AUTHORS NOTES: I would like to thank Jezrianna for writing the Kim, Ron, Kara stories. This is inspired by her pairing of Ron and Kara. This is putting them in a more serious relationship than they are in the stories that have been written. Yes this is an AU of and AU. Please read the original stories, they are WONDERFUL.

The dialog may get a little sappy at times. Attribute this to the romantic soul of a curmudgeon. I like to see characters that deserve happiness get it. And in my mind these to do. With all his time around Kim, it is believable that he would be attracted to strong women, either physically strong or socially, business, personality, etc. Kara's attraction to Ron is somewhat different. He is a regular person, though a heroic one. She can trust him with deep secrets (he does know her secret identity). And he treats her the same before and after he knew.

Disclaimer: I own no Disney or DC characters. Though I do own some comic books and a couple of DVDs.

Kim walked into the dorm room and went onto alert. The room was in chaos, more so than normal. Quickly she sweeps the apartment and ascertains that she is the only person in it. She notices a note pinned to her door.


I caught Jennifer cheating on me. I need to be alone. Don't try to find me.


Kim picks up her Kimmunicator and brings Wade up to date.

"I'm sorry Kim. I can't get a lock on the tracking chip. There are massive sunspots and solar flare activity going on. His Kimmunicator is still in his room"

"Thanks Wade. Kim out," she closes her Kimmunicator. "Only one person I know that I can trust to help me find Ron. I know she can help in the broken heart area also."

Kim dials out and gets connected.

"Watchtower this is Kim Possible, I need to speak with Supergirl, now. Yes I will hold."

"Come on Kara."

"Come on Kara," the young brown haired man cajoled. "Let's go back to my place."

Kara's phone rings and she smiles. 'Saved by the bell.' She looks at the number. "I'm here."

"Transfer call from Kim Possible."

Kara felt mild panic, wondering what was going on.

"Kara here, what's wrong Kim?"

"Kara, it's Ron, he caught Jennifer cheating on him and he has trashed the apartment and is taken of for who knows where."

"I'm on my way," she looks at her date. "Sorry, taking a rain check, friends in crisis." She turns and runs out of the club, by the time that he made it outside she was gone.


Supergirl went hypersonic as she cleared the city limits. Okay Kara, keep things focused, find Ron first, and THEN make the bitch that hurt him pay. She pondered why she felt this way. Yes, Ron was her friend. He was her close friend, with benefits. This is resentment. She shook her head,her hair whipping in the wind. No, Kara,not resentment. This is jealousy. It has a lot of baggage, more than I thought.

Kara tried to push the thoughts from her mind, but even she was not that strong. She remembered when Ron told her about Jennifer then how she asked him to be exclusive. She knew then but convinced herself that she was wrong. Her feelings for Ron were more than friendship, but she didn't say anything because she wanted him to be happy. Kara slow down or you will miss the campus. Maybe Kim has found him. You know how hard it is to keep reception on the cell at hypersonic.

Kara set down in a grove of trees near the dorm and changed back into her 'civvies'. She ran to the dorm and up the stairs. She was just glad that no one cared to use the stairs since she was moving a little faster than she should. She burst out of the stairwell and jerked open the door to the apartment.

"Tell me he has shown up."

Kim looked up and shook her head. "Sorry Kara, he hasn't. I have called around, but no go."

"How do you want to handle this?"

"I'll start here and search out; you start at the edge and search in. Kara? Please find him. I know Ron, he may be happy go lucky, but there is a moody streak in him. I fear to think what is going on in his mind."

"Don't worry Kim, he means a lot to me also," Kara returned to her costume and decided to take to the skies via the window.

Kim sighed. "Ron where ever you are don't do anything crazy. If I can't help you I know Kara can," with that she ran out of the door and headed downstairs to find her friend.

Ron sat upon the Ledge, that little part of geological anomaly on campus that people kept climbing, and falling from for various reasons. Even in his funk of self-pity he had to admit that the view was great. Ron sighed heavily trying to think of what comes next.

"Hey, Ron," Ron looked up to see a pale woman walking along the Ledge towards him. "Mind if I sit down?"

"It's a free country."

"For the most part, at least," she said as she sat down.

Ron looked at her. She had pale skin. Well not just pale,it was alabaster white. Her hair was so black it seemed to glisten blue, even in the darkness of the night sky. She was in black jeans and a faded black t-shirt. Her black lipstick matched her eyeliner which came down from the corner of her eye.

"I haven't seen you around here before have I? I mean you look familiar but I can't place it."

"I get that a lot. Plus I do get around," she shrugged.

"I was passing by and saw you up here. Looked liked you needed someone to talk to."

"I guess, maybe. How did you know my name?"

"I know lots of things. We have met before, though you wouldn't remember it. So what's wrong? Or should I say what's the sitch?"

"No, you shouldn't."

"Sorry, so you want to tell me or do I get to play twenty questions of some other interesting parlour game?"

"I thought a girl loved me."

"It's happened before, nothing new there, for you or anyone else for that matter."

"She asked me to be exclusive. I hadn't been exclusive in a long time. Not even with K… Not even with someone that I think I truly love."

"I caught her cheating on me. And then she made a joke about it. She said she didn't think I was serious about being exclusive. I was for her. I never told another girl that I would be. And she just … ARRGH!!"

"So now what? Don't think you will jump. At least I don't have that in my schedule."

"Oh my G…"

"No I am not."

"I have read about you in some of the League's reports."

"Cool I have a fan following," she tossed a rock down.

"I wouldn't call it that. Actually most of them don't know what to make of you."

"Not surprising. Anyway back to your situation. What's next?"

"Getting down from here? My butt has gone to sleep on me."

"Well, I guess that is a good start," she said laughing. "I meant in the big picture."

"Pick up the pieces, put them together and get on with life."

"And no more exclusiveness?"

"No, I mean well, maybe not. There is one. Maybe."

"Word to the wise? Take your time. You have it."

"Um, thanks. It kind of helped having someone that is removed from the whole thing."

"I am not removed from it. Truth to tell? I am more involved in it than practically anyone else. Be seeing you."


Ron looked up in the sky to see where the voice came from. Seeing the vision of beauty that the world called Supergirl, but that he called, "KARA!"

She landed next to him and hugged him, perhaps a little to enthusiastically.

"Air, Kara, please."

"Sorry, I was worried about you. I cam by here earlier and you weren't here, but something told me to check again."

"Well I have been here for a long while talking things out."

"Uh, with who?"

Ron looked around and his companion, who wasn't there anymore. "Well she must have gone already, but she is a friend, sometimes, maybe. So, tell me why you are here."

"Just a minute," Kara pulled out her cell and dialed. "I found him amp down and get some rest. No I don't know if you will need those or not. Later."

Terminating her call she looked sweetly at Ron. "Happened to be in the neighborhood?"

"Uh, right, not buying it, Kara. Kim called you. Even after I said not to try and find me."

The blond smiled at him and puppy dogged her blue eyes, "Don't be mad Ron, pwease?"

Ron shook his head. "Kim taught you that. You haven't mastered it yet, it will not work on one such as me."

Kara slid next to him and whispered in his ear. "I came because I was worried also. You deserve better than that bitch."

Ron looked at her. He then looked away. "I guess. At least I have friends that worry about me."

"You have friends that do more than worry about you. Want a lift back?"

"I take it that you are not meaning it in your car."

"Nope, wanna play 'Airplane'?"

"Can I be the pilot this time?"

"No, I am always pilot. You can be navigator, an 'bombardier' if you want. Later. I understand if you don't want to after all that has gone on today."

"I'll take you up on the navigator. The other part. Maybe a rain check?"

"Any time, you know that."

Kara landed in the woods just outside of the apartment dorms and switched back out of her costume.

"I wish you would do that slow enough for me to see everything sometime."

"I keep telling you that it is the centripetal force that makes the quick change possible. Without it I would just be stripping, which I have done for you. With the bump and grind might I add."

Ron blushed in the shadows. "I know. Think you might hang around tomorrow?"

"I don't know, why?"

"So I can take you out to show you how much it means to me for you coming half way across the country at the drop of a hat."

"You should know I would have been here if you called me."

"I didn't want to bother you. You have your own life."

"Which includes my friends. And trust me I would thank you even more knowing how that date turned out."

"You were on a date and you ditched it for me?"

"When Kim gave me the basics in her call, there was nothing that would have kept me away. I had to concentrate to keep my course out of populated areas. I think Darksied would have regretted trying to get in my way."

"Kara you are one of the best."

"And Kim is the other," the red head greeted them as they entered the apartment. Kim poked him in the chest, "Don't ever do that to me again." She kissed him on the cheek, "Glad you are okay Ron. I am going to bed."

Kim made a production of putting in ear plugs as she shut her door. The two blonds looked at each other. Both seemed to sigh at the same time. Looking at each other they start laughing as they fall to the floor in each others arms.

Regaining their composure Kara speaks up, "Ron, remember that time when you said you weren't ready to settle down, but if you were?"

Ron thought back fondly. Kara had come to see them and in the contented afterglow he said what his heart told him.

"Kara, I'm not ready to settle down. But if I were. Well ..."

"I know, Ron. I'm not either, but I feel the same."

The two lay together that night and slept as one.

Ron nodded, "Yeah I remember."

He put his forehead to hers. "I still mean it. I know I can trust you. I just don't know if settling down would be a good idea."

"I have been thinking about it. Settling down. I mean Clark and Lois have such a wonderful relationship. It seems that all the Kents do. And since I am technically a Kent... I mean, no more dates with losers that you think are winners. Knowing you have a date on the weekends, someone to be there for you when you need them."

"Hey you have friends. Me, Kim, your friends in the League. As for dates. You have your pick. I still have to work at it."

"The hardest you would have to work at it is call me and you know it."

Ron blushed again. He looked into her blue eyes and saw his reflection.

"I could get lost in those eyes."

Kara moved closer, "I would come to find you and bring you back, no matter where you go."

They were mere atoms away. "Then I would not be afraid to go anywhere."

Their lips meet, and it was a long time till they slept.

AUTHORS NOTES: I inteded this to be a one-shot.. Not a long one at that. This was blown out of the water. Characters took over, and now it is out of my hands. To those that think you know who it was that Ron talked to, you may be right. He needed a big sister to talk to. Well he happened to get the biggest one out there. If you don't know but would like to email me I will tell you. Thank you again to Jezrianna.