The day was quite, the sky blue and clear, and the temperature pleasant. All was peaceful in the town of New Vale aside from the odd shout from the young ones as they learnt how to control their psynergy. It had been 17 years since Alchemy had been unleashed on the world once again and was now more difficult to control their powers.

Suddenly the peace is disturbed as a window of one of the houses explodes as a Dragon Fume shoots out. All those nearby look for a moment then continue on with their business. That was a normal occurrence in that house… Moments later a very scorched and older looking Isaac explodes out of the house as more fireballs fly at him. Then Jenna races out firing the fireballs at the hapless Venus Adept. At least once a week the married couple would have an argument… always ending with Jenna chasing her husband around Vale for about 3 hours.

Felix hopped out of the way as the other Venus Adept raced past and smirked as his sister both greeted and farewelled him in the same breath as she chased Isaac. Next to the dark haired warrior was his wife, Karst, who had somehow been revived when Mars lighthouse had been fired. In the three years before the quest the two had formed a close friendship but when Menardi had been killed she had lost almost all reason, she had felt betrayed by Felix but in the end she had admitted to herself that she really loved him. So when the group visited Prox again she had admitted her feelings to everyone in Prox. The Inn had taken two days to clean from all the drinks splattered everywhere…

Out of the woods emerged three tired figures. The first was a brown haired, brown eyed young girl. Her hair was the same colour as Isaac's but she had Jenna's face. Garcia, the daughter of Isaac and Jenna. An Earth Seer. And very good at what she did.

Next to her was a fiery haired, red-eyed girl with dark skin and reddish cheeks. She had pointed ears like those of a Proxian and darkened skin. She wore armour that didn't cover her arms or mid riff and a mini skirt. On her arms where scales and spikes. She was Kel, the daughter of Felix and Karst. A Fire Adept like her mother and skilled at the sword like her father.

Behind them stood a young man, about five years older then both of the girls. He had red eyes, light skin, and black hair. He wore a black open vest, a white shirt, black pants and black boots. On his hands he wore black fingerless gloves and a red Rambo style headband that trailed behind his head. He was Jolt Kullkaven, who had taken over as the resident Alchemy Sage when Kraden had passed away. His knowledge likely even surpassed that of the old Sage thanks to his studying the glyphs on the New Mt. Aleph.

The girls turned to Jolt expectantly, "You to have been training hard, that's good to see! We're done for the day, off you go!" the older boy said with a smile. He turned and walked away towards New Mt. Aleph. He glanced behind him to see the girls chatting with Felix and Karst. He turned back to the task at hand. According to the glyphs there should be a passage leading to the insides of the mountain... and the true way to attain the Golden Sun!!!