Sailor moon R chapter 76 "Order Fragmented"

-writers note: Sailor Mini moon is really a guy who turns into a girl when he transforms into a sailor scout- since its been awhile since I posted a chapter I put some of the last chapter in it and added stuff and corrected writing errors.

-Arjunian Temple-

The chamber was dark except for the cauldrons of glowing liquid and the light that was coming in from the night sky view from the window. .

Noa stood looking into a cauldron keeping an eye on Tea so no one would attack her.

He blamed himself for letting her get this way he should have saw this coming since he knew Faust was a master dream manipulator and could have easily killed Tea but he was lucky this time he wont let it happen again.

"Sleep tight Tea I wont let anything happed to you again as long as I'm around" said Noa

he walked over to the window and looked out into the open purple sky looking in the direction of earth.

"Over a billion miles away" Noa said to himself.

"But yet so close" said a voice behind Noa.

Noa turned and was now facing a man in a black leather outfit with metal shoulder armor with a black flowing cape.

"Who are you and how did you get past my guards?" said Noa.

"What guards?" said The Man gesturing to the dead guards laying in front of the door

"Those people didn't do anything to you whoever you are" said Noa.

"Don't I look familiar to you at all" said The Man stepping out of the shadows .

Noa looked the man over said "Sephiroth"

"Yes the one and only" said Sephiroth.

"From the symbol on your shoulder you have sided with En Sabah Nur I should have saw that one coming" said Noa

"I sided with no one do you want to know the real reason I am helping En Sabah Nur you really wont like it?" said Sephiroth.

Sephiroth bent over and whispered into Noa ear

The color drained from Noa's face

"You Monster" said Noa

"I am no monster I am a Visionary I can see the future and it doesn't look good for you at all" said Sephiroth.

"The desire of the treacherous is for violence and that's what makes you a monster something you should have learn when you were a druid" said Noa.

"Ill show you a monsters" whispered Sephiroth.

Sephiroth moved so fast there was no chance for Noa to react and he now had a dagger buried in chest

As Noa tried to pull out the dagger he stumbled backwards out the window he was looking out.

"Rest in peace master the past is dead and so are you" Said Sephiroth as he watched as Noa plummets to the ground and lands facing up followed by the sounds of screaming people.

-2 days later-

the funeral started tradition by all Noa's Peers starting with Sailor Mars and ended off with Ishizu who walked to the podium eye looking down at the floor.

"His life touched us all more ways then could ever think of and he will stay alive in all our hearts and memories as long as we shall live and live on in legend as the man who save the universe from evil but I will miss him personally he was like a father to me " said Ishizu with fresh tears streaking down her cheeks.

Sailor Mini Moon was watching the funeral bored out of his mind till suddenly he felt someone rubbing his ass

Sailor mini moon turned to see it was the Druid Miroku that was doing.

"Will you do me the honor and bare me a child" asked Miroku

"I am a dude" said Sailor Mini Moon twitching.

They stared at each other for awhile until Ryoko whispered something into Miroku's ear and he turned slight shade of green and ran off.

That was disturbing thought Sailor Mini Moon.

A man in a black cape followed people dressed in white walked up to the podium.

"I am Kain I am here to recruit for my cause and that is to take revenge on the Crimson Knights who will join us" said the man with the black.

"Kain this is not going to solve anything it not the way of the order to take revenge we would be no better then them" Said Ishizu standing up.

"The order is fragmented we have no Supreme High Druid so I will start my own group the Dracaenas and take action and you can either be with me or against me" said Kain.

"This isn't what Noa wants he wouldn't like it if you take revenge in his name" said Ishizu clinching her fist.

"That makes him weak if that was true if I would were a great leader I would want people to take revenge on my death" said Kain.

"How dare you come in here and defile him like that" said Ishizu nearly shouting at Kain.

Kain turned and made his way out followed by the people that walked up to the podium and some people who got up from their seats, other then the sailor scouts and half the druids.

Miroku walked back into the room and looked around at all the empty chairs.

"Did mostly every hit on the transsexual scout" said Miroku.

"I am going to kick his ass" said Sailor Mini Moon trying to get but was being forcibly shoved back in her chair by the other sailor scouts.

(Kaiba Corp HQ)

(After the funeral)

Ishizu walked over the bridge that leads to the Arjunian orchard in West Celesta City but the thing that use to make her feel better didn't looking at the golden apples one of her favorite foods.

Ishizu walked over to tree and picked an golden apple from it washed it with a water bottle she pulled out of her pocket and then took a bite out of it.

The flavor only reminded her of how much she missed Noa who had been like a father to her and he had raised her like she was his daughter.

What also troubled her was how without a leader the order was now threatening to fracture because of the reactions to Noa Murder some want revenge and some want to surrender to the Crimson Knights and there's the one that want to turn tale and hide until the Crimson knights are done what they plan because it wont harm them in any fashion.

Ishizu turned and noticed Cloud behind her and the instant she looked into his eyes she knew what he was here for.

"I think we should strike back we should declare war on the Crimson Knights" said Cloud

"Its not our way" said Ishizu.

"So it the Sailor Scout choice to when it right to fight or not and mine" said Cloud clinching his fist.

"A sailor Scout aren't suppose to pick a fight either we are guardians of the universe" said Ishizu.

"Isn't this the time to strike back they have attacked us we need to strike in the name of Noa, Do you don't care enough he raised us he was like a father to us" Cloud said in a threatening tone that shocked Ishizu.

"Have you heard about the Dracaenas? I am thinking about joining them" said Cloud.

"They are the faction that was created by Kain who is part of the group that think we should strike back he is going against the Book of Chris" said Ishizu

"I don't care they killed Noa" said Cloud.

Ishizu reached over and tried comfort Cloud but he slapped her hand away.

"If your not going to do something about it I will" said Cloud as he turned and began storm of the orchard.

Ishizu Suddenly felt an overwhelming dark hatred that was coming from inside the Temple

Cloud stopped in mid step apparently he felt it to and what ever it was he was as disturbed about it as she was.

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor Moon profile)

Sailor Gaia

Name: Robin
Blood Type: O
Birthday: February 14

Sign: Pisces

Character: kinda shy and redrawn but tries to more open with her friends and fellow sailor scouts

Best Friends: Kari , Zoƫ, Mayra, Angelique and Bakura (boyfriend)
Favorite Foods: Pecan pie

Least Favorite: banana
Favorite Subject: gym
Least Favorite Subjects: science
Favorite Colors: Turquoise
Favorite Gemstone: Blue Topaz
Hobbies: skating

Dream: Unknown

Transformations: Earth Planet Transformation
Attacks: Gaia rock thunderclap (the ground splits apart and smashes together really hard creating seismic shockwave) Gaia rock missile (levitates and launches a rock)