This will be a series of drabbles/short oneshots of various pairings (no slash). The most serious genre it gets will be Drama, hopefully,with the main focus attempting to be lighthearted romance/fluff. I've finally decided angstangstangst can't be all that healthy for me. All requests open, as long as it is het.



Nature Loving


"Where's he going now? Quick, quick tell me."

Sharingan wheels whirred obediently and Sasuke hesitated briefly before pointing.



She had tied her hair back, save for the unruly strand curling around her cheek. It prevented her bangs from falling over her eyes and allowed him to admire her smooth pale neck while she was distracted.

"There's another! Is he coming this way?"

Said creature swung lazily in the general direction of where they were crouched, and Sasuke estimated the stream's currents desperately. "Aa... soon." She leaned nearer to the rippling surface, hand gingerly extended in hopes of brushing the tip of the fish as it swum pass in blissful oblivion.

What the hell could be so fascinating about the damn fish? No matter how rare it was or how intriguing the seasonal migrations, Sasuke decided Sakura needed to stop reading so widely. Jutsus and traps should be good enough, as it was for him. All these impromptu nature lessons could hardly be so important that she had to keep dragging him along without the usual goal of getting his attention. A delighted gasp broke him out of his half sullen jealousy and alarmed, he grasped the back of her clothes when she seemed in danger of falling headfirst into the stream.

Green eyes sparkled in bewildering happiness, but they weren't directed at him. "Amazing, aren't they? Just like those nesting birds last week."


He couldn't care less. She, on the other hand, was vibrant and beautiful and not in the least bit interested in him at the moment. Sasuke's eyes continued their lazy survey of her as she unconsciously leaned into him while still engrossed in her latest interest. Still, it was relieving to be able to drop his guard enough to admire her freely and breathe in her scent while she was distracted. Maybe he should start giving her more of these nature books to read while she still thought she needed his eyes. It wasn't often he was able to be himself around her, and he gave her an absent smile she didn't see as she gazed past his head to the stream.

Maybe one day, he'd even tell her his sharingan couldn't actually predict the creatures' movements.



can't believe i'm jealous of a fish


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