Just a little drabble about the wonderful Madame Giry. It struck me as odd why she wouldn't tell Raoul about the Phantom. Was it fear that he would come after her, or was it something else, something related to her only child...? Both book and musical are drawn upon in this.

The young Victome was begging her to tell him where Erik was. She couldn't. She told him so.

"I cannot..."

He kept pressing. I cannot, Madame Giry thought, because the Phantom will come after my Meg.

She was stern to her daughter, yes, but she loved her daughter more than she could say. Meg was sometimes unhappy with her black-clad mother for being so strict, especially when it came to ballet, but she couldn't help it. She had to protect her only child. Not just from the Phantom, but from other influence that wasn't good for her.

I am sorry, dear Victome, she thought, begging the passionate man not to ask her any more. If I say anymore he will come for my daughter, she though, desperate to get away from him, from the chance that she might tell all, from the chance that Meg would be harmed in any way.

Of course, Erik had asked her time and time again not to reveal what she knew of him, which was plenty. The lake under the Opera, the siren and the way through the cellars -- all she had never told anyone.

"If you do, Madame Giry, I will harm Meg."

That was what he had once said to her, in a quiet morning when she had been in the Opera to talk to Joseph Buquet about some of the scenes that the ballet girls would have to tackle. Of course, she hadn't taken him seriously then. He wasn't a cold-blooded murderer...then.

Her conversations with him just after he had escaped from the travelling gypsies had been full of wit and wisdom; that had been before Meg's birth. He had promised never to harm her or her family after the older Giry had led him to underneath the Opera to hide. That was why he tended to favor her and Meg. That message, saying that one day Meg would be of high status...that was enough to keep Madame Giry quiet.

But he had changed since then. Now he had Christine to love. The Victome de Changy was in love with her as well, and the mess that they had ended up with was now more terrible than ever.

Madame Giry had no doubt Meg would be harmed. Judging from Erik's latest actions, the killings and harmings, she would take no chances.

I am sorry, Victome, but I also have someone I love and must protect.