Title: Power

Author: Cairo (soccerangel_)

Rating: R

Pairing: Lucius/Harry

Summary: Lucius has taken over Wizarding Britain and has given Harry a... place of honor.

Category: angst/general

Comments: OK... So it's been about 5 years since I last updated? Wow, it seems shorter... *dodges knives and other sharp objects*. Alright, I'm really sorry! I really have no excuse because I could have written in the summers since I was out of school but of course I was lazy! But the good news is that I'm on summer vacation right now so you can expect updates! Anyway, enjoy the chapter (or try to) and please critique as well as share any comments that you may have! I may even anwer some questions :). This story has been moving slowly thus far, but I am planning to move it faster since it actually does have a plot. Also, I apologize for the lack of markers in my chapters that separate scenes. For some reason keeps deleting them!

When Lucius came back, he had a stoney expression on his face, his eyes as hard as diamonds. Harry rarely saw him in such a mood and felt his stomach churn in fear. The man either overestimated the strength of the wards on the Manor, or he knew that the Rebels could infiltrate them given time. What ever the reason, Harry could feel Lucius' weakened magic. Resurrecting stronger wards had almost drained him.

Harry lifted his eyes to meet Lucius' when he went to stand in front of the table. A shiver went down his spine at the blank look in the grey depths.

"Follow me," he instructed, turning on his heels and walking away.

Harry immediately obeyed. Alucard had given him a lot of homework for being late, and it would take him all night to finish it.

The man led him to a small room on the second floor. Harry caught his wand when it was thrown to him. The last time he had held it was almost a week ago. There had been no one there for his magic lessons.

"From now on, you will have lessons with me every day after your lessons with Alucard. Afterwards, you will study military strategies with Cassius."

Harry looked up in surprise. "Military strategies, master?"

"Yes, military strategies," Lucius mocked. "Your learning will go to waste if you don't apply them to everyday life."

"Everyday life doesn't include battles," Harry said.

"There are exceptions to that," he replied. He lifted his wand. "Let's begin."

Lucius quizzed him over all the spells they had learned so far. Harry knew them well and answered every one of Lucius' questions rather smugly. Lucius then put his knowledge of the spells to the test when he told Harry that they would duel. Needless to say, by the end of the lesson, Lucius was unscathed and Harry had holes in his robes and his wand hand was aching.

He followed Lucius to his new study. He was very hungry and thirsty. His stomach grumbled in anticipation at the plates of food sitting on the table. He would have been perfectly content with sandwiches, but Lucius thought them plebeian.

"Eat," Lucius waved a hand, sitting behind his desk.

Harry obeyed, pulling out the solitary chair and piling his plate with food. His table manners automatically took over. Lucius had trained him too well. But just to make the blond angry, Harry slurped his drink every now and then. It tasted a little bitter and had the consistency of tomato juice. They have bloody awful taste in drinks. Once he was full, he stood up and pushed his chair in.

"May I be excused? I have homework to do."

Lucius looked up from his paperwork. "Why were you late for Alucard's lessons today?"

"I didn't know he was here. No one told me. And he blames it on me and gave me forty extra assignments due tomorrow."

"I expect you not to fall asleep tomorrow during our lessons."

"I won't, master," Harry said. "May I go now?"

"No." Lucius stood up from his desk, unbuttoning his robes.

Harry inwardly groaned. Merlin he wanted to kill Lucius and himself for the sudden interest his body took in the situation. But he could no more deny Lucius than he could escape without help.

"Undress," he commanded.

Harry quickly pulled off his robe and pants. He was already fully hard. Lucius' eyes darkened as he looked at it. He folded his clothes and set them on the chair. He walked over to Harry and tilted his head back and kissed him fiercely. A gasp of pleasure escaped Harry when Lucius pulled him flush against his body. Their tongues slid against one another before Lucius moved his mouth to his neck.

He helplessly held on to the blond as he assaulted the sensitive spot on his neck. His hand tangled in Lucius' hair, enjoying the silkiness of it. Lucius' hand deftly unbuttoned the buttons on Harry's robes, sliding his hand in. Harry shivered as the hand caressed his torso, lightly scraping across his nipples.

"Tell me," Lucius murmured, "were you hoping the Rebels would rescue you last night?"

The tension that suddenly took over Harry's body was enough of an answer. What was even more frightening was the lack of response from Lucius.

Harry woke up with a pain in his abdomen. Bloody Irish food, he thought sourly as he clutched at his belly. He rarely ever got sick except for when he ate food that did not agree with his stomach, which was perfectly understandable. He gritted his teeth and rolled out of bed to get ready for his lessons.

As the day progressed, the pain grew steadily worse until Harry found himself lying on his stomach during his lunch hour to decrease the pain. He didn't think he could eat even if he was in the mood for food. It felt as if his insides were simultaneously clenching together and ripping themselves apart.

By the time his lessons with Lucius came, Harry could barely stand upright.

Lucius lips turned down when he saw him. "What is the matter with you?"

Harry's bag slipped from his shaking hand and fell to the floor with a loud thud. "I-I think I'm sick," he replied lamely. He gave a groan as a particularly painful wrench made him fall to his knees. His nails dug into his abdomen, wanting nothing than to tear out his insides to stop the pain. What was wrong with him? Surely food poisoning wasn't this painful? He remembered eating some food he found in the Dursleys' garbage when he was about six because they had not given him any food for almost three days. He had been sick afterwards, but it had felt nothing like this.

He doubled upon himself until his head touched his knees. This seemed to lessen the pain exponentially. A soft cry escaped his lips when he found himself cradled in Lucius' arms. He was laid on the couch, Lucius still frowning at him. Harry curled himself into a little ball, his arms held tightly around his bent knees.

"Master," he gasped, "what's wrong with me?"

Lucius brushed back the sweat-soaked fringe from his forehead. Harry didn't know when he had started sweating. A spell from Lucius wiped the sweat from his entire body. The next thing he knew was darkness as a spell-induced sleep was laid upon him.

Ennervate was not the best way to wake anyone up, Harry thought rather grumpily. A warm hand was pressed to his forehead. Harry opened his eyes to be greeted by the bright light in his room as well as the agonizing pain that had him gasping and curling upon himself once again.

"There, there," someone clucked in sympathy. "You're as pale and clammy as death. Drink this and you'll feel better soon."

Without even glancing at the vial, Harry grabbed it and downed the sweetly slick potion in two large gulps. The pain immediately began to abate. Harry gradually opened his eyes. His insides were still twisting and turning, and it made him want to vomit, but the important thing was that it no longer was hurting him as much as it had previously. He turned over to see who was tending to him. It was the same mediwitch that had taken care of him when Anton's dad had tortured him. It was comforting to see someone rather familiar in this foreign land.

"May I ask what was wrong with me?" Harry questioned quietly.

The mediwitch stopped packing her bag to turn and look at him with a reassuring smile. "It was just a horrible case of abdominal cramps, my dear boy." She nodded towards a set of four vials sitting on the table. "Lord Lucius wishes for you to drink one every time your cramps start to return."

"They're coming back?" Harry said in dismay.

"I'm afraid so. But with that potion, it should help you greatly. Now you just rest and eat something."

After promising her that he would, she left quietly. Harry stared out of his open window and realized with a start that the sun was high in the sky. It hadn't been like that when he went to his lessons with Lucius. How long had he been sleeping anyway?

Ledais soon popped into his room with a tray of broth and toast. She stood by his bed and diligently watched him eat, seeming to almost burst with happiness when he finished everything on the tray.

Harry drifted back off to sleep.

It would take about four days before the cramps completely went away. Those four days were spent in his room with Ledais as the occasional company when she stayed to watch him eat. Besides Ledais, he did not see anyone else. Of course he didn't attend his lessons, so Harry guessed he had quite a bit of catching up to do.

Professor Alucard was certainly not sympathetic regarding the cause of his absence in any way. By the time Harry trudged out of the room, his bags as well as his arms were full of homework. Harry figured that those four days of rest were meant to prepare him for the sleepless nights he would soon be experiencing. Nonetheless, he was glad to be back in his routine.

When he got to the training room, he was extremely pleased to see Alex. He seemed rather tired, but looked unscathed. Harry bit his lip to prevent his lips from twisting into a smile. Alex nodded at him, a perfect look of nonchalance on his face.

"Amiens," Harry nodded back, setting his things on a table.

Alex's eyebrows rose at the large pile of papers. "What were you, five hours late for lessons?"

"If it's any of your business, I've been sick for the past few days," Harry retorted, letting a little anger into his voice for good effect.

"No matter. Hopefully those days of idleness have not made you worse than you already are. Enough," Alex said, throwing Harry his wand when he opened his mouth to argue. "We will begin."

Harry inwardly rolled his eyes. He didn't know why Alex always insisted on interrupting him when he was about to talk. Harry's involvement with Alex did not mean that there was any mercy shown during their lessons. It was as it should be.

"Don't run and hide." Alex laughed rather sadistically when Harry dodged behind a couch to avoid what would have been an extremely painful curse.

Harry fired off a Petrificus totalus which Alex easily deflected. Alex then fired a curse that Harry wasn't familiar with. A quick shielding spell slowed the curse down enough for Harry to throw himself out of the way. He didn't even know why they were really dueling in the first place. Lucius had given him orders to begin controlling water. Harry did not have the slightest idea why he would begin a new element when he didn't even have a good grasp of fire.

The lesson progressed until Harry was sweating and panting by the end of it. Alex had a smug grin on his face when he saw the state that Harry was in. However, Harry did not have time to talk as much as he would have loved to. Cassius was waiting for him for the first lesson in military strategies. He suppressed a shiver of revulsion at the thought of the general as he made his way to Alucard's classroom.

As was to be expected, Cassius was waiting for him, a scowl on his already-lined face. Harry stubbornly refused to lower his head to avoid the piercing gaze. He sat at the lone desk and waited for Cassius to begin.

A puff of dust arose from a book that was suddenly dropped on his desk. Harry coughed, leaning back. Honestly, what was so bad about just placing the book quietly down on the desk?

"First lesson, Potter, is to expand your knowledge on the history of famous and not-so-famous battle strategies. But, judging from my first-hand experience of your 'knowledge,' it shouldn't take much to further educate you, would it?"

Harry scowled darkly.

"You will read the first two chapters and write me a three-foot analysis on the strategies mentioned. You are dismissed for today."

Harry quickly dropped his book bag off in his room before making his way to the dining room for dinner. He wondered vaguely how late he would have to stay up tonight to finish all of his homework. Maybe he should invest in a time turner? Or more accurately, have Lucius procure one for him. He was jolted out of his musings by Draco's voice.

"Guess what, Potter?" Draco said, falling into step beside him.

"Why bother? You'll tell me anyway," he replied.

Draco continued on as if he had not even heard him. "Since my father moved us all the way here and I can't finish my education at Hogwarts, he said that Professor Alucard would be helping me with my lessons. We'll be classmates again," he smirked.

"I'm truly happy. Almost as happy as I am at the thought of spending the rest of my life here with you bloody lot," Harry snapped.

"Tsk, Harry," Draco said, "how ungrateful of you to treat us like that."

Harry ignored his prattling until they got to the dining room. Lucius and Narcissa were waiting for them. Draco greeted his parents while Harry didn't even acknowledge them in any way and continued on to the end of the dining room.

Harry steadily ate his entire dinner, waiting with hands folded neatly in his lap for Lucius to finish. He followed the man to his study, dutifully closing the doors behind him. This study, although different in décor compared to the one at the Manor, had all of the essentials: Lucius' collection of Dark Magic books and some dark artifacts.

A close examination of Lucius sitting behind his desk made Harry realize how tired the man looked. It was rather odd, but Harry supposed that it was not as odd as it would have been if that expression had been on Voldemort's face. Now that was one creature he could not imagine having any human emotions and weaknesses. A surge of hatred for that slit nosed monster filled him. Harry quickly smothered it, knowing that it was pointless to hate him; Harry was only wasting his energy. The bloody bastard was dead.

Lucius elegantly gestured. Harry poured him some brandy from the exquisite deep burgundy and silver decanter into a crystal tumbler filled with ice. He swallowed at the look in the silver eyes as Lucius took the glass from him. It had been a while since Lucius had fucked him, hadn't it? It was no surprise that the man would probably be feeling rather… randy. He was mortified to find that his body was already reacting to his thoughts. Gods, the man could play Harry's body like a damn instrument, a damn instrument that always responded.

Harry jumped when he felt something cold and wet touch his lips. Lucius smirked at him, the ice cube held neatly between two long fingers. Harry licked his lips, making a slight face at the faint taste of brandy on his lips. Brandy was far from his favorite drink. He only turned to it in times of desperate need when he wanted to get plastered and there were no other options. This time he was ready when Lucius presented him with the brandy-soaked ice cube again. Harry obediently licked it, following the ice cube's path with his tongue as it was trailed across his lower lip.

"Tell me, pet, why you seem in such a hurry tonight." Lucius's eyes never left Harry's.

Finding it hard to answer with an ice cube on his lips, Harry took a step away. "I have a lot of homework, and I want to get it done so I can sleep tonight."

"Come here."

Harry leaned down, bracing himself on the desk. A shiver ran down his back when cold, wet fingers trailed down his neck, the ice cube having been dropped back into the half empty tumbler.

"What a pity you will not get any of it done tonight."

Harry's protest never left his mouth as Lucius pulled him further down to meet his demanding lips. Harry's mouth immediately opened under Lucius's probing tongue. A soft sound escaped from Harry as Lucius kissed him long and hard, the man's eyes burning intensely into his. There was a calculating look deep in his eyes. What Lucius was trying to figure out was an absolute puzzle to Harry. The next time Harry blinked, Lucius's eyes were clear once more. Lucius pulled back, simultaneously pushing Harry away.

"Go start on your homework, then. I will be there soon." Lucius turned his attention to the scrolls on his desk, clearly dismissing him.

Harry did not need telling twice, not that Lucius would really grant him such a pleasure without torture to accompany it. He made his way to his room sin the eerily empty and silent corridors. Although Malfoy Manor had been far from home, it seemed to be more welcoming than this manor. Perhaps it was just the foreignness of the place. After all, the manor was not dark and menacing like Malfoy Manor. Everything in this place just seemed so expensive and untouchable. He was sure Uncle Vernon would be kissing Lucius's arse if he was here.

Vaguely wondering if the Dursleys were thanking whatever deity they believed in for Harry's absence, he was startled when he was pulled into a room and the door quickly shut. Once his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he grinned at the honey eyes that were looking back at him.

"Alex," he murmured.

Alex moved closer to him and enfolded him in his arms. Harry rested his head on Alex's shoulder, his nose pressed against his neck. He was soothed by Alex's familiar scent and closed his eyes, clutching his robes. His heart was beating loudly as it had a recent tendency to do when he could smell the other man. Sometimes it pounded so fast that he felt light headed. It was strange to say the least. But then again, maybe he shouldn't put so much stock in it since his body had the same reaction to Lucius. He concluded that it was a hormone thing brought on by being a sexually unstable teenager.

A sigh was Alex's reward as he brushed his fingers through Harry's silky hair. Alex pulled back and examined him. Harry felt himself blushing under the scrutiny and squirmed out of Alex's arms. Alex could be so strange sometimes. No matter how many times they were together, Alex seemed to always imprint Harry's image into his mind. It gave Harry a sense of foreboding. Harry rubbed his arm out of nervous habit. Alex noticed and grabbed his arm to still his hand.

"What's the matter, Harry?" he inquired, softly caressing Harry's palm with the pad of his thumb.

Harry cleared his throat. "You make me uncomfortable when you stare at me like that. It's weird."

Alex laughed and tugged on his arm to once again wrap him in his arms and kiss the foolishness out of the boy who rather tasted like brandy. Oh, his Harry. How innocent he was! He didn't even know how truly beautiful he was. Alex did not know how he could be so blissfully unaware. If he didn't know any better, he would have guessed that it was all just an act, but Harry was hopeless when it came to purposely deceiving others. He truly was a savior of the wizarding world, Alex thought as he smoothed back a strand of Harry's hair. He was absolutely incorruptible and still pure at his very core.

Harry gave a soft sigh against his lips and pulled away. "You're back sooner than I expected."

Alex raised his eyebrows. "You sound rather disappointed. I suppose I was rather foolish to think that you would be pleased with my presence. Was I just an England fling? Did you find a fling for Northern Ireland already?"

He rolled his eyes. "You know what I meant. I expected you to be gone for a longer amount of time. You know, trying to take over Ireland and all that."

A shadow passed over Alex's face then was gone. "Don't you worry your pretty little head about my mission. The less you know the better." Narrowed eyes met clear green. "Have you been drinking?"

"Of course not. Why would I be drinking? You wouldn't believe the amount of homework I have! Cassius is evil and so is Alucard. I don't understand how Lucius expects me to deal with the constant supply of essays, readings, and tests! Besides, where would I get the alcohol? You know he doesn't allow me any," Harry said in distaste.

Alex shrugged gracefully. "You tasted like brandy."

Heat suffused Harry's face as he looked away from Alex's questioning eyes. When he dared to look at him again, his eyes were full of comprehension as well as what Harry had learned to recognize as jealousy. Alex never gave voice to his jealousies which Harry was grateful for. It was redundant seeing as Harry was powerless to stop it. It wasn't like he was cheating on Alex with Lucius or anything of that nature.

That night, Harry received very little sleep. Lucius claimed his body again and again. The man's stamina put Harry's to shame considering that he was twice Harry's age. Perhaps, Harry thought sleepily as he was allowed to drift off towards dawn, Lucius shouldn't wait so long next time to shag him. Exhausted and boneless with satiation, he fell asleep, his head resting in the crook of Lucius's arm, his arm resting on top of the pale chest.

Lucius looked at the bundle in his arms and smiled in satisfaction. He looked straight ahead and was met with his smirking reflection in the large mirror. However, it was not his reflection he was seeking. It was the pair of eyes that he knew was behind the mirror that had been watching them all night. Lucius was curious and eager to find out how well Harry could play his game.