Who theā€¦
Authors note

A short drabble crossover with a cult movie. (I can't understand why this isn't done more often) Disclaimer at the end.


The three Scoobies watched the fight unfold, 'He's got some impressive moves for a old guy' Xander noted
'Sure has.' Replied Willow 'What do you think Buffy?'
Buffy stood there, mouth open, as her brain tried to reason out what was happening in front of her.
No one said anything as the fight continued. 'So think he needs some help?' Xander asked his companions.
Buffy worked her jaw but no words came out.
'It looks like he's got everything in hand.'
Finally Buffy was able to force words to come out of her mouth, 'Willow?'
'Yes Buffy?'
'Am I seeing an old Elvis fighting that Egyptian demon we came for?'
'Yes Buffy you are.'


I do not own Bubba Ho-tep or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don't know who does but I hope they won't mind.

Mountain King
AKA Thomas Fishwick
December 2004

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