Sailor Moon R Chapter 84 "Abandoned"

-Age of Crimson Dawn-

"Rika you have to go to sleep for awhile the flight to Moon is along one ay current speeds it would take over 20 years" said Capt Hartigan

Capt Hartigan was the captain of the Moon kingdoms space fleet he had a scar that went from the right side of his forehead to bridge of his square shaped nose and the face that shown that he had been through many battles but seemed to b e gentle and kind enough to put Rika at ease.

"Is this safe?" asked Rika.

"This your first time traveling right I assure you that it is safe from my experience," said Capt Hartigan giving her confidant smile.

"If the trip is 20 years wont you get bored" said Rika

"No I am in stasis too but a different kind which allows me to control the ship with my mind ill be awake the whole time and theres a few books programmed into the main computer" Said Hartigan.

"Why I have it that too I don't want to sleep" said Rika.

"I wish I could but I am not authorized to and the only brain things what ever those white shirts called them are over there and they have to be tuned to the wearers brain and we don't have time for that" said Hartigan.

Rika didn't want to hear any of it since she had decided that she wanted it so when hartigan had his back to her talking to mission control she slipped one into pocket

"Time to sleep little Princess of Saturn" said Hartigan.

Rika followed the Hartigan into a room full of what seemed to be glass cylinders and there were other people in them and only one empty, which was the one meant for her.

"I am sorry about the crowd you are traveling with they a criminal transport they are the crimson knights that have been captured after the fall of their leader" said Hartigan

The cylinder open and Rika into it but before it closed she put the device that she stole on the back of her neck how she knew where it went was instinct it seemed.

Rika suddenly woke in something that looked like inside of a computer it was a very eerie sight

Then she saw him it was Hartigan and he was pressing a screen in midair.

"I guess you stole one" said Hartigan

"As long as you don't access any of the Navigation computers I wont deactivate it besides I need the company when I am done doing these check ill show you a few games" said Hartigan.

A couple hours later a table appeared in the room with a chessboard on it.

"Chess is a game of warriors that's why I enjoy it so much it all about strategy and knowing what your opponent is thinking before they even before they do you will be a master by the time we get you to your destination" said Hartigan

They went for hours playing chess Rika lost every game

"This game sucks" said Rika.

"This game only sucks to you because you are losing if you were winning you would love it but you need to master it before you can win against me that's the way things are" said Hartigan.

"But this game is slow and boring" said Rika sighing heavily.

"Its slow because it takes skill and concentration but we have to stop for the moment so I can do some navigation checks ill be back in about an hour you can read up on chess while I am away" said Hartigan reaching out pulling out a book and handing it to Rika.

Rika looked at the book as Hartigan left and it reminded her of the books her Uncle Noa use to read about legendary warriors, which now made her home sick thinking about it and also made her feel angry she had to leave another home.

-Stasis Chamber-

The girl with the red eyes watched as the one that put that girl beside in the chamber had left.

She was glad he was gone because she was trying so hard to look like she was still in stasis since she used her powers to shield of wind.

She wanted out of this but she had to bide her time till they were far from Planet Rhea and then she will escape.

She must take revenge on her fallen master En Sabah Nur I have him I will not fail him again but how is she going to get out of here

-In the computer-

Rika was looking at the book that Hartigan gave her.

Hartigan returned after 2 hours

Rika closed the book and looked up saying I'm finished.

"Let play then" said Hartigan smiling waving towards the floor between them and a chess table appeared.

The chess pieces appeared on either side of the board but all the same color.

"What Color do you want to be" asked Hartigan.

"Purple" said Rika

"That is different its usually black and white but ok" said Hartigan sounding amused.

"Purple is my favorite it's the color of royalty" Rika said cheerfully.

"You first" said Hartigan.

Rika moved the corner pawn 2 spaces forward and Hartigan did the same but it was the center pawn, Rika responded by moving her rook forward own space.

Hours passed as they played away.

-Stasis Chamber-

The girl with the red eye put her fist through the glass front of the stasis pod then opened it and stepped out.

She looked around and listened to see if she set off any alarm but there wasn't any, so she walked slowly to the door pushed a button to open it but nothing happen.

"Damn it!! Its locked" she shouted

she spotted the stasis chamber that was beside the one she was in it had a pale guy with the crimson armor on she didn't recognize him.

"Might as well let him out too" said the girl with the Red eyes

She turned off the stasis with a flick of a switch and as soon as it powered the pale guy in the other stasis chamber came to life.

"We have no time for long introductions we have to get off this ship so for now ill call you Crim as in short of Crimson Knight I am call Kagura" said the girl with the red eyes.

Crim just nodded and looked over at the door and said, "Is it looked"

"Yes"-said Kagura.

A flew out from Crim and sliced apart the door and it fell over with a metal clang

Kagura walked over to the door and looked out it seeing if there was anyone out there but it was vacant.

She waited for a couple minutes just incase there was someone coming that she couldn't see then entered the hallway.

"We should make our way to bridge because there we can find a schematics of this ship its better then searching aimlessly for something we can escape in" said Kagura.

They made there way to the bridge and found another stasis chamber but this one had a guy in it with a device on his forehead.

"This guy must be the pilot" said Crim.

"Yes your right" said Kagura then walked to the control panel and looked it over and found the schematics of the ship.

Crim walked over and looked at them too.

"Here we go there is a portal control here but before we can do anything we have kill him" said Kagura pointing at the pilot.

-In the computer-

"Knight to queen" said Rika.

"You" said Hartigan.

"Checkmate" proudly proclaimed Rika.

Hartigan smiled and begin to laugh but it cut off and he began to choke and fell to the ground.

Rika screamed and ran over to Hartigan who was now seemed to be destabilizing and looked like a broken TV.

He vanished and tears rolled down Rika's cheeks as she screamed Hartigan.

-The Bridge-

The pilot's body lay on the ground its severed head laying across from.

"I have opened a portal to the place following Coordinates and I have set autopilot to head into the meteor belt where it will likely be crushed, " said Kagura giving a sadistic sneer.

They entered the portal room and both stepped into portal and it closed.

The ship flew into the dark unending void of space.

-2000 years later- Age of Silver Millennium

As the Royal flag of the Moon Kingdom traveled across the sea of stars.

"This path takes across a very dangerous meteor my queen" said dressed in a white and black dress with a bow that was maroon

"Sailor Senna I know but I feel something suffering out there" said Queen Dani.

"But ok your majesty" said Sailor Senna bowing.

"Since you became a sailor scout you have stopped calling me mom" said Queen Dani.

"I can help I'm sorry mom" said Sailor Senna.

"Have you notice that your sister is getting along well with the princess" said Queen Dani.

"I think she getting along with them to well she such a giggling idiot" Said Sailor Senna.

"What I sense is over there" Queen Dani pointing at the meteor in front of them.

"As they got close to it they saw what was left of a old transport frigate and it had the moon kingdom seal but it seemed an old version of it"

"Anything alive in it asked" Queen Dani

They docked with the ship and went inside.

The ships halls were covered in centuries of dust and fungus.

Queen Dani Concentrated and said "Its coming from the room that way" pointing down the eat corridor.

They went eastward till they reached a smashed apart door that said Stasis room and entered it.

There was only one stasis chamber left and in it was a girl about the age of 14 she was wearing a dress which had the royal symbol of the Kingdom of Saturn.

"Didn't Queen Mai's Army at the beginning of the war destroy the kingdom of Saturn?" Asked Sailor Senna.

"This is Princess Rika she has been lost for over a thousand years" said Queen Dani.

"Poor girl she's been through a lot and she will find out her whole family has been murdered" said Sailor Senna gravely.

"We will take her to the castle to before we revive her" said Queen Dani.

"She is unharmed but she will have a lot of mental scars that will take a long time to heal and some wont heal at all" said Sailor Senna.

-To be Continued-