Neo walked up the mountain with his troop of bandits, making curves every so often. After a while, he stopped his bandits for a break. A few lay down to rest as Neo mark their location and called his troop up from rest.

They walked for an hour or so until one of Neo's men spotted their target. It was a vast city dotted with skyscrapers and smaller buildings. The band started the climb down the mountain when one of the reploids saw a black crow, resting on a tree, watching the group. It's eye twitched, and the reploid could clearly see, that it was a robot. The repliod let out a long call as every one of the bandits aimed their busters at the crow, and fired.

The crow exploded in a furry of plasma and the reploids continued down the cliff.

"Ughh." Mumbled X. "Five more minutes." "No time! Neosatitagainwehavetostophimrightnowbecauseiwannafighthimandkillthatstupidmavrickofhell…" Said Zero so quick that not even I can under stand what he is saying. "Zero." Zero stopped talking. "Stop." Said X. "Sorry." Said Zero. "Well he's at the border of the city so… no worry." Neo and his band have change course for maverick hunter HQ. Replied the genderless intercom. "DAMN YOU, MURPHY'S LAW!" Shouted Zero.