't care. Tell me what I need to know."

Affronted, the secretary huffily jabbed at the keyboard to her computer and replied coldly, "You can find her in the martial arts room, go down that hall, tenth door to your right, sir."

Kaiba left without a thank you. The rest gave her an apologetic look before following.

When everybody entered the tenth door to their right, they sorely wished for air. It smelled horribly of sweat and deodorant. Yugi/Bakura gagged. Yami, alarmed, moved toward him, but stopped when Yugi/Bakura made a move as to draw a frying pan from his pocket.

Tea got their attention by tapping them all on the shoulder and pointed at the middle of the room. A large mat was placed there, with a woman and a man standing on it, dressed in white karate uniforms and black belts. The man and woman bowed to each other then lifted their hands in that weird kung-fu fighting style. A loud bell sounded somewhere, and the man lumbered forward toward the woman, who ducked underneath his waving arms and kicked his back so that he fell face flat on the mat. She allowed him to get up, and then helped him to the wall by grabbing his arm and throwing him across the room, where he slumped to the ground, breathing heavily. The woman helped him stand, and he suddenly aimed a fist at her face. The spectators positioned around the room howled angrily, yelling, "Unfair!"

Despite this, she ducked easily and leaped into the air, kicking at his head. When she landed on then ground she directed a flurry of blows toward him and he blocked, albeit barely.

With an unexpected twist to the right, the woman tried to slam her fist into his skull. The man brought his hand up to meet it and succeeded, but that distracted him long enough for the woman to drop to the floor and sweep her legs around in a circle, tripping him over as she leapt up again. With a move so fast it was almost invisible, she shot her foot at his head. She was going knock him out!

Or not. A bare inch from his head she halted, her poise balanced perfectly. She was hardly even sweating as she whispered, "Yield."

He held up his hands. "I yield."

The woman smiled coldly and removed her foot. She left the mat to the congratulations of the people around her, but waved them off and snatched up a bottle of cold water. Half of its contents went down her throat. At this point, Kaiba walked leisurely behind her, saying coolly, "Long time no see, Sira."

She froze and her shoulders tensed. Carefully screwing the top back on her bottle, Sira snarled without turning around, "Kaiba, I've had enough of you. Go away."

"Hey, I know you!" Yugi/Bakura suddenly exclaimed. "You were in my math class last year, weren't you?"

At this Sira whirled around. "Yugi?" her eyes traveled over them all and landed on Yami. She frowned. "When did you get so big?"

"No, I'm here!" Yugi/Bakura yelled.

She looked at him and blinked. "Aren't you Bakura?"

He groaned. "No, that's my Yami, and yeah, this is Bakura's body, but-"

"Are you talking about the Millennium Items?" Sira interrupted, staring at the puzzle around Yami's neck. The gang seemed taken aback."How do you know about those?" Yami and Kaiba demanded at the same time, and smiled at each other, then remembered they hated each other and turned away.

"I guess Kaiba-boy told you I got paranoid?" Kaiba scowled at this statement. (he looks cute when he does that, doesn't he?) "Well, I just so happened to come across some ancient Egyptian legends about a pharaoh and other people linked to eight millennium items-,"

"Eight?!" the gang exclaimed.

"Yeah," Sira said, searching their faces with a puzzled expression. "The Puzzle, containing the soul of the pharaoh-that must be you bows to Yami-, the Ring, containing the soul of the tomb thief-yes, I've seen Bakura with it, don't tell me why he doesn't have it now, not yet-, the Eye, the Rod, containing the soul of-oh, I forgot-, the Scale, the Ankh, the Tauk, and the Circlet, contai-," she broke off when she noticed Joey in the corner of the room trying to lift a huge weightlifter.

"Look everyone, I'm strong!" he yelled with exaggerated strain as he heaved up the weight. "I can li-," he fell over backward with the weight on his chest, wheezing.

Everyone face faulted, anime style.

"You see, Joey," Tristan started, exasperated. "That's why we can't buy you nice things."

"Cough just get this crap rasp off me!" he pleaded.

Yugi/Bakura shook his head. "Sigh our comic relief."

Tristan shrugged at Joey. "Sorry bud, looks like you're stuck."

"Oh, come on, I can get him out." Sira said, and lifted the weight long enough for Joey to crawl pathetically out.

"Hey, why'd you do that?" Tea asked. "The world was much better off with him down there (hm one point for my side! )."

Yami glared at them all, getting them to pay attention to him. "If we're all done fooling around?"

The others agreed sulkily, and Yugi/Bakura muttered, "Workaholic." He shut up quickly when Yami glowered at him.

Directing his attention to Sira, he said, "I guess you need to know all that's been happening before we came now." And with that he told her everything, since Bakura's scream outside of school all the way to the end of their limo ride to the gym.

"So you see, we need to know what information you have on Niwatori. She's dangerous, and we have to stop her. And we need to get the Ring and the Eye to save Bakura and Yugi."

Sira sighed. "Very well then. I'll tell you. First off, Tori and Teki aren't dead. I know it."

"But the crash-," Kaiba started.

"Yes, yes, I know, the crash, but let me tell you this. I was at the airport when she left. Before she went, I gave her something. I shouldn't have, but I did. You don't know how much I regret it"

Sira shook her head to clear it before starting again.

"I had it ever since I fished it out of the gutter. It was so shiny, it attracted my attention so much, so I took it. But I never put it on. It just didn't seem right to me. And I didn't tell anyone about it. But when Tori's dad died and all, I kind of felt it was meant for her. And I just gave it to her, ignorant of its powers, its might"

"What are you talking about?" Kaiba whispered.

She closed her eyes as wetness started to line there. "I gave her the thing that assured her greed, her capability, but I never told anyone, they wouldn't believe me if I told them"

"What?" Kaiba asked again.

"I gave her the object that killed all those people on the plane except for her and her brother, I gave her a device that could control the world!" Sira cried hotly. Her voice dropped to a whisper as she opened her eyes, allowing the tears to flow from them freely. "I gave her the only thing that could promise her complete power I gave her the mysterious, almighty Millennium Circlet, and with it, she rules all."