This is a non-profit tribute to the works of JK Rowling who, together with her publishers and licensees, owns the characters and situations elaborated herein.

A/N: Spoilers

A collection of ten fairly light-hearted 55-word drabbles that explore in chronological order the possible fates of some of our favourite characters. The Snape and Hermione ones are SSHG.


By the time he was fifteen Draco knew he was too squeamish to Crucio or Avada Kedavra, and one Unforgivable out of three wouldn't satisfy his father or his Lord.

Escaping into the Muggle world was a brilliant surprise exit strategy that almost worked. Facing his angry dad wandless was muddy, bloody and quite unforgettable.


Ron sleptin Hogwarts Infirmary through the final battle, never to fulfil his obvious "hero's best friend" destiny of being the sacrificial lamb that clinched the victory. As all his schoolmates received Orders of Merlin, First Class, he raged.

Harry's and Hermione's drugged drink had saved their best friend at the cost of his friendship.


After the last battle he had cried in her arms. She had patted his greasy hair murmuring, "It's over now. It's finally over."

After that sarcasm hadn't worked on her. Soon the little know-it-all had become his third, and best, master. He would have hated himself for being happy but he couldn't quite remember how.


Once she realised the Boy-Who-Lived was never going to become the Boy-Who-Loved-Her, Ginny was forced to turn to other pursuits: Michael, Dean, Neville, Malcolm, Seamus, Zacharias, Vincent, Ernie, Colin, Thomas, Blaise.

It turned her brothers alternately red with fury, blue with misery, and green and yellow from nausea. Ginny kept a safe distance and laughed.


Sybil Trelawney made one prediction too many. If she'd stuck to predicting doom and death she might have survived but nobody tells Albus Dumbledore his addiction to lemon drops will kill him. Not aloud.

After he disposed of the body he smiled and popped a lemon drop in his mouth – and promptly choked to death.


It took Harry Potter ten years to realise he preferred fame to anonymity - only he'd wanted it for his achievements not his scar. He might have noticed sooner if Rita Skeeter hadn't lengthily catalogued his post-war lay-about play-around lifestyle.

Perhaps he should have become a Quidditch professional instead of an Unspeakable. Too late now.


In his mind Percy was still a prefect, following the rules, enforcing the law. But what's a guy to do when no one listens, especially if he has no detentions or other punishments to threaten them with? How to cope with being mocked and called a pompous panjandrum?

He was much happier in the asylum.


Dudley had the body of a bull and the heart of a hyena. Maybe he'd have kept up the façade of "ordinary guy next door" longer if his daughters hadn't all been witches. After the second suspicious death his wife and remaining daughter fled the country. Prison life gave him power, pleasure and even popularity.


After Arthur Weasley's resignation as Minister of Magic, Hermione swept to power on a wave of public sentiment. Everyone praised her intellect, drive and role in Voldemort's defeat. They didn't admit their adulation began the first time they heard Severus Snape say "Yes dear" in public.

If she could manage that she could manage anything.


No one was more surprised than Neville when he succeeded Minerva McGonagall - the first Herbology Professor to ever become headmaster at Hogwarts, as he'd been the first to become a household name. His pioneering cross-pollination of Devil's Snare with Mandrake root replaced House Elves as wizardry's preferred servants.

He set up office in the greenhouse.