Troubled Past

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Chapter 10: Hopes for the Future

James had been studying like crazy since the beginning of April and now he deemed himself fit for a little break, after all, he needed to be relaxed for his first theory exam tomorrow: Potions. And what better way to relax than to go and harass the Potions Master, which was something they were both quite accustomed to now.

James could barely believe it, this time last year he had been sulking at his grandparents' home and refusing to ever return to Hogwarts, back then he had thought he was all alone in the world with no friends and only his grandparents to love him; but at that point he thought they were only looking after him because he was a blood relative. But now? He had four very good friends, his grandparents, his son, and of course, Lucius Malfoy.

If he had been told a year ago that he would end up falling for the handsome blond, then he would have said that person was crazy. But here he was, he had admitted it to himself now as well, he was hopelessly in love with Lucius Malfoy. Now he wanted nothing more than to spend as much time as he could with the blond, and he was fairly certain that Lucius felt the same way. At least he hoped that Lucius felt the same way.

James drew to a halt in front of the door to the Potions classroom, there was a soft glow of torches coming from beneath the door, so he quietly opened the door and peered in, "Knock knock," his eyes fell on the charming blond at the Professor's desk. The acknowledgment he received was a smirk and a sarcastic reply.

"Ah, bane of my life, I was beginning to think you had gone and died on me."

James grinned and closed the classroom door behind him, "I wouldn't do that, I'd hate to please you."

Lucius glanced up from what appeared to be partially marked essays, "Always good to know. Is that a confirmation that you will abysmally fail your Potions theory exam tomorrow morning?"

James sat on one of the desks in the front row of the classroom and smiled serenely, "I will personally deliver my Outstanding results to you the day I get them," Lucius snickered quietly. "Anyway, I have had plenty of incentive to do well in Potions this year, wouldn't you agree?"

"Your consistently high results have been very impressive, I must admit," said Lucius; he glanced up to see James smile proudly. "Even my NEWT Potions results weren't consistently at an O level."

James raised his eyebrows, "Are you saying that I'm better at Potions than you are? The esteemed Potions master of the Malfoy family?"

"That is not what I said."

"It's what you implied, Lucius."

"Shut up."

James laughed and got off the desk, only so that he could go and sit on the end of Lucius's desk and be closer to the blond that he so adored, "Want some help?"

Lucius shook his head, "No… Anyway, you have exams tomorrow; you should be concentrating on them."

James sighed and slumped his shoulders, "You sound like Lily…and Remus…and my grandparents," Lucius rolled his eyes. "I've studied enough, I want a break."

Lucius, knowing he wouldn't get anymore marking of his Second year class essays done, leaned back in his chair and observed James, "I never said you had to study up until the last minute, I know I didn't, I just don't want you getting your mind on other things before these exams. That, I must say, is a reason why you should not be here."

James leaned forward slightly, a sly look coming over his face, "Reason I shouldn't be here with you? What on earth do you think would cross my mind, Lucius? Do tell."

Lucius snorted and got to his feet, he ruffled James's already highly messy hair and spoke as he headed towards his quarters, "Bloody, over-sexed, horny Gryffindor."

James jumped off the desk and followed the blond, "I am hardly 'over-sexed', horny maybe, but not 'over-sexed'."

Lucius smiled and pulled James to him once they were safely in his quarters, and pressed a kiss to the teenager's head, "Shut up. You're annoying me; I may have to start punishing you."

James battered his eye lashes and gave his best innocent look, "Oh please do, Professor," he found himself pulled into a proper deep kiss this time, which successfully shut him up for a few minutes.

Finally though, Lucius broke the kiss and pressed his forehead against James's, his arms around the smaller boy's-no man's waist, "I think…that for the next fortnight, you ought to spend more time preparing for your exams than you do with me."

James frowned, "I knew you were going to say that."

Lucius pressed a kiss to James's messy hair and then one to the neck, "I just think it would be best, and I will still be here when you finish."

James sighed; he would rather not be cut off from Lucius for a fortnight, as he figured being around the blond might keep him from completely breaking down during the horrid NEWTs. But it seemed he would probably not be able to sway the blond's mind. "Ok… If I need help studying, can I come and see you?"

Lucius nodded, "Mmhmm, as long as that is your intention, I don't want to be held responsible for you not concentrating on your exams."

James narrowed his eyes suspiciously, as he regarded the blond, "My Gran has had words with you, hasn't she?"

"Yes, yes she has, and I do agree with her," replied Lucius, he moved away from James and sat on the table in his quarters, so that he could continue to regard the young man before him. "You have a lot on your plate; you don't need me getting in the way."

James huffed, "I can think for myself, thank you. And anyway, it's crazy to study every spare moment of the day during exams."

"I know you can think for yourself," said Lucius, "And I agree, it is crazy to study every spare moment you have, but that is not what I meant," James was scowling at him now. "All I am saying, is that I do not want to be a distraction for you. If you don't want to stay way for the fortnight of exams then, so be it, but at least try a few days."

James folded his arms across his chest and continued scowling, "Fine. Maybe I want a distraction."

Lucius held out an arm, "Come here," James stubbornly stayed exactly where he was, regarding the blond with a frown on his face. "Come here," James grumbled something that was probably highly unpleasant and stepped up to the blond, allowing himself to be pulled against that lithe body for a kiss. "I will happily be your distraction, but I bet you anything, that by the end of this coming week you will be begging someone to kill you to get rid of the stress."

"Bet anything, eh?" James raised an eyebrow slightly. "If I am not in hysterics and begging to be killed by the end of this week, then you have to take me and my friends to Hogsmeade on Friday night for drinks."

Lucius snorted quietly and sighed before holding out his right hand for James to shake, "You're on."

James shook the blond's hand in surprise, "Are you being serious?"

"Yes, I am," Lucius smirked at the look on James's face. "You honestly weren't expecting me to agree, were you?"

James shook his head blankly, "No I wasn't… You do think I won't make it, don't you? That's why you agreed."

Lucius grinned, "I like to consider myself quite stoical, James, and I was ready to give up on everything half way through the first week of my NEWTs. I also find you to be far more emotionally unstable than myself."

James narrowed his eyes slightly again and regarded the blond, and without further words he headed for the door to the Professor's quarters; before leaving though he looked over his shoulder, "We'll see who the stoical one is, Professor. Goodnight."

Lucius watched James go with a smirk on his face, "Yes, we will see."


By the next afternoon, Lucius was wandering along a corridor on the sixth floor of the school; he had had nothing much to do this afternoon as his Fifth and Seventh Year classes had been sitting their OWLs and NEWTs, so he had decided to go for a walk. Eventually he stopped by a window that overlooked the Hogwarts grounds, his eyes drifting over the students that had just been released from their last exam for the day; his eyes eventually settled on a group of five beneath a tree near the lake. He could see Remus and Lily sitting up against the tree, Regulus lying on the ground seemingly asleep, and he watched as James pounced on Sirius who was, apparently, being a prat as usual. He leaned against the stone windowsill and continued watching his messy haired love fight it out with his best friend on the ground, oblivious to the footsteps nearing him until a voice from beside him spoke.

"I am quite proud of how far young James has come this past year, due in no small part to yourself, as well."

Lucius glanced to the left at the Headmaster and smiled slightly before turning his eyes back to the group beneath the tree, now seeing James chase Sirius around the tree in circles, "He deserves far better than what he's had."

"As do you," replied the Headmaster to his youngest teacher. "I must admit, you were not the most pleasant of people when you first came to teach here, but this last year I have noticed a great change in your demeanour. I am also going to go out on a limb and suggest that James is the cause of this positive change, and you the cause of his growing happiness. Makes a vast change to when the two of you first met."

Lucius snorted, "When we first met, I was cruel to him because he was nothing more than irritating little first year. I lost count of how many times I hexed him and his friends for just being within a few feet of me, and how often I deducted points for their mere existence."

"My point exactly," said Dumbledore, he leaned in the windowsill and followed Lucius's eyeline to the students under the tree; James now having rugby tackled Sirius to the ground. "I think the two of you are going to continue being very good for each other in the future."

Lucius raised an eyebrow and glanced at the Headmaster, "What are you getting at, old man?"

Dumbledore looked to the blond, his usual twinkle in his blue eyes, "In a few years time, I will be expecting an invitation to the wedding."

Lucius snorted, "James is still young, he still may very well change his mind about me."

Dumbledore tutted quietly, "You are only twenty four; you are still very young as well, my dear boy. Yet you are both old enough to know exactly what you want."

Lucius rolled his eyes, "Everyone is very young compared to you."

Dumbledore squeezed Lucius's shoulder unusually hard, causing the blond to squeak, "I may just not accept your resignation if you continue this way," he watched as the blond frowned, "Though I should not accept it anyway, no matter how nice you try to be."

"Why not?"

Dumbledore became very serious all of a sudden, a hand still clasped on Lucius's shoulder, "You know we are looking to dark times, and with your current situation, I think it would be much safer for you to remain here. It would be safer for James and Harry as well."

Lucius sighed and folded his arms, still leaning against the side of the stone windowsill, "I'll think about it, but I never intended on staying here for a long time. I would have left at the end of the last school year if you had let me."

Dumbledore nodded, "I know, and the reason I refused your resignation then is because I knew that you would be the only one in the school that could truly understand what James has been through."

Lucius nodded, as if finally understanding Dumbledore's motives, "Ah yes, you completely set this up, didn't you?" the infernal twinkle was back in those blue eyes. "You can't have known that James and I would get along though."

"No," Dumbledore shook his head. "The dismal world of Divination could not have predicted that you two would get along, but I had a very good feeling about it. I just thought that perhaps you would need a little nudge in the right direction."

Everything was falling into place now, as Lucius heard and thought about what he was hearing, "That's why you requested I make him those potions at the beginning of the first term, isn't it? When you knew perfectly well that Poppy had plenty in her store cupboard…" Dumbledore nodded almost gleefully as Lucius put these facts into place. "And when James starting to help me down in my classroom, you gave him the prod to do it, didn't you?"

"I most certainly did," replied Dumbledore happily. "Being as shy as he was to start with, I did not think he would approach you without a prod in the right direction."

Lucius could hardly believe this, and there he was thinking that he and James had come together of their own free will, and now he was hearing that Dumbledore had set them up, "And that weekend James ran away, you would have allowed me to drop dead from exhaustion searching for him, because you knew I wouldn't give up."

Dumbledore nodded again, "Yes, yes indeed. Well, I wouldn't have allowed you to drop dead from exhaustion, but near enough."

"His grandparents accepted me without question as well… Would I be right in thinking that was also your doing?"

"You would be right, yes."

Lucius snorted and shook his head in amusement, "You meddling old fool, we'd have managed fine by ourselves."

"I somehow doubt that, my boy," replied the Headmaster. "I know you have standards and morals, I needed to make sure that you would look after a student so closely."

Lucius raised his eyebrows and huffed, "Don't you ever dare to tell me to be discreet with him again, if this is all your doing. If you planned it from the start."

"Well, as of today, technically, James is no longer your student, so I really have no say in how discreet you must be," said Dumbledore slowly, as if just realising this himself. "But I do believe you will keep the discretion until school has finished, yes?"

Lucius sighed and nodded, "Yes, I will," he sighed and decided to voice something that was on his mind from yesterday. "I was wondering…this Friday, assuming I lose a bet, would it be all right if I take James and his friends down into Hogsmeade for a couple of hours?"

"Ah yes, James can and asked me about that last night," said Dumbledore; Lucius raised his eyebrows in question. "I told him, that as long as you are willing to keep an eye on them and to take full responsibility for anything that happens, then I think it can be arranged."

Lucius nodded, "I take full responsibility, I won't let anything happen to them."

"I am a little concerned about James's insistence on young Regulus tagging along, being that he is underage-"

"I'll keep an extra eye on him," agreed Lucius quickly. "The other four will as well, I'm sure."

"Very well," Dumbledore nodded. "One more thing though, as they will be off the grounds, I have no say in Sirius, Remus and Lily having alcohol, being that they are already eighteen. James and Regulus on the other hand are still not legally old enough to drink, and I hope you make sure that they do not do so."

Lucius nodded again, "I'll make sure… I might not have to take them anyway if James exhausts himself from stress."

"Well, last night he seemed very determined not to let you win," said Dumbledore. "Now, I must go and speak with Minerva. I hope that you will think about redrawing your resignation."

Lucius nodded, "I will think about it…as long as you agree to stop meddling in my love life."

Dumbledore smiled, "Tit for tat, Lucius," he patted the young wizard on the shoulder before walking off down the corridor, whistling a merry tune.

Lucius snorted and turned back to gazing out the window and saw James waving up at him.

James grinned after he saw Lucius wave back at him, before flopping onto his back on the ground beneath the tree, the sun beaming down on him and his friends through the branches.

"What are you waving at, you reject?"

James through a half-hearted glare at Sirius, "Lucius was up there."

Lily smirked, "Do you really think he will take us down to Hogsmeade if you prove him wrong?"

James nodded, "He seemed pretty agreeable… Anyway, I will prove him wrong and we'll see what happens. Am not 'emotionally unstable'."

"You are," replied Sirius grinning. "But really, if someone like Malfoy wanted to end it all during his first week of NEWTs then we don't stand a chance. I'd hate for another day like today."

Lily laughed, "And you were so bloody cocky during our OWLs, that'll teach you."

Sirius scowled, "I passed them though, and anyway, I hate potions."

"Don't know what you're complaining about, really," said James absentmindedly while inspecting his fingernails.

Sirius rolled his eyes, "You would say that, you're shagging the teacher."

James huffed, "I am not shagging him."

"Yeah, yeah."

"I'm not!" James scowled at his best friend who was laughing now. "Do you want another smack in the face?"

Sirius continued snickering; he sat up and practically climbed on James to hug him, causing the smaller boy to cry out for help, "Aw Jamie baby, you know I don't mean it."

"Ah! Help me!"

Regulus, taking pity on James, picked up one of his ink bottles, took aim and threw it hard at Sirius's head, causing his brother to yelp and jump away from James. "That'll teach you, dog breath."

"Thank you," said James, as he sat up. Regulus gave a proud grin.

Sirius got to his feet, his grey eyes narrowed at his younger brother, "Right, that's it," before Regulus managed to stand up, Sirius had grabbed one of his legs and proceeded to start dragging him towards the lake.

Regulus clawed helplessly at the grass as he was slowly dragged, he knew he would get thrown into the lake if he didn't get away. "Sirius!" he tried to twist around but only succeeded in nearly losing his trousers, eventually he managed to grab his wand and aimed a good Levicorpus at his older brother and succeeded in loosening his brother's grip and flipping upside down by the ankle.

"Let me down, you brat!" Sirius struggled wildly against the invisible force that was holding him up.

Regulus smirked, "I don't think I should, I think you should stay like that," the other three joined him in grinning up at the wildly struggling and cussing Sirius and a voice from behind the group spoke.

"I really should be telling you to let him down, but then again, I wish I had a camera handy," said Lucius in amusement.

Sirius growled, "Professor! Please!"

Lucius raised his eyebrows, "Would I be right in thinking you deserved this?"

James grinned and sidled up to the blond, "You would be right in thinking so, Professor."

Sirius let out a frustrated shout, "Bloody teacher's pet, Potter!"

Lucius laughed quietly, "Let him down, Regulus," Regulus reluctantly obeyed and released Sirius from curse.

Sirius cried out as he plummeted face first towards the ground, but luckily for him, Lucius was quick and had given a flick of his wand to halt his progress. "Shit! Thank you!" he was still hovering about a foot above the ground.

Lucius smirked, "Now, you're going to be good for the rest of your NEWTs, aren't you, Sirius?" Sirius whimpered and nodded. "Good," with that, the blond gave another flick of his wand and released Sirius letting the teenager hit the ground with a loud grunt. "Let that be a lesson to you, it's not fun when people get revenge."

Sirius forced himself to his feet and tried to straighten his clothes and smooth his hair back down, a glare firmly set on his face, "Talking of revenge, you need to pay for being mean to us in our first year."

Lucius had started to walk away but he turned back to Sirius with a sly grin, "You wouldn't dare, you know I could take you in a duel any day."

"Is that a threat?"

Lucius quirked his eyebrows, "The question is, do you want it to be?"

Sirius was at a loss for words, and the blond laughed and walked away from them and headed back up to the castle.

Lily patted Sirius on the arm, "I can't say you didn't deserve that."

Sirius huffed and pulled away from her, he went over to the tree to pick up his bag; he took one more look at the amused group and huffed petulantly again before storming off to the castle. He spent the rest of the day sulking and refused to speak to his friends, his boyfriend and his brother until breakfast the next day. Even during breakfast he spent his time chewing his food and scowling at Lucius up at the Head Table.


By Friday afternoon, the group were, if they had to admit it, feeling the stress of the exams, and truly understood the names: Nastily Exhausting Wizards Tests? They truly were exhausting. But, that did not stop the four seventh years plus Regulus, trooping down to Lucius's classroom an hour after their last exam for the day to tell him they were all still alive and not ready to end it all yet.

They found Lucius in his office searching for something under piles of scratty parchment; as soon as he heard them enter he looked up and groaned.

James smiled innocently, "Time for you to pay up, Lucius."

Lucius rolled his eyes, "Ok, give me two minutes," he said as he continued sifting through the mess on his desk. "You could have proved me right, you know."

James raised his eyebrows, "Had to show you who the stoical one is."

"Yes well," Lucius stood up, getting more frustrated that he couldn't find what he wanted, and started feeling around in his pockets. "You may be irritated to know then, that I did in fact survive the first week, and the second," he growled. "I give up. Come on, I have to have you all back before curfew."

"Aw, why?"

Lucius made sure he had his wand on him before heading for the door and opening it for the students to go through, "Because it wouldn't do well if Dumbledore's Head Students, plus three, are out of School grounds after curfew, when they really shouldn't be. He would also like me to return you all sober, as well."

"Oh, come on!"

Lucius shook his head as the group headed for the Entrance Hall, "No. Even if it were entirely up to me, I would not allow you to get drunk, even if three of you are old enough."

Lily nodded, "I think it's a good idea, we shouldn't be drinking half way through our exams," she led the way out of the Entrance doors and down the steps. "Anyway, Sirius, we all know what happens to you when you get drunk."

Lucius snorted, "Is that a confession?"

Sirius pulled a face, "Like you never got drunk at school."

"Of course I did," replied Lucius. "No self-respecting Hogwarts student would spend their seven years here sober and celibate."

"Well in that case," started Sirius, as the group neared the gates of the school grounds. "Can we go to the Hogshead?"

"No. Absolutely not."

"Why not?" questioned James curiously.

"Because," started Lucius quite seriously. "It is a horrible, seedy little place full of god only knows what. With present young company, it is against my best judgement as well. I also have to say, sorry Lily, that I would not trust anyone in that place around you."

Lily regarded the blond suspiciously, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, that there are a lot of very-exceedingly lonely wizards in the Hogshead, including the owner, Aberforth Dumbledore, and any female they see is going to be somewhat of a novelty to them."

Regulus thought for a moment, "Didn't Dumbledore's brother do something with a goat?"

Lucius laughed quietly, "Yes, indeed he did, and that is my point. Look what he resorted too, and probably out of loneliness, or…perverseness… Anyway, no, the Hogshead is out of the question."

"You could always let us go in and not tell anyone in authority?" tried Sirius, in attempt at being cute to endear himself to the blond.

Remus rolled his eyes, "Sirius, he said no."

"Precisely," agreed Lucius. "Anyway, Dumbledore is an excellent Legilimens, and Occlumency is a skill I have not honed all that well. Even without reading our minds he would know, he and Aberforth converse quite a lot."


Nearly two hours later, Lucius found himself in the Three Broomsticks with the group of teenagers; they had decided to go and have a look through the shops first before heading for their drinks at the pub. He gazed silently around the pub, noticing a few of the regulars giving them odd looks, and eventually his eyes rested on a cloaked and hooded person in the corner, a person that was apparently looking right back at him. One close look at those eyes told him exactly who it was; he would recognise that irritating twinkle anywhere. "I'll be back in a minute," he told the teenagers as he got to his feet. "Stay here."

"Yes, sir."

Lucius headed over to the man in the corner and sat down across from him, "Why do I get the impression that you do not trust me with them?"

"I trust you plenty, Lucius," replied the sneaky Headmaster. "However, I decided, that for the sake of my own mind, I should make sure the lot of you remain safe, in case there is anything foul afoot."

Lucius sighed and glanced over at the happily conversing and laughing group, "Fair enough. Have you seen anyone suspicious?"

"I have seen one, yes," Dumbledore nodded. "However, I do doubt he would attack in the middle of a pub. But when you leave, I plan to tag along to make sure nothing happens."

Lucius nodded, "Ok, sure," with that he bid a temporary farewell to the Headmaster and headed back over to his table.

James looked up at the blond when he returned, "Who was that?"

"Our esteemed Headmaster," replied Lucius, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Does he not trust you?" asked Sirius innocently.

"I'm barely older than you lot, of course not," replied Lucius rolling his eyes. "Anyway, he's just keeping a lookout for us, we could easily be attacked by someone," he noticed a look of alarm pass over James's face and knew that he knew exactly what he meant. "Don't worry, we'll be fine."


NEWTs and OWLs were finally over after two weeks of hell for the fifth and seventh year students; as soon as he had dumped his stuff in the dormitory, James headed straight for Lucius's quarters, he had barely seen the blond since Friday night and he had good news to impart from a letter he had received at lunchtime. He snuck quietly into the blond's quarters and found his second favourite person (his first being Harry) fast asleep on his back on his couch; he smiled and carefully, so as not to disturb him, crawled onto the couch and over Lucius so he was straddling the slim waist. There was no sign of the blond waking as James leaned over him and pressed a kiss to the slightly parted lips, within a few seconds he felt Lucius respond, followed by a pair of arms circling his waist and back. "Hi."

Lucius gazed blearily up at James and smiled sleepily, "I could get used to waking up like that."

James smiled back, "Well, maybe you can start waking up like that more often," he felt Lucius shift beneath him and slid to the blond's side so that he could cuddle up to him; his head on a shoulder. "I got a letter from my grandparents at lunchtime, about my father's trial…"

"And?" Lucius had an arm around James, his other arm behind his own head to prop it up a bit.

James lifted his head and smiled a bit, "The evidence was that overwhelming that he lost by a landslide during the vote for his verdict, and he is sentenced to Azkaban to await the Dementor's Kiss."

Lucius raised his eyebrows, "Well, it's about time."

James nodded, "I have an invitation to attend when he gets the Kiss as well… One part of me does want to go, so that a successful me as the last thing that bastard sees before he loses his soul…and then I've heard and read that its really horrible to watch, so maybe I shouldn't see it…"

Lucius gently ran a hand up and down one of James's arms, "Personally, I think it's a bit of an injustice sentencing him to the Dementor's Kiss."

"Excuse me?" replied James, surprised at what he had just heard.

"An injustice to you," continued Lucius carefully, perhaps he should have said that first so as not to upset James. "I mean, as soon as he gets that Kiss, he's not going to remember anything, he won't feel any guilt whatsoever over what he's done. Looking at it from my way, it's a very light punishment. He deserves to be locked up in Azkaban for the rest of his life, with his soul intact, so that he can waste away and go insane from what he's done. It would be the least he deserves."

James gazed at the blond through slightly wide brown eyes, and he was reminded again of just how much Lucius truly cared about him, "…It doesn't seem like it matters now though, does it? I mean, the Wizengamot have voted and that's their punishment… I'd like to torture him but it seems that's out of the question too."

Lucius wrapped his arms fully around James and hugged him tightly, "They might allow you to argue the punishment, you have every right too."

"Maybe I will," James snuggled, if it was at all possible, closer to Lucius's warm body, nuzzling his head against the neck. "Can I stay with you tonight?" he had spent a couple of nights down here with Lucius before his exams, only to sleep, he wasn't ready for anything further; but he did enjoy sharing the blond's bed and having someone warm and lovely to cuddle up to during the night.

Lucius smiled, "Of course you can," he pressed a kiss to James's head and felt an arm slide across his waist. "How did your exams go?"

"Good," mumbled James sleepily. "Glad they're over…"


It was finally the day before everybody would be going home for the summer, and there was quite a lot of emotion amongst the graduating Seventh Years.

The group of graduating Gryffindors, plus the returning-next-year Slytherin, were sitting beneath the tree beside the lake again, chatting and just generally hanging out.

"I don't to leave," said Lily for about the dozenth time that day. "I'm so used to being here, that a change in routine might be quite traumatic…"

Remus nodded in agreement, "I know, same here. But then it will be good, because we can all start afresh, and become proper adults and have careers."

James was lay on his back, one hand behind his head and the other arm over his eyes, "Speak for yourself, I've got a kid to raise."

Sirius picked a handful of grass and threw it at James, who was too hot and bothered to retaliate at all, "But Lovely Lucius would probably gladly support you and the brat."

James rolled his eyes, though none could see as they were still shielded from the sun beneath his arm, "Maybe he would, but I don't want him too. I'm going to be independent and I am going to raise Harry all on my own."

Lily smiled, "You know it's going to be hard-"

"I'd say," continued Sirius, cutting the redhead off. "Personally, I would take all the help I can get."

"You would."

"What are you going to do, Sirius?" asked Regulus, he flopped out properly on the grass and used James's stomach as a pillow.

Sirius sat up smugly, "I'm going to be an Auror. I'm going to go through the training, become qualified and arrest everyone I don't like."

Remus rested his head on Sirius's shoulder, "I think you might find it doesn't work quite like that. What about you, Lil?"

Lily looked up from the book she had just opened, "Medi-Witch. I'm coming back here at the start of next term to train with Madame Pomfrey, then, I'm not so sure. I could stay here and work maybe, or head for St. Mungos, or even go and work in another country. What about you?"

Remus gave a shrug, "I don't know, I can't decide. I think I might travel-"

"And leave me?"

Remus nuzzled his head against Sirius's neck, "You'll live."

A few minutes later a small second year girl from Gryffindor approached the group timidly, "James?"

James removed his arm and lifted his head, "Yeah?"

"…The Headmaster wants to see you."

"Right now?"

The girl nodded her head.

"Ok, thanks," James tapped Regulus on the head, "Move," Regulus grumbled and removed his head from James's stomach so that the other could get to his feet. "I'll see you guys later."

"Bye bye!"

James headed away from his friends and towards the castle and up the many flights of stairs to the Headmaster's office; he got to the password protected entranced just in time to see the great gargoyle move aside and a very familiar blond emerge from the stairway.

"Not in trouble are we, James?"

James rolled his eyes at the smirking blond, "Of course I'm not…I don't think I am anyway, I don't know. Do you know why he wants to speak with me?"

Lucius nodded, "I would suspect for much the same reason as he just spoke to me," James pulled a look of alarm, so Lucius gave him a gentle shove in the direction of the stairs. "Don't worry, you're not in trouble."

James grumbled incoherently at the blond before heading up the stairs, and much like the first time they had come face to face at the beginning of this school year; he felt those silver eyes on him as he walked up the stairs right up until he was out of sight. The Headmaster's door was open, so he stepped cautiously through, "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Ah yes, James, do sit down," said the Headmaster cheerfully. "Lemon drop?"

James took a lemon drop from the Headmaster before sitting down, "Thank you."

Dumbledore leaned back in his chair and surveyed James, "Now, I will get straight to why I asked for you to come here, I have a job proposition for you."

"A job? Here?"

Dumbledore gave a nod, "Yes here. You may or may not have heard that as of tonight's feast, we will be losing our Flying Instructor and Quidditch Referee. After some thought, I decided that you would be a very good replacement, being that you are a keen flyer, and I've noticed, a rather obsessive Quidditch Player. Would you like the opportunity?"

James chewed his bottom lip lightly in thought, this would be a really good opportunity, it would give him the chance to be independent and he would have a roof over his head, free food, and it was a very safe place for Harry to be. "And I could have Harry here with me, right?"

"Most certainly."

James nodded slowly, "What else does that position entail? I mean, Flying Lessons don't go for long, and Quidditch Matches aren't all that often…"

"Yes, that is true, which will give you plenty of free time to follow any other pursuits you may have," said Dumbledore. "However, occasionally we need relief teachers if our other's take ill or need to leave the school for any period of time, so that is something we often have our Flight Instructor do as well. You will, of course, be paid a full salary as all the Professors here," he watched closely as James was considering this. "I think our Potions master may like your assistance on occasion as well, your presence would also be a good incentive for him to stay."

James looked up into the Headmaster's eyes in curiosity, "Lucius was leaving?"

Dumbledore gave a nod, "Yes, he was, but he has agreed to remain for another year, at least."

James sighed and gazed at the floor in front of the Headmaster's desk for a few more moments, before he made up his mind, "Ok, I'll do it."

Dumbledore beamed at the teenager, "Very well. I will draw up your contract during the summer and have it sent to you to read over and sign."

James nodded, "Ok, great."


The next morning finally arrived and it was certainly a rather sombre occasion for the Seventh years, except for the two that would be returning the following year in positions of power.

Sirius was sulking as he ate his breakfast, "This is the last time I'm going to have such good food…"

"Oh poor baby," said James in false sympathy; he was feeling unusually good for it being quite early morning, and he planned to pay Lucius a visit before heading for the train later on this morning.

Sirius scowled at James, "Easy for you to say, you and that demon over there are coming back to this in a couple of months."

Lily had her fork half way to her mouth, "Demon?" Sirius nodded. "I'm so sorry you feel that way, you daft mutt."

"Don't start, you two," ordered Remus just as Sirius was about to retaliate

Half an hour later James headed for Lucius's quarters feeling very happy indeed; he entered the quarters without knocking and found Lucius in nothing but a pair of black trousers and haphazardly throwing things into the two open trunks in his living area.

Upon realising he was no longer alone Lucius turned around and smiled and before he could get anything out of his mouth he had his arms full of a rather forceful James; causing him to lose his footing. But luckily for them he had been near the couch at the time and had fallen down onto it, taking James with him, as they kissed. He had one arm around James's waist and his other hand at the back of his pretty head when the kiss was broken, "Good morning…"

James grinned down at the blond and kissed him again briefly, "Why didn't you tell me you resigned?"

Lucius raised his eyebrows, "I haven't."

"But you were going too…"

Lucius gave a nod, "I was going to, yes, but Dumbledore talked me out of it, as he does… But, I've been told I have plenty of incentive to stay now."

James smiled, he quite liked the position he was in, on top of a half naked Lucius Malfoy; seeing that man without clothes was a glorious sight to behold, after all, "Would you mind having me as a colleague?"

Lucius lifted his head slightly and kissed James again, "Of course not, it would be nice having a colleague closer to my age."

"Good," James bent his head and nuzzled Lucius's neck; he knew it was something the blond liked, he felt one of those hands gently running up and down his back. "Luce?"

"Mm?" Lucius shifted slightly beneath James, as he felt those soft lips brush against his right ear.

James hesitated before speaking quietly into the blond's ear, "I love you."

A slow smile spread across Lucius's face, as James's words sank in; he nudged James so that he could see the teenager's face again and gazed into those bright brown eyes, "I love you too, James… And I'm not letting you out of my sight."

James grinned and nudged his nose against Lucius's, "I'm going to have to go home at some point."

Lucius ruffled the already highly messy black hair, "Well, you won't be going alone then."

James nodded happily, "I'm fine with that. Harry will like it too."

With that said, Lucius closed the gap between their mouths again in their first kiss as a couple admittedly in love.

James managed to completely miss the train home, because he had wanted to spend the rest of the morning cuddled up this boyfriend. Lucius had been planning to have his trunks packed and be out of the School before lunchtime, but with James lying half on top of him, he had no choice but to stay, though he really didn't mind.


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