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Authors Notes: This is the epilogue where I will shore up some loose ends. I would like to thank all that read this long strange trip. I hope you enjoyed it and it caused some thought. With this story down I will, hopefully, be able to focus on some of my other stories more.

After the separation, Ron and Kim decided that some alone time would be nice for both of them. True, they had shared one body for just over forty-eight hours, but the need to be alone was great. Both understood this feeling, having needed some space at different times in their long friendship.

The hard part was for Ron to tell Kara that he needed some space from her also. She had relented, grudgingly so. Ron's statement that he needed to find his center and rebalance himself earned him a half smile from the Argoan survivor. Though in his mind, it was hard to leave the next morning after the extended session of good-bye sex that he and Kara had.

Kim spent the first day of the vacation in her old room at her parent's house under the covers, her limbs pulled tight in on herself and her pandaroo. The next few days were spent remembering why she was glad she had moved away to college. She loved her brothers, but in small, very small, doses. The rest was spent on shopping and catching up with her high school friends. The one that surprised her the most is how amicable Bonnie was to her. This allowed her the chance to get the information about the times that Bonnie and Ron spent together. Less than halfway through Kim had to stop her and changed the subject, the heat from her cheeks melting her smoothie.

Ron on the other hand was on the first flight to Japan and quickly made his way to Mount Yamanouchi. After greeting Sensei and Yori, he quickly went into the mountains to a small hermitage that the school kept. When three days of meditating had passed he wound his way back down the mountain passes to the school. He spent the rest of the time helping the first year students with Yori. The day before he left Yori had asked to see him in private. When he went to her room, he saw her dressed in a traditional ceremonial kimono. Spread out on the lone table in the room was the preparation for a tea ceremony. The only words spoken were at the end of the quiet and stillness that the two ninja shared. It was when Yori quietly said, "I will be here for you Ron-san, whenever you wish me." The next day Ron left to return to the states so he could register for the upcoming semester.

The Friday before the beginning of the semester, Kim and Ron he decided not to brave the masses of new and returning students at the local bars and clubs. They had a quiet meal at the apartment, courtesy of Chef Kim. Much to her chagrin, her mother had sent along the entire left side of her famous brainloaf. They had spent the night watching The Goonies while curled up together. Soon after the movie, they had retired to their respective rooms to sleep.

For three hours, Kim looked at the ceiling, out the window and at all four walls. There was a time the she looked at her pillow which she had pressed to her face. She seemed to be able to look at everything besides the inside of her eyelids. With a half muffled scream she got out of bed and went to the kitchen. Mumbling to herself about insomnia, she poured a glass of milk and slowly drained it. On her way back to her room, she heard the sound of tossing and turning from Ron's room. She went to the door and paused at it.

Ron heard a soft sigh as he tried to find the one position that would yield him sleep. Looking up he saw a long haired vision standing in his doorway. "Couldn't sleep either, huh, KP?"

She shook her head, "No, and I don't think the milk I just drank will help either."

She had a furtive look on her face that he could see more by her body posture. He pulled up his sheet and she was almost instantly under it with him. As she curled her body close to him, she released a long relaxed sigh. "Being with you like we were made me realize things, to late, but I realize everything now," she said quiet enough that Ron wasn't sure he heard what he thought he heard.

"What did you say, KP?" There was no answer. He could tell by the warm regular breath on his chest that she had fallen asleep. He held her close and joined her in the nocturnal realm.

Ron awoke the next morning with a portion of his body experiencing a warm moistness sliding over it. He opened his eyes to see two green orbs behind fluttering lids looking at him. "K-K-Kim…"

"Shhh, Ron. I need this. Please, I want this," she said as she continued to piston her body to his. "I know I can't have you because of Kara, but I wanted to do this one time," her voice wavering as a tear threatened the corner of her eye. Her forehead touched his chest as she turned her movements into a grinding action.

Ron let out a small moan and reached down and grasped her buttocks as she started to move faster. He heard her moans come out like squeaks and knew that her time was close. As her body tensed to the point that it locked he put his arms around her and held her close to him. The true proof that she had experienced her pleasure was when he felt the bite on his chest. Once they had moved into the apartment and Kim had her first 'guest' over Ron had, perhaps the most embarrassing moment of his life, and that is saying something. He was in the middle of studying when he heard a scream of pain coming from Kim's room, followed by the obvious sounds of objects being knocked over. Ron had rushed through the door, rolled to a ready crouch only to see Kim's beau in the corner holding his chest and Kim pulling up her sheets. After everyone had calmed down and he had left her only comment was, "What can I say, when I lose control, I bite."

Ron was brought out of the feeling of the spasamming hold on his nether regions as Kim threw back the covers and rolled over. She allowed her hands to run over her glistening body, "Your turn now."

Ron looked at her. He knew it wasn't a dream. Dreams didn't feel like that. "KP, I don't really…" He wasn't able to finish is words because a finger that had recently been at her most private of parts was now at his lips. Normally a finger there made sure he would be quiet, but the combination of that finger and the taste it imparted to his lips was all that it took for Ron to slowly slide between his best friends legs and slowly move upwards till he was looking her in the eyes. He felt her legs encircle his hips and her nails graze down his back. Slowly he began to pump into her wanting orifice.

"Faster, please…" she kept moaning.

"Since you said that this is the one time we will ever do this I want it to last as long as possible."

She snickered at the word possible. "I don't know if I can share you. I know that I get possessive." At this point, she moaned loudly as he thrust deep within her, only to pull out and return to the slow shallow thrusts. "I would want you to myself. I don't know if I could even let myself let you be friends with another female. I-I-I…" she stopped in a shudder of her body as a wave of pleasure crashed over her. "I could try, but I can't promise anything."

Ron suddenly started to thrust deeper and faster. "Anything is possible for a possible, so…" The rest of his sentence was incomprehensible as his body jerked and he slowly slid to her side.

As his breath started to return to normal, Kim held out a crooked pinky to him. "Best friends forever, no matter what?"

Ron smiled and hooked her pinky with his, "No matter what."

Kim smiled sinisterly at him. "So what was Bonnie talking about when she said a rapid recovery time?"

Author's afterwards: And there we have it. I don't intend to make a sequel to this, but reserve the right to change that in the future. This is a mature story, so I don't think that I have passed any barriers that any others have not already passed.