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Nami's Dilemma

A young lad lay on his cot, snoring loudly as he slept. There was a funny way the splashing of the waves along the side of the ship blended with his snores. He looked like a child. Yet instead of the usual stuff toys children hug while they sleep, a large straw hat was what he held tightly against his chest. Of course, this guy is none other than Monkey D. Luffy.

There was a soft creaking sound of a door opening and Nami entered. She was careful not to make any sound as she walked on the wooden floor boards though she knew that he sleeps like a rock. Nami smirked at the thought and, when she found a favorable stool to sit on, she peered closely at the young captain's face. She did all this with vague familiarity, knowing that she had done this many times before when she chanced to find Luffy asleep.

Nami sighed. Before she had met him, she lived a life of (not literally) a caged bird. She dedicated eight years of her life to paying 100,000,000 belly to free Kokoyoshi village. During those times, Nami lived the life of a thief and a scoundrel. Then, Luffy came into her life and everything changed. She learned how to laugh again and, though she had pretended to feel aloof regarding Luffy's offer to navigate the ship, deep inside, she wanted to be part of the merry crew. Many things happened since those times. When, Nami betrayed her comrades, Luffy followed her to Arlong's Island because he trusted her. And though she drove him away, though she screamed at him repeatedly, he refused to go. And he promised to help her. The stupid yet brave captain, after a tough fight in Arlong's Park, freed her from her obligations and saved the Kokoyoshi village as well. After that, she has finally joined the crew.

Nami reminisced on these things while her hand unconsciously went up to Luffy's face. Her fingers felt the scar under his cheek. She realized how much the captain's face has changed. The color of his skin has grown a bit browner and coarser. Despite the loudness of his snore, his face seemed to be almost noble. Gingerly, her forefinger lowered to his lips. Suddenly, she wanted to kiss him and Nami blushed furiously at the idea. The image of her and the captain kissing passionately seemed so hideous to her, not because she didn't want it but because she knew that it was impossible. Too impossible to be real.

Nami suppressed a lonely sigh. No, I shouldn't be thinking like this. Luffy is the captain after all and it isn't good to have a too intimate relationship between us. Anyways, if a relationship between us could exist, he's probably too stupid to fall in love with me.

She ran her fingers through his dark hair and smirked ironically to herself.

"No," she murmured quietly, "I'm probably the one who's stupid. No one would be stupid enough to fall in love with you anyways."

She chuckled a bit too loudly and Luffy stirred. Nami froze for a minute and gulped. She dared not breathe lest he wake up. What will I say? I shouldn't be here anyway! What have I gotten myself into?

Suddenly, Luffy sat up wide-eyed and looked around. He yawned loudly for a few seconds and stretched his arms and legs as he sat there on the cot. Only then did he realize that Nami was there.

He looked at her unblinkingly, and said in his usual scratchy voice, "Oh, Nami! What are you doing here? Do you want to sleep here?"

"Ah—umm—no!" she stammered, her thoughts going in a fuzz as desperately tried to think of an alibi, "I was just—ah—just—"

"Are you sick again, Nami?" asked Luffy in a worried tone, "You look a bit red."

"Oh no, I was—uh—"

Luffy's hand automatically went to her forehead and stayed there. Then, he briefly touched her neck. She closed her eyes at the strange warmth of his coarse hands.

"Hmm, you're not that hot though," said Luffy, finally moving his hand away from her, much to Nami's disappointment, "You sure you're ok?"

"Huh, oh, yes…I—I'm definitely fine," she said, her eyes following the movement of his hand. How she wished that he would not look at her in his usual unfaltering gaze. She felt her face grow even hotter.

"Are you sure? I could go tell Chopper—"

"No. I am fine."

He studied her for a few more minutes, which seemed like an eternity to Nami. Then, he blinked and flashed his large toothy grin at her.

"I'm starving! What's Sanji cooking for lunch?" he said loudly and stood up. His hand briefly made contact with her pinwheel tattoo as he started for the door. She went stiff again. She heard the door open and Luffy went out.

"Nami, Come on! Let's eat! I'm hungry!" he shouted, and he slammed the door shut. When she could no longer hear his loud footsteps, she buried her head in her lap. She clutched the tattoo and bit her lip in frustration. The mere heat of his touch had immobilized her. She shook her head in disbelief.

"He's makes me feel so strong—and weak at the same time," she mumbled, "Luffy, if only you knew, if only you could understand."

Unwanted tears fell from her eyes. Luffy will never ever love me back. We'll always be like this. I'll always be just his friend. I can't expect anything more. She quickly wiped them away when she heard footsteps returning. The door slapped open and a certain yellow-haired guy materialized into the room.

"Nami-san, the dinner I made especially for you is ready," said Sanji in the usual gentlemanly tone he used whenever he talked to women.

"I'll catch up later," she said with a small sniff.

Sanji, though generally a fool, is not insensitive and so he noticed the swollen cheeks and eyes.

"Nami-san, why are you crying," asked Sanji gently and he kneeled in front for her.

"I'm not crying. I don't cry," she said trying to sound tough.

"Ah, but strong and pretty women still do," he replied wisely.

"Don't butter me up with your words, Sanji," she said angrily, "It's none of your damn business."

"Come on, who made you cry? I'll kill whoever did that to you."

"Nobody did."

"But, Na—"

"GO AWAY!" she screamed, standing up in all her anger. Sanji seemed hurt but he nodded understandingly and left without another word. Nami just stood there for a whole minute and collapsed uncertainly in Luffy's cot. She curled herself up into a ball as she cried uncontrollably.


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