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'Oh, shit.'

That's all that was running thought Harry's mind as he entered the Great Hall with Ron and Hermione. He had prayed that he would make it through one day without meeting his doom, but apparently prayers weren't enough. From across the hall, he met the stunning gray eyes of his fellow Seeker and nemesis… None other than Draco Malfoy. Malfoy's voice had carried over the entire din in the Great Hall and now everyone was silent, waiting with bated breath to see what would happen next.

The boy's eyes were locked; beautiful emerald green and equally mesmerizing steel gray. Unknown to everyone else, including each other, were marveling at one another's eyes; Something they refused to admit to ever admit to anyone, they both glimpsed something neither had ever seen there before, but they couldn't quite put their fingers on what that something may be. Neither thought to until much later.

The moment was gone, Harry reluctantly tore his gaze away from the hypnotizing depths they had just been in—and he bolted.


Draco Malfoy watched as Harry entered the Great Hall. 'Ah, it's the Dream Team.'

"Potter!" He yelled. His voice carried easily and all noise stopped. 'I love being loud sometimes. He's sooo gonna pay for what he said! Their eyes met and an unbidden thought snuck through Draco's mind. His eyes are really… pretty. Wait, pretty? No, Malfoy's don't say that! But they really are…I can almost see what he's thinking. Draco noticed Harry's reluctance to look somewhere else and smirked to himself.

Maybe he… wait! Harry had just made his swift exit.

Where the hell do you think you're going?! And Draco was after him in a flash.


Harry had just reached the top of the staircase when the doors to the great Hall slammed open and Draco came hurtling out.

"Damnit!" He began pelting down the corridors, somehow always hearing the blond Slytherin's footsteps behind him.

He was running out of breath—fast. He had to stop, so swung into an empty classroom. He tried to control his breathing because he knew Draco was somewhere close.

"Since when did I start calling him Draco? Oh well."

As he calmed down, he thought back to the look in Draco amazingly gray orbs. That usual cold look wasn't there. It had been replaced with something else. The image was still burned in Harry's mind. I hope I see that look again; it makes him look so much sexier than he already is.

He shook his head sharply.

"When did I start thinking this way about him?" He whispered. His breathing had returned to normal, so he risked a look out the door. He opened the door a little wider and scanned up and down the hallway. Nothing. Okay, here goes nothing.

Harry walked as silently as he could, wondering where in hell Draco had gotten to. He didn't have to wait long to find out.


Draco had rounded the corner just as Harry ducked into the classroom. Draco smiled. He didn't know how close I was'

He walked past the classroom as agile and silent as a cat, and placed himself behind a statue across the hallway. Perfect for an ambush. He slowed his breathing down and waited for Harry to emerge.

I still can't believe he said that! Honestly, of all the stupid things Harry has ever said, that was the stupidest, and that's really saying something. How on Earth he thought he could get away with calling me a "Professor-loving fag," I don't know. He was pretty pissed about it, but he still found it rather amusing. Harry wouldn't know that though. He would learn first that he was going to eat his words, and then maybe—just maybe—he would tell Harry it was a pretty damn good one-liner.

The door inched open, and Draco froze. He waited as Harry cautiously looked around. Draco had to wait for the perfect moment to strike. As Harry started to cross the in front of an open broom closet, Draco sprang.

Harry let out a strangled, slightly high pitched cry of alarm. As Draco barreled him strait into the back of the broom closet, Harry's air left him in a whoosh.

Holy Fuck, Draco's strong. Not to mention bloody fast!

A short struggle between the boys ensued, with neither boy being the obvious winner. They were the same height, build strength and speed. Though Draco had the cunning, Harry could react quickly too, and avoid it.

They finally stopped, both panting and sweating lightly. They leaned in opposite walls, catching their breaths.

"It's not fair fighting your equal," Draco said with a smirk.

"No its no—wait, did you just call me your equal?" Harry asked.


Harry's eyebrows shot up. He was about to respond when Draco did the unspeakable. A few strands of hair had fallen in his eyes and he shook his head to get them out of the way. Harry knew he'd be caught staring, but it was impossible to look away. Harry, stop now. Don't think this way.

Draco looked up into Harry's beautiful green eyes. He's just staring at me…

"Look, I know I'm sexy, but don't start drooling."

Harry wasn't paying any attention. His eyes were busy roving over the blonde's body. Draco watched him as his eyes flicked over each point of him.

"Harry." Draco said quietly. Harry looked up and as he met Draco's eyes, he flushed crimson.

"I… err… um…" Harry stammered. Draco watched Harry with a strange look in his eyes. He's sexy when he's at loss for words. Without even realizing it, Draco took a step closer to Harry.

Harry's back was already against the wall and he watched nervously as Draco moved closer. He had butterflies of anticipation that made his heart hammer against his ribcage.

Before they knew it, the two Seekers were mere inches apart, their breaths mingling. They stared deeply at one another for a few moments, Draco flicked his eyes to Harry's lips and then back again. They leaned with a tentative kiss, which soon deepened. They pulled back to take a quick breath before meeting again I a passionate kiss.

A probing tongue pressed against Harry's lips, and soon it became a battle for dominance.

Sparks became roaring flames as their tongues danced wildly. Oh holy shit chewer… Harry is… wow… I should just stop and walk away, that would make him PISSED!

So, Draco, the overly sexy cheeky bastard he is, did what he thought to do. Draco strode out of the closet, leaving a disgruntled and puzzled Harry behind him.

Harry blinked rapidly, staring as Draco literally sashayed out of the closet. Before he realized what he was doing, he strode out after him. He's not gonna be the one to break it and leave me like this. "This" happened to be the now painful pressure in his pants.

"Draco Malfoy!" It came out as a growl.

Draco turned around and raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow; Harry bulled him backwards into a wall.

"Back for more?" Draco asked, giving him the trademark Malfoy smirk.

"We're not done yet," Harry answered.

Draco's eyes widened as his mouth was claimed by Harry's hungry lips. They broke apart to breath and as they were about to begin another round, they heard footsteps. Harry saw the red hair and immediately recognized the Ron.

Shit. Think, Harry, THINK!

Harry, where—wait… Harry, what's going on?" Ron looked back and forth between Harry and Draco, clearly puzzled. The Seekers, their eyed wide, turned and face one another.

"Draco, I'm so sorry," Harry whispered softly.

"Why—" Draco started. Harry hauled back and slammed his fist into Draco's jaw. Draco turned back to fix him with a death glare, but at seeing the look of surprise and a clear apology in the emerald green depths, he simply rubbed his jaw and mouthed "Impressive."

Harry did his best to plaster his usual scowl for Draco on his face as he walked to Ron.

"Let's go, Harry," Ron said.

"See you in potions, Potter, Weasel," Draco sneered.

As they headed down the hallway in opposite directions, both kept glancing back, hoping the other would be too. Harry rounded the corner, stopped and looked back down the hall.

At the other end, Draco was doing the same. Draco smirked, and Harry smiled back. Then with a wave, the blonde was gone. Draco straightened his robes and prefect badge. Oh yeah, he's got it bad.

Harry ran his hand through his always tousled hair and polished his Prefect badge. He wants me. With a smile and a bounce in his step, he followed Ron to their first class.


"Potions?! We have double potions first?!"

"Yeah, honestly Harry, didn't you look at your schedule?" Ron asked.

"No, I was running all around the castle, remember?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Oh, sorry Harry! I have it here." Hermione came running up waving a piece of paper.

"Thanks, Herms, you're a life saver." Harry replied. He looked over his schedule again. "Not too bad, really. Expect for potions. Fucking Snape… I still don't understand why we have double potions on the first day--"

Harry's mind surged. "See you in potions, Potter, Weasel." Harry went quiet and a light smile curled the sides of his mouth for a moment.

"I know! Bloody buggars, letting Snape loose with us first thing!" Ron fumed.

"Maybe it won't be so bad," Harry said. Ron and Hermione froze, goggling at Harry.

"What?" Harry asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Harry, are you feeling alright? I mean really, it's with the Slytherins, plus you and Snape hate each other," Hermione said.

"Yeah mate, you alright?" Ron asked. Harry just shrugged in reply and kept walking. Not all the Slytherins are bad, he thought. As they neared the dungeons, they could see the students still waiting outside. Harry scanned the crowd and noticed a particular platinum blonde was missing.

"Who're you looking for?" Ron asked.

"Huh? Oh, nobody," Harry replied with a sigh. That's great, I just lied to my best friend.

Suddenly, a well muscled shoulder bumped into his none too gently but not enough to hurt. He looked in the direction the shoulder and it's owner went, to see Draco's back. Draco tossed his head a bit to look back at Harry. When their eyes met, Draco smirked. Before turning, he tapped the Prefect's badge and winked.

Harry's breath caught in his throat and his heart hammered in his chest. I didn't even realize he's a Prefect.

The classroom door opened and the class walked in to claim their usual seats. Snape—as usual—scowled at Harry as he strode by, robes billowing out behind him. Harry took advantage of Snape's back turned and wrote a note on a bit of parchment. He levitated it to Draco, but then it bounced onto his lap.


Draco felt something hit his head a little behind his hear, and he watched as a ball of parchment fell into his lap. He unfolded it as quietly as possible. His eyes grew wide when he read it.

Prefects' bathroom, 7:00. Meet me there.


PS—I'm sorry about the jaw, and we're still not finished'

Draco's heart fluttered excitedly in anticipation. He looked up and behind him at Harry. He was grinning at Draco in a surprisingly sexy way. Whoa, damn. Stop grinning at me like that or I'll end up jacking off in the middle of class... EW, since when did Potter make me wanna jack off? God, Draco… He thought and turned away.

"Mr. Potter, would you care to tell us the precise measurement of vampire blood needed for the Drowsy Draft?" Snape randomly asked, causing Harry to wipe he smirk on his face faster than one could blink.

"Erm.. Two milliliters?" Harry asked unsurely.

"That is correct. And Mr. Malfoy, how many handfuls of moss does the draft need?" Draco replied:

"None, professor."

"Very good, ten points to Slytherin," Snape said, moving on. Draco turned around to face Harry and smiled smugly. Harry just replied with a certain finger.

"Is that an offer, Potter?" Draco whispered, grinning. Harry just raised his eyebrows and mouthed 'Maybe.'

Draco's eyebrows went up and he turned back around, blushing. If he's good at sex as he is at kissing, there may have to be two sex gods at this school. He glanced back to see Harry, stretch luxuriously. Uh-oh. He's doing that on purpose, he ahs to be.

When Harry felt Draco's eyes on him, he looked at him and smiled suavely. Draco mock glared at him and stuck out his tongue. Harry laughed softly. Draco checked to make sure Snape wasn't watching and threw back the note.

You're on.

Harry nodded and slipped the note into his pocket. He smiled and stared Draco in the eye. We are going to have some fun tonight… Harry thought as he let his mind drift back to the reality of being in double potions with the Slytherins.

"Now you may get your ingredients from the back of the room." Snape drawled.

The class got up and walked to the back of the room quickly. Harry inched his way through the crowd of students trying to get to the shelves of ingredients.

"What the..?" Harry felt a hand discreetly grab his bottom firmly and squeeze it. He turned around and turned a violent shade of magenta.

Draco was standing there smirking at him, his hand on Harry's backside. Blaise Zambini, one of Draco's fellow Slytherin friends happened to be standing behind the two. He was just looking around, and he looked down to see Draco's hand on Harry's butt. He did a double-take, but Draco's had already removed his hand.

Odd… I could have sworn… Blaise just rubbed his eyes. Maybe I can ask later, as long as I can run fast enough to get the hell out of Draco's way.

Draco had admitted to Blaise the previous year that he was pretty much gay. Blaise wouldn't have suspected anything because Draco never 'acted' gay. Neither did Harry, for that matter. Blaise was one of the few people Draco could trust. If he has a thing for the Golden Boy… well, things have really changed. He thought. It makes sense though. He studied the two for a moment and decided they would work together. Ha, imagine—The Golden Boy and the Prince of Slytherin… who would have guessed?

They returned to their seats, ingredients in hand

"Begin," Snape snapped.

Harry kept sneaking glances at Draco's profile as he worked. He watched the strong, agile fingers and graceful movements of the blonde. Hermione watched Harry at this for a while. Something's up. She thought. Unlike Draco, Harry had never really admitted to being gay though she assumed he had tried to find the right way to tell her and Ron. They had both guessed he was anyway, however. He never acted like it, but good friends can always sense those kinds of things.

I can see how they'd like each other, but Draco is such an ass… There's tons of chemistry though. She made a mental note to talk to Ron and then with Harry too, later that evening.

Damnit, boy, quit watching me! Draco thought, knowing Harry was eyeing him closely. Draco turned around and looked at Harry, throwing him an intriguing grin and winked discreetly. Harry, caught totally off guard, flushed crimson and returned to his potion. Snape strode by, looking at everyone's potions, literally handing out failing grades on the assignment. He stepped in front of Neville's and sneered:

"This is the worst I've come across yet. The daft is supposed to be cyan, and you've managed to make it it's contrasting color. Magenta will not do, Longbottom. Fail." And he simply continues walking until it was ten minutes before class was dismissed.

"Once you've cleaned up, you may leave," Snape announced. Ron, Hermione and Harry ecstatic to hear this, leaped into action and finished before anyone else. The three left the classroom, but Harry didn't without meeting with a certain Slytherin hottie's eyes.

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