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Chapter 1: Alex

Hard boots crunched on the ground as a shadowed figure walked down a dark passage way. His red eyes glew ominously as he strolled in the darkness towards his destination. He walked until he entered a room that sounded hollow and he formed a globe of light in his hand and he looked around. The whole place was golden, the walls, the floor, the dirt and dust. On one wall was a dragon, another a bird, the third a whale and the last a stag. The figure grinned as he had reached the heart of New Mt Aleph! In the centre of the room was a blue haired man. He appeared either dead or unconscious. The figure knew who it was instantly, "Alex…" He muttered as he walked over to the prone Mercury Clan Adept.

"Wake up…" He commanded as he grabbed Alex by the head. The Water users eyes fluttered open and he muttered, "I'm not dead…?" "Not yet." Was the figures reply. Alex looked at the figure confused, "Who are you? And why are you holding my head?" Jolt's face came into view, "I'm your worst nightmare!!" Alex's eyes widened in fear as he screamed in agony, he felt as if every molecule of his body was being ripped apart continuously.

Alex's screams echoed through out the mountain but no one outside of it heard them.


Felix, Kel and Garcia all laughed as Isaac mopped after being barbecued by Jenna. The afore mentioned Mars Adept was busy inside the house cooking with Karst… or rather attempting to…

"Shouldn't Tuna Tacos have… you know…? Tuna in them?" Karst asked her sister-in-law. Neither where very good cooks, even after years of trying. In fact the two where often tied down to a chair while their daughters did the cooking. "Its what the recipe says, so it must be right!" Jenna replied, "You just light the oven while I finish off here."

"Fine whatever." Karst sighed. Since she had moved here from Prox she had only once regretted it, and that was when she had had an argument with Jenna… bad idea to say the least. She turned to the oven and opened the hatch to the wood chamber. She threw in a few logs and muttered, "Flare." and the logs where instantly ablaze.

Outside all four commented, "Uh oh." Just as Jenna put the 'tacos' in the oven. All seemed well for about five minutes when…


The oven exploded. Everyone ran for it covering their noses. Felix looked at Isaac and asked, "You still have that recipe?" "Well I was hoping to have a boy one of these days." The blonde Venus adept replied. "You idiot… Remind me to kill you one of these days!" Felix shook his head.

"Hey guys!" A familiar but deeper then remembered voice called out, "Long time no see what the hell is that smell?" The two Venus adepts looked over and gapped. Before them stood three figures, two they recognized. The tallest was Ivan, now a masculine young man. His features had grown much more manlike in the years the group had been apart.

Next to Ivan stood a now very attractive, rather then cute, Sheba. Her body had filled out in a way both Karst and Jenna would be envious of, and made both Isaac and Felix practically drool from the thoughts running around in their heads of what they would like to do with her now.

Next to the both of them was the spitting image of Ivan's younger years. Only he wore a cloak that covered his mouth, armour and carried a sword. Unlike his parents this boy was a talented sword fighter and very muscular. "Allow me to introduce Vance, our son." Sheba chirped.

The two girls immediately snapped out of their daydreams and shut their gaping mouths as their fathers introduced them. Garcia was the first to make a move on poor Vance, "Come with us." She said as she grabbed his arm, then Kel followed her cousin's lead and grabbed his other arm and dragged to poor boy into the woods.

However they didn't get far before, "I didn't know you taught your kids to kidnap each other!" Everyone looked around and spotted three blue haired people approaching with grins on their faces. Isaac, Ivan, Felix and Sheba all grinned at the sight of their friends who had moved to Lemuria, Piers and Mia. Neither had aged much but they could tell they had not wasted any time starting a large family. Next to them stood a boy about the other kids ages and wore similar garb as his father he also carried a staff. "Let us introduce our boy, Tanus." The lad waved shyly.

Suddenly everyone's noses wrinkled and they all ran for the inn.

Several minutes later

All four families sat around a table where they all sat talking and eating. When the huge tray in the middle was empty a huge blue arm picked it up and they all looked around and gaped. It was Agatio! "Hey all!" the massive Proxian grinned at them.

Karst immediately hugged her childhood friend, "How have you been you big oaf?" She asked the huge guy. The Proxian warrior grinned back down at her as he said, "Good! In fact… I've moved down here!" At that moment Garet came out with another tray for the group, "Hey guys!" Garet beamed and on his way back to the kitchen gave Agatio a peck on the cheek. A long silence followed before someone said, "What the hell?" Agatio blushed and started to back away but someone's scythe was suddenly at his crutch as Karst said, "Do tell…"

"Well you see…" Agatio began, "It kinda… just happened… you know…?"


Karst was about to move closer to Agatio to squeeze more information out of him when the Inn door swung open and a familiar figure staggered in. All their eyes opened wide in shock as they looked upon.

"Alex!!" Mia gasped, she ran over to catch the near dead adept, "Brother…" She whispered. "Mia… He took it… he took the Golden Sun…" Alex gasped. Everyone stood frozen. Piers quickly cast Pure Ply on Alex and recovered his strength, Mia aiding with her own Pure Ply.

"Who took it? Who took the Golden Sun!?!" Isaac demanded.

"I… don't know…" Alex said weakly, "But…" He suddenly sprang to his feet, "I humbly thank you for healing me… I will no longer require your services. Farewell!" With that he warped away.

"What the hell is going on!?!" Isaac wondered out load.

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