An Angel Wronged


They knew they were risking everything being here, but they had to see this for themselves. It was just too hard to believe. Why would they, the few people she let in betray them? It didn't make sense to them.

So the only way they would really know is to see it for themselves, it was the only way they was going to really understand it was happening.

She waited in the dark corners, waiting for the young couple to meet, as they were scheduled to. They didn't disappoint them, the young woman came first and minutes later the young man came.

They smiled at each other and greeted each other with a small peck on the lips. They cringed with anger. They weren't going to get away with this, they promised.

The woman was overly nervous they thought, for being so comfy with each other. The man grabbed her hand and pulled her down next to them on the wooden bench.

They shared more words, laughing quietly, apparently enjoying each other's company. The man reluctantly excused himself to get back to work a half an hour later, for he wore a suit, one that had seen better days.

The woman looked around, hoping to see someone come. After a few minutes of waiting they gave up and walked away with a deep sigh.

The stranger's eyes burned with anger and betrayal. "Stay happy for now and enjoy it for you two there will be no happy ending, I'll make sure of that." They threatened, whispering the threat to the air surrounding her.

"For all your pain you have given me, yours will be doubled." They finished, turning away as the steps of another came known. They quietly sped away; hurrying to start the pain and suffering the couple would endure.

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