"After my amazing transformation, I then won an oscar. BEAT THAT MATT DAMON!" Markus H said as he told the courtroom.

"...You only changed your name though." Speedy said.

"DAMN J00! I sentence you to a lifetime of bikini waxes bitch!" Markus H then threw the gavel at Speedy who took a blow to the head.

"Ohh Emm Geee. Markus, that was waaay out of line. Do you know how people are going to respond to that?" Beast Boy asked.

"Ummm..'lawl', 'that was hilarious', 'will give handjobs for food', 'I'm bringing a can of woopass to the table?" He said.

"Ehh..close enough." Beast Boy said with the wave of his hand.

" who's suing who?" Markus H asked.

"My client Jericho is suing Slade for claiming that he is indeed bringing sexyback." Stephen Colbert stated.

"Damn Straight." Jericho signed.

"OMFG! MY HERO IS HERE!" Lexi screamed as she ran up and shook Mr. Colbert hand.

"I had a truthiness feeling that I was needed, and so did my son." Stephen of the Colbert said as his eagle son flew overhead.

"SQUEE!" Lexi said.

"Well Sladey McSlade Sladeface Slade Slade...why did you tell an enormous lie and say your bringing sexyback?" Colbert said.

"Well I AM sexy for one." Slade said.

"No your not. Get over yourself, bitch." ShiningAsta stated as he sat in the back of the room.

"OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" Slade said waving a finger in threatening way.

"Damn right I did, you need to get your ego killed cause, seriously. No one likes a self obsessed villian. It's kinda what brought the show Teen Titans to a end." ShiningAsta said.

A murmer of agreement was heard throughout the courtroom.

"But...I AM SEXY!" Slade said.

"Markus, my fellow writer and good friend. Do you honestly think Slade is sexy?" Lexi asked Markus H.

"Well..." Markus was then handed a 5 dollar bill.

"No. He needs a nose job. Seriously. He has no nose!" Markus said.

"Well it's not like he can wave a magical potion over his face and have it fixed." The President himself said.

"Truer words have never been spoken." Slade said.

"I don't care, be gone jackass." Markus H said.

Then...all of a sudden..

The room exploded with sexiness as Bam Margera and Steveo busted through the courtroom window.

"Did we hear Jackass?" They said.

"Uhhh.." Markus then received a blow to the head by Lexi.

"Your not suppose to say the J word in the courtroom." Femaleodd said.

"Mhm, it's a code written by Mr. T. Damn, I thought even YOU knew that dude." Lexi said.

"...I have failed you all...GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!" Markus then attempted to turn emo and slit his wrists but since the author is against emo-ism...yeah...she had it so whenever someone in her fics turned emo, they would turn into a cute little bunny.


Markus H was now a Mr. T lovin' bunny. And everyone seems to find that VERY disturbing..

"Sniff. Poor Markus.." Femaleodd said.


Reviewer bunny.

"At this rate, we're gonna have a frikkin bunny shop." ShiningAsta said.

"...Bunny shop? You insult my fics, leave me reviews saying things about my lack of skillz, and the best you can come up with is bunny shop?" Lexi said as she shook her head.

"But please, friends. Who shall bring back the sexy?" Starfire said.

"Well Starfire, since sexy NEVER left, and JT aka Justin Timberlake just made an ass of himself for even singing that song. ok well not really, I mean I did get jiggy to that song a couple of times and then I sang it all the time, but anyways, thou shall not bringth sexyback-th." Cyborg said.

"...there goes my tour." JT said as he walked off defeated.

End Of Clip

"Well that DIDN'T suck." Raven said.

"Wow. What were you on when you wrote that?" Robin asked Lexi.

"Crack. Weed. Speed. Meth. Slugs. Dairy Products. Trees. And Shakira albums." Lexi said as she listed off her drugs.

"That stuff isn't good for you." Cyborg said.

"I know...crack kills.." Lexi said.

"No I mean Dairy Products. They go straight to your thighs." Cyborg said as he attempted to make a grab for her leg.


"Smack that, all on the floor. Smack that, give me some more. Smack that, till you get sore. Smack that, oooooooooh." Beast Boy sang as Lexi smacked the hell out of Cyborg's face.

Beast Boy was then shot by Eminem.