Coffee and Gossip

Chloe Sullivan sat at her favourite table in the Talon coffee shop, hidden away from the world as she tried to finish off the latest edition of The Torch on her laptop. The table was cluttered with empty coffee cups as she entered her forth-straight hour of editing the school newspaper.

"I'm telling you Angie, you wouldn't believe how much I needed this holiday." A voice came from behind the young reporter, "Time away from work, away from the guys, time to feel myself."

"I know the feeling Shen." A second voice agreed, "All work and no play make me a little cranky."

"True, but I figured you and Jack would want some time alone together."

"Please: we live and work together. Sometimes we need a little time apart. Anyway, can you imagine Jack in a town like this?"

"Maybe not. I wonder how the others are doing?"

"Jeroen said he was going to Amsterdam, so he's most likely stoned out of his mind. Jack's in New York, as usual. And I think the boys have taken Jenny-Q to Disneyland."

"We never got this sort of freedom when I was with the U.N."

"Welcome to the wonderful advantages of corporate sponsorship: saving the world 9-to-5 with three weeks holiday a year."

"Can you imagine Jenny's face if she'd lived to see this?"

"Wouldn't fit with her anarchist lifestyle or high ideals, would it?" I think she'd like Elijah and the work we do."

"Yeah, well…"

"You still miss her, don't you Shen?"

"Yes. I mean: I know the rest of you do, but you weren't as close to her as I was…"

"It's never easy to lose someone you love, someone you've been with for as long as the two of you were."

"Hey, I'm the Buddhist, remember? I know I should let her go, but it just…"

"Jenny Sparks was a truly remarkable woman, and she did more to help people than we could ever hope to accomplish." A mobile phone rang, "Dr Spica. Some small town a few hours drive outside Metropolis. Ok, we're be there as soon as we can."


"We got a job in Gotham: Something big enough to cut into our holiday time."

"The fun never stops, dose it?"

"Nope." There was the sound of coins being dropped on the table, and Chloe watched as two women in their late twenties walked across the coffee shop and out the front door.

Taking her notebook, she turned to a clean page and carefully wrote 'Jenny Sparks' before sipping her coffee. Something about the overheard conversation had tweaked her reporter's senses, and she the strangest feeling that the wall of wired was just not going to be big enough…

The End

I may write another Smallville/Wildstorm crossover, but it may take awhile. And before anyone asks: there is evidence that Jenny Sparks and Shen Li-men had a relationship. Go read 'Jenny Sparks: secret history of the Authority' for more.