The Glass Petal


By: Kolinshar Benito

For a second chance, Heero Yui is transported back to a time where the Gundams' didn't lose the war, Relena Peacecraft wasn't assassinated, and… when he wasn't the only pilot left alive.

A long figure stood in the centre of what appeared to once be a grand ballroom in the Sanq Ruins. Dressed in a stark white suit, he faced a giant portrait of the former Peacecraft family, one which had been destroyed with time. The oil painting was run with mixed color, and stains ruined a portrait that had been once been a special person's only connection to her past. The pale, lonely figure played with an object in his hand fondly, twisting and turning it in his hands. Sparkles of light glinted off its surface fondly, a faux light in the darkness that had embraced the world.

In the devastated room, glass shards littered the torn up marbled floor, the only remnant of the giant six by six meter empress chandelier that had once hung from the room of the Sanq Kingdom Palace. Above him, the crumbled ceiling revealed the dark blue sky, stars and satellites dotting the horizon in small balls of yellow and while. Indeed, the man's clothing and pale complexion was the complete opposite of the theme of the destroyed room. He himself seemed to be a light in the darkness.

Another man approached the figure clothed in white, his left hand fondly holding an automatic magnum, his finger twitching on the trigger. He walked with a purpose, a sense of experience and caution in his gait. He was dressed in a set of ancient military fatigues he had found in the attic of an abandoned house. His shoes were worn, the fabric bare, and skin was seen through the unhindered holes. You survived on what you could find these days.

The man stopped, his blue eye trained on the man in front of him.

"Took you long enough, Heero," the individual in the virgin color called out, his back still toward the man with the gun.

"Patience used to be one of your virtues, Zechs," Heero commented, referring to the name of the former Lightning Count.

Heero could almost see the smirk forming on his lips. "People change. Just like you have, Perfect Soldier."

Heero grew silent at his former nickname. He knew he was unsuited for that label, no longer being able to disregard the emotions he had been taught. It certainly brought back memories though. But without emotions, Heero doubted he would have survived as long as he did. Dr. J had mistook what emotions could to a person's will, and had assumed that Heero would not be able to utilize such a tool to his disposal with the upbringing he had been raised with.

Perfect Soldier… that had been a thing of the past for him.

"Well, I've grown tired with the life that I've ended up living," came Milliardo's offhanded reply. Heero was taken aback slightly. "Now that I know the life we could have been living, I'm tired. It's selfish, but I want more, Yui. So much more…"

"…what are you talking about?" Heero was apprehensive, not expecting this response. He did not mistake Zechs for a fool, so what was all this bogus crap that was coming out of his mouth?

The air was tense, awkward, and stale. Memories surfaced in Heero's mind, as he noticed the marble "S" lain in the stone floor. Oh, he remembered now… This had once been the ballroom. He could almost see the once mighty giant stone pillars holding up the mural ceiling of angels. Stringed instruments played soul-filled songs flawlessly in the background of his mind as he swept Relena off her feet and onto the dance floor…

"The world has strayed far from the path it was originally intended to take. The colonies and the earth are dying, and not slowly either. Things should have been different, Heero, much different," Milliardo commented softly, finally turning around and facing the former pilot of Gundam Wing Zero.

"Why do you say that?"

There was a glass figure in Milliardo's hand, a perfectly shaped glass rose. The crystal reflected the little light there was, the object twinkling prettily in his hands.

"Because I've seen what the world should have been like. And it's the path that this world should have followed, but it didn't," Milliardo stated, a sad tinge to his voice. He motioned to the ruins behind him with a wave of his hand, "This life is just the remnant of the world's worst possible outcome. This timeline should never have had come to be in the first place."

Milliardo gripped the glass rose tightly in his hand, and crimson lines began spreading its way in his grip. The blood gathered at one point, and fell to the ground in a single drop. The rose hadn't seemed sharp enough to cut. Perhaps this was Zechs' weapon?

Heero remained quiet, not knowing what to say.

"Do you believe in second chances, Heero?"

Milliardo Peacecraft looked up slowly, and Heero stepped back in slight horror. The former pilot of Tallgeese stared blindly ahead, his eyes an endless void of white. Heero's thoughts raced with probabilities. Was Milliardo blind? Were they contacts? Was it some weird chemical experiment gone wrong? It was a slightly creepy scene. His pale skin, pupil-less eyes, and white blonde hair gave him an ethereal look -- a cold and uncaring ethereal look.

Heero had to laugh at that comment. "Second chances?" he looked amused, but still eerily nervous around Milliardo's disconcerting eyes. "If such things happened, I wouldn't even be here today."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because… if I had a second chance to do things over, everything would have been done differently."

"Exactly," the pale man stated in a matter a factly voice.

Zechs walked toward Heero, completely ignoring the gun in the young man's hand. He twirled the stem of the flower in his bleeding hand, its chrysalis of petals glowing with a tinge pink and black in the light. Heero stared at the flower, and then realized that the light was actually coming from within the glass object itself, and it was not simply reflecting the practically non-existent light.

"You are the key, Heero. The very key which will unlock this world's timeline to become what it should have been," Milliardo stopped, unusually close to the Wing Zero pilot. He laid a hand on Heero's shoulder, and his blank pupil-less eyes stared at Heero with blind perception. Heero forced himself not to brush off the offending calloused hand.

The temperature in the room seemed to drop to the freezing mark, and Heero found himself being captivated by those unreal blank eyes, unable to tear his eyes away.

The glass rose in Milliardo's hand turned ash black and a silver glow surrounded the two men.

"And what should have this world been?" Heero whispered in a rasped voice that had forced its way out.

The world began to phase out around him in a blinding light of colors, till it all turned black and the only thing he could see was Milliardo's faded figure. A thing he could only determine as Milliardo's head leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"A world of peace…"

And the world that Heero Yui had come to know and had failed to save… ceased to exist.

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