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"Goddammit! Can 7:00 come any slower?!" Harry fumed. He, Hermione and Ron had already had their 'discussion.' Harry had finally been able to tell them that yes he was gay, and what had happened between him and Draco. They had accepted it. He knew it would be a while before they could ever really trust Draco, but they were willing to try, as long as things went as they should.

Harry looked at his watch for the tenth time that minute. Damn, still 45 minutes… He looked up at to see Hermione and Ron laughing at him.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"Nothing, mate," Ron replied, still laughing. "It's just that time won't go by any faster the more you look down at your watch." Then he and Hermione roared with laughter.

"What the hell are the two of you laughing so hard about?!" Harry asked impatiently. In frustration and anxiety, he looked back down at his watch, concentrating on it harder. "HEY!!!! What kind of sick joke was this!?" Harry yelled, jumping out of his seat. He watched as Hermione and Ron got up from the ground and whipped away tears of laughter, trying to regain themselves. Harry's watch had been going backwards, and very slowly, for that matter.

"Sorry, mate, couldn't help it! It was the perfect opportunity to use that spell we learned year in charms… Oh, the look on your face was PRICELESS!" Ron said, giggling his head off, then loosing it completely and fell on the floor, banging his wrists on the ground as Hermione collapsed on top of him, clutching her stomach.

"Then what time is it?!" Harry asked in a hurry, realizing how much time might have passed in result to their cruel trick. Ron, still laughing, rolled up his sleeve and gasped.

"Bloody hell, it's ten past seven!"

"WHAT?! NO!!!!!" Ron and Hermione took a second to realize just how fast Harry really is, for he grabbed his wand and dashed through the portrait hole faster than you can say 'Shag.'

Harry raced down the hallway, sweat beads forming on his brow. Oh my gosh, what if Draco left because he thought I stood him up?! "I AM GOING TO RING THEIR NECKS AFTER I'M DONE WITH DRACO!" Unfortunately, he spoke, rather yelled, his mind right as he passed a group of 2nd years, who stepped out of their way in a hurry, all with a rather terrified face on.

Harry skidded to a stop, panting. He had finally reached the painting of a beautiful mermaid posing on a rock.

"Lavender bath beads," Harry said to the mermaid. The painting swung open and revealed an exquisite, grand bathroom with a bathtub the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Harry stepped inside, the portrait closing, and looked around. He saw nobody.

Harry let out a groan, and threw his wand across the floor and watched as it slowed down and hit the wall, making an echoing noise thought the lifeless bathroom.

"You're late." Harry spun around and saw a sleek blonde-haired boy leaning against a pillar, his arms folded across his chest. He started walking slowly over to Harry, and traced his finger from Harry's scar, all the way down to… there. Harry quivered with anticipation. "What's you're excuse then, Potter?"

"Ron and Hermione… they decided to test out a charm they learned on my watch," Harry said softly, brushing a few strands of platinum blonde out of Draco's face.

"Mm… I just might have to punish you then," He said quietly, sliding his arms around Harry's waist, drawing him closer. Harry closed his eyes and tilted back his head. Draco saw this as a perfect opportunity to go in. Draco planted his lips onto Harry's soft, sweet flesh and let his tongue travel its surface. Harry let out a soft sigh, and wrapped his arms around Draco's neck. Draco moved to his ear and nipped it softly, but just enough to get a reaction from Harry, and sure enough, Harry let a distinguished groan out. Taking that as his cue, Draco roughly engulfed Harry's mouth with his own, catching Harry way off guard, and slid his tongue into Harry's mouth.

Their tongues dances, a fire spread through them that neither had ever experienced before. A passion, not lust, overcame their senses. It was a passion for each other; a passion for what they realized felt for each other here and now. They didn't know why it had taken so long but all that mattered was it was finally happening.

Before things got too intense, Harry pulled back. Draco didn't know what had happened so he was concerned. That was, until he saw the look of unfathomable love and caring in Harry's eyes. He hoped he was returning that look tenfold. Harry placed one of his strong, warm hands on Draco's cheek.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Harry asked.

For a moment, Draco was stunned. He was actually being asked? Anybody else wouldn't have cared. He put the most feeling and trust as humanly possible into his eyes and into a single word.

"Yes," he whispered.

Harry searched Draco's eyes once more, and nodded. His hand slid slowly down Draco's neck and to his collarbone. It lingered there for a moment before continued down Draco's chest. Draco felt Harry's fingertips at the bottom of his shirt. Harry's fingers ghosted over the soft skin of Draco's stomach. As he placed both his hands on Draco's washboard abs, a shiver went up Draco's spine. His eyes fluttered closed as he gave into the sensation flowing through him. Harry's hands slid all the way up Draco's torso before pulling the shirt over his head.

His breath caught as he focused on the sight before him: a half-naked Draco, his body seeming glowing from the light of the candles that were around. Oh… My… God… Harry thought. He was convinced that Draco was the most beautiful thing anyone could ever imagine.

"And you only have a shirt off…" he whispered. Draco raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"Is that a request for more skin?" Draco smirked. His fingers moved down to his belt and he began to unfasten it. In a matter of seconds he was fully unclothed with a completely stunned Harry gawking at him. Draco laughed softly; a laugh that made Harry tingle. With the grace of a cat, Draco walked forward so he was face to face with Harry, their thoroughly aroused bodies almost touching.

"Now this isn't fair," Draco purred. Here you are seeing me in all my glory, and yet I don't have the pleasure of seeing you minus anything but a tie."

Harry blinked and gulped as Draco deftly removed his. As those pale fingers brushed over his skin, he drew in a shaky breath. Draco grinned and looked at Harry through his lashes. The normally pale eyes were darkened with passion.

"That... was unbelievably sexy," Harry growled

"I know," Draco purred once again in response.

Draco's hands returned to their task of unclothing Harry. It took mere moments before Harry was free. Draco's response was almost the same as Harry's had been.

The two made a unique contrast; blonde hair and lightly tanned skin to brunette hair and slightly darker, almost bronzed skin.

Draco snaked his arms around Harry's waist, bringing their bodies together at last. As Harry kissed Draco and wrapped his arms around his neck, he ground his hips against Draco's member. Draco groaned into his mouth and pushed back. The two eased down to the floor, their mingled clothes cushioning them.

Draco rolled on top, and before Harry could argue, Draco placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Trust me. This is your first time, is it not?" Without waiting for a reply, he continued. "I want this to be good for you. I know what I'm doing. Just trust me." He smiled gently. Harry never expected this from Draco, but he rather liked it. He nodded.

"I trust you, Draco." he whispered.

Draco searched the pocket of his robe which lay next to him, and pulled out a small tube. He unscrewed the top and poured a gel-like substance onto his fingers.

"This may hurt at first" he warned. Harry nodded and relaxed as much as he could. Draco inserted a finger into Harry's tight entrance, gently working it open. As he inserted a second digit, Harry winced slightly. Draco ran his free hand over Harry's chest, attempting to relax him. It felt strange being invaded like this, but a sudden pleasure swiftly overrode pain. Draco's fingers had just brushed a secret spot in Harry that he never knew existed.

"What was that?" Harry asked breathlessly.

"Prostate gland," Draco replied.

Harry hadn't even noticed the third digit until all three brushed his prostate again. Stars exploded behind his eyes and his hips bucked upwards.

Draco's eyes bulged. I'm gonna lose it if he keeps doing that.

"Harry, look at me. Are you ready?"

Harry nodded. Draco kissed him passionately and placed his throbbing member at Harry's entrance. He eased in gently to cause as little pain as possible. He waited as the inner muscles of Harry's anus adjusted to his size. As they relaxed, he began thrusting gently.

Harry's eyelids fluttered and he put his hands on Draco's hips. When Draco angled his cock to brush the sensitive spot inside him, he dug his fingers into the skin of Draco's lower back.

"I can't hold on much longer," Draco grunted.

"Neither can I. Go ahead."

Draco's thrusts became faster and more irregular. The whimpers that came from Harry's mouth told him that he was close. He grasped Harry's shaft and began pumping it in time with his thrusts.

"Oh God Draco!!" Harry screamed as he came.

Draco bit Harry's shoulder and groaned loudly since the shoulder prevented him from screaming Harry's name. He collapsed on Harry in a now sticky tangle of limbs.

"You are fucking amazing," Harry panted.

"I could say the same for you," Draco panted back. "This was your first time too. Soon enough you'll be known as the schools' second sex god."

Harry laughed. "Sex god?"

"Of course. I can't just be known as Draco Malfoy--Prince of Slytherin all the time, can I? Have to have a couple titles for a change of pace. Draco Malfoy--Sex God." He said the last part with a dramatic flick of his hair and a trademark Malfoy smirk at Harry. Harry laughed again, his shaking body making Draco laugh as well.

"Well Draco Malfoy--Prince of Slytherin and Sex God, you're not as light as you look after a while."

"Sorry." Draco rolled sideways off of him. Harry missed the warmth immediately, but Draco put his arm around Harry's waist and pulled him close. The boys faced each other, heads propped up on one elbow. Draco's other hand rested on Harry's waist, while Harry ran his fingers over the muscles in Draco's arm.

"So...what does this mean?" Harry asked tentatively.

Draco seemed to be spaced out but before Harry asked again, his eyes regained their focus and he answered.

"Well, as for me, I've only told one person. Unfortunately we may have to keep the mortal enemies thing up for a while. I wish we didn't have to, but right now I don't want to think about what my father or anyone else would do to you if they found out." He noticed a pang of sadness and realization in Harry's eyes. "Hey," he whispered. "Now that I have you I don't want to lose you okay?" Harry nodded.

"You're right. I'm not really afraid of what could happen to me, but what would your father do to you? I don't want to lose you either." Draco made a face and shook his head.

"Who knows? He wouldn't kill me but..." he trailed off.

"Let's not think about it," Harry said. He put his finger under Draco's chin and tilted his head towards him. Their lips met in a long, gentle kiss that spoke without words all they were feeling.

As the two boys laid there in each others arms kissing, the portrait swung open silently and in came Ernie Macmillan, holding a towel and a rubber duck in his hand. He walked in, feet slapping on the marble floor and whistling a song. He looked around and settled his eyes on the boys and dropped his things.

"Err…?" Ernie managed to get out, as he stood there, gawping wide-eyed at the two boys.

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