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My Starry Symphony

What makes you different, makes you beautiful...

As Marty's footsteps faded, the ice cold silence reclaimed its throne, though Rory could still hear them chiming in her head. His leaving had been so sudden and his pace had been so quick, retreating without a single word, a warning of any kind. His footsteps became louder and louder as she watched him walk away again, able to catch a glimpse of his back before he disappeared out of sight.

The steady beats of her heart were drowned out, though she could still feel them, surging through her entire being as she slightly wavered, her hands shaking the most. Blood coursed through her, rosy cheeks the aftermath. She clenched and unclenched her hands. Her palms were sweaty; she was nervous.

Her baby blue's widened, shimmering with surprise, allowing Logan to read her. For a few seconds, she was as an open book: vulnerable, though she was too naive too notice.

Marty no longer noticed when it happened.

Her vision blurred and the lines of logic became invisible to her, unseen. For a few seconds, her canvas of sight painted itself a dark shade of brown, confusing her. She instantly thought of chocolate, the kind you snuggled up with on a day like this.

She shivered, blaming it on the weather as the wind took a hold of her loose locks and nipped at her face. Snowflakes clung to her lashes and her fingers felt like ice against her skin when she reached for her face, closing her eyes to swipe off the white powder. When her eyes reopened, Logan was no longer looking; he had gone back to playing cards, possibly having lost interest; he always did.

Nothing but a butterfly going from flower to flower, finding them beautiful until he had had enough.

Rory sighed. He wasn't a butterfly, though the thought had been beautiful - beautiful like the white winter wonderland she found herself in, though she knew that beauty never lasted forever; snow would eventually melt and bubbles would eventually break.

She moved away from the window, pulling back like he had. She crept across the campus, safely tucked away in her coat as she followed in Marty's footsteps.

She ended up in front of Marty's room, her hands tingling as she knocked. She was still cold.

The door opened almost immediately, revealing none other than Marty, tousled hair and all. The familiarity of it made her smile, a gesture he countered, though not knowing why. ''Hey, are you busy?'' The ludicrousness of the question sank in instantly, though none showed it.

Marty shook his head. ''Nope, I just popped some noodles in the microwave so I'm waiting for those.''

Rory nodded, waiting for him to invite her in, something that didn't seem to cross his mind. ''So,'' she started, wondering if he would catch the hint,'' can I come in?''

''Oh, yeah, sure.'' He moved aside, creating more than enough room for her to pass. ''Sorry, my mind's just on the noodles so...'' He waited for her to step inside before closing the door and facing her, his eyes questioning as they met hers, making Rory doubt which act he was pulling; their roles seemed to have switched.

Marty finally took care of the silence, although the awkwardness and confusion was still there. ''Hey, you want some noodles 'cause I can whip up another batch if you give me a few minutes.'' He passed her, not giving her the chance to answer.


''Say four or five, though I have to disappoint you if you're craving anything else 'cause noodles is all I've got,'' he continued.

''Marty,'' Rory tried.

He turned around. ''I'm guessing you're not here for the noodles. Figures,'' he remarked while pocketing his hands. ''It didn't seem like a social call anyway.''

''Well, we can turn this into a social call after you've answered my question.''

''Is it a yes or no question?''

''Why did you just walk away like that?'' Rory asked, ignoring Marty's remark.

''Didn't think so.''

She crossed her arms across her chest and looked at him. ''Marty.''

He shrugged. ''I told you I didn't like the snow that much.''

''You're not being serious.''

Marty's hands slipped from his pockets. ''What I'm telling you is true, I don't think it can get more serious than the truth, do you?''

''Then give me another truth,'' Rory demanded.

A loud ping could be heard from the kitchen.

''My noodles are ready,'' Marty stated.

''Fine,'' Rory said, running a hand through her hair before letting her arms drop back down to her sides. ''I have to get back to the newsroom anyway; I have an article to read over.'' She bit her lip before going on. ''I guess I'll see you later.'' She moved for the door.

Marty sighed. ''I don't like him.'' Rory turned and looked at him. ''I don't like Logan; I don't trust him. Plus, he's a blond and I have issues with blonds; they give me nightmares involving Richie Rich and him running me over with a Rolls Royce.''

Rory smiled. ''How much money do you want to bet that Logan's former name was Richie Rich?''

Marty returned her smile. ''You might have something there. Oh, I know, do a background search on him and write an article about all of the dirt you dig up on him.''

''Spoken like a true reporter.''

Marty snorted. ''Hey, I'm more of a reporter than Logan; you told me yourself that he hardly ever bothers to make an appearance in the newsroom, let alone do actual work.''

''Hey,'' Rory began while putting up her hands defensively, ''you two have issues, I get that, but don't pull me into your little catfight with Huntzberger.''

''It's not a catfight,'' Marty defended. ''It's just...I don't like him, really don't like him and outside he kind of ruined the moment we were having.''


''Right, I knew I should have used another word,'' he mumbled.

Rory chuckled. ''I think I know what you mean, I didn't like him looking, either. I mean, I don't like anyone looking at me, let alone him,'' she confessed.

He didn't pay too much attention to her words. ''Nice to know you're on my side.''

''I didn't know there were any sides,'' she commented.

''There aren't, but it's a friend thing...and we are friends, right?''

Rory threw him another smile. ''Of course.''

''And you and Logan are...'' Marty trailed off.

''Not even friends,'' Rory finished, responding quickly so she wouldn't have the time to doubt; there was no doubt. She didn't know anything about Logan except for small facts she had managed to gather over time, though he hadn't given her enough room to come across a lot.

''So you should probably get back to the newsroom, huh?''

Rory nodded, having only heard the last few words. ''Thanks for the coffee and the dance, of course.''

''Yeah, who can forget...''

They stood in silence for a few seconds until Marty said, ''I should get back to my noodles. I've already kept them waiting for too long.''

''Never stand in the way of a guy and his noodles, got it. I'm already gone,'' Rory said while reaching for the door.

She closed the door behind her just as Marty dropped himself on the couch. He had to remember to reheat his noodles later.

Meanwhile, Rory neared the newsroom, brushing off the thoughts that had crowded her mind during her walk over. She would have more than enough time to sort out her thoughts later. She pushed the door open with her hip while unbuttoning her coat. One side slid off her shoulder, though she didn't notice; instead, she strode over to her desk, guard up.

''You're not supposed to be here.''

Finn looked up, casually leaning against her desk.

''And you're not supposed to be so uptight, but we can't have everything now can we?'' Logan replied from his spot behind his desk, eyes twinkling as he looked at her.

She didn't meet his gaze as she sat down, opening her saved article under the pressure of two sets of eyes. She made it through half of her article. ''Do you mind?'' she asked, looking up at Finn who was simply the easiest to pick one since he was so close.

Finn shook his head. ''No, be my guest.''

Rory rolled her eyes while hitting the print button. ''You know for a foreigner you are really American.''

''I'll take that as a compliment.'' Finn grinned, not making an attempt to move.

She didn't respond, not feeling comfortable enough; instead, she got up and reached for the freshly printed sheets of paper. She deposited them on Doyle's desk and headed for the door, expecting a remark or two, but receiving none.

As soon as she had left, Finn looked over at Logan. ''She seems like fun.''

Logan shrugged. ''She just needs to be loosened up a little.''

Finn's grin returned. ''You always see the best in people.''

Logan smiled while getting up. ''What can I say, I'm a giver.''

''Yeah, right, just like you give to this paper.''

''Ah, Finn, you underestimate me, where do you think the fun would be if I wasn't on this paper?''

''Certainly not in Mrs. Gilmore,'' Finn replied while following Logan out of the newsroom. ''Shouldn't we lock the door or something?'' he asked once they were out in the hall.

Logan threw his friend a mischievous look while closing the door behind him. ''Now where would the fun be in that?''


Back in her room, Rory located her cell phone and sat down on the edge of her bed, bringing the phone to her ear to listen to the one message she had.

''Hey, sweets, it's me. I was hoping to talk to you, but sure enough I missed you. Oh, well, there's nothing I can do about that now so I hope you get this message in time. You know the annual winter ball my mom attends every year, well it seems that this year she's not only attending it, but she has also agreed to host it, gives her the chance to show off the cooking skills of her cook and the decorating skill of one of those professionally hired decorators...who does that for a living anyway? Seriously! Anyway, here's the plan since there's no money in the world that could get me to go to that ball alone. I was thinking you could spend the weekend here... I'll even let you bring all of your books and homework. Don't bother bringing a dress 'cause my mom has this 'thou shall not wear the same dress more than once' policy. We'll just go shopping tomorrow and pick us up a couple of dresses, okay? I'll see you soon...or later, depending on when you get this message, it could even be a surprise, who knows? Love ya.''

Rory smiled; she was going home for the weekend.


It was dark when Rory stepped outside and started across the campus, staining the crisp sheet of snow with her footsteps. She walked as fast as her feet would take her while keeping her eyes on the ground, the white of the snow being one of the only shades she could distinguish. She wasn't a fan of darkness, never had been; she always tried to avoid it, close her curtains and pretend that behind them the sun still shone, a lie for her own sake. She kept watch on the ground so she wouldn't get the chance to see what wasn't there.

She should have looked up; she would have seen him if she had.

He seemed just as lost as he approached her, each step bringing him closer and closer without noticing.

He walked without seeing, too.

They met each other halfway and collided, both shook out of their thoughts. She stumbled backwards while he stumbled forwards, gently taking a hold of her arm before she cold get too far. ''Watch it, Ace,'' he said, putting the blame on her just to get a reaction.

Their eyes set on each other, though hers slipped when he pulled her closer, her messenger bag caught between them. ''Logan,'' she began, trying to calculate if it was too close for people who didn't even consider each other as friends, ''sorry, I didn't see you.''

''Seems like you're not seeing me a lot today.'' He allowed her to pull her hand back. She reached for the strap of her bag with both hands, not responding. ''Where are you off to?'' he continued, picking up where he didn't leave off.

He hadn't expected her to answer.

Rory took a step back, searching for something behind the small talk, anything; she didn't trust him, either. ''Home,'' she replied. ''I'm going home for the weekend. My mom's picking me up,'' she added.

Logan nodded, smiling as her eyes momentarily met his. ''Then you should better be going.'' He moved aside. ''We don't want to keep your mom waiting now would we?''

''Yeah, I'll see you later,'' Rory said while passing him.

''Later, Ace,'' were his final words as he watched her walk off.

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