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More Than Words Could Show

Nami suddenly looked up and met his eyes. There was a heart warming expression on his black eyes that she just couldn't place. Could it be…

"I don't know. When I'm with you, I'm just happy. And I want to be with you all day. Is that love?"

Nami blushed at his words. They sound so naïve, simple…and meaningful at the same time. Her hand itched to reach up to pull him close but she merely gulped the tumultuous emotions running in her throat and said, "I'm not sure. Maybe you should elaborate. Go on."

"I like seeing you smile."

"That's natural between friends."

"Um…I like listening to your voice."

"You hardly even understand what I say, most of the time."

There was silence. Nami almost got tired waiting when he thoughtfully murmured,

"I don't like seeing you lonely. I saw you like that for the first time when we were in that man-fish's island. That's why I destroyed Arlong Park; I wanted to erase all the traces of those who made you unhappy."

Nami gaped at him, her eyes wide. He never told her his reasons for wholly destroying that place. All she has seen back then was the falling structure; he has never told her about this before…

"You know, I really hated it when that Arlong made you cry. You didn't want me involved so I tried not to get involved. But the moment I saw you crying on the dirt, it became my affair. No one has the right to hurt my navigator."

The way Luffy used the "my" made Nami's heart pound. Luffy's never been this open with his feelings before. Sometimes, she thought that maybe, since the time he ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, his heart has become rubber as well. Now, she realized how wrong her assumptions were. There may still be hope for her after all. She merely nodded at him to go on.

"I was so afraid when you got sick. I thought I would lose my navigator," and Nami flushed again at his use of "my", "I couldn't imagine you dying. I can't."

"Luffy…" she murmured.

More silence. Then,

"Am I in love with you?" asked Luffy abruptly peering at her with wide eyes. The question sounded so stupid that a big roll of sweat dropped from her head.

"Luffy, you shouldn't ask me those questions!" she exclaimed and punched the rubber guy on the face. He seemed shocked but not hurt. Even Nami herself was startled by her reaction but she pretended not to be.

Seriously, Luffy leaned forward again, this time, much nearer and asked.

"Nami, are you in love with me?"

She gulped, and reddened furiously, "Luffy…you—you don't know what you're saying."

"Are you sure?" he asked annoyingly, his big black eyes boring deeper into hers.

"I think I am?" it was more of a question than an answer, and added in a more forceful tone, "Luffy! You're not supposed to—to just pop questions like that! I mean, you know that you shouldn't, do you? And—and—"

Nami found that she could no longer continue. She felt upset, confused and doubtful at the same time. Why would he ask those things? Why, all of a sudden?

Why do you have to ask something that's so damn obvious? She thought desperately.

The heat and tension hung like an evil stench in the air. Nami dared not move, nor breathe. Even Luffy remained as immobile as a statue.

Then, Luffy blinked and flashed Nami an intelligible grin that melted all her doubts.

"I don't know if I'm in love with you, Nami, but I know you're important to me. Since you said that you do care for me, too…why don't we just travel the sea—together forever? That would be cool! The Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy, together with his navigator, Nami, traveling all over the five oceans in the company of—"

Nami couldn't speak.

Am I dreaming? She thought light-headedly. The words sounded vague and far-off. All that registered in her head is the meaning behind his ramblings.

I am right. He does care. He does. He does!!

She never thought it could happen but it actually did. The tension was getting too hot and impulsively, Nami cut him off his speech. She eagerly cupped Luffy's face and kissed him. It took quite awhile for Luffy to respond, and Nami understood that he is merely inexperienced but she didn't care. She's not so experienced herself.

After a few minutes, they gasped for breath. Nami realized that they are now both standing, with arms wrapped around each other. Luffy stared at her and grinned.

"Hehe! I never knew kissing is fun!" he said, his scratchy voice pleasant in her ears.

"Maybe we should do this more often?" she suggested sweetly.

With a wider grin he exclaimed, "Why not?!"

Nami giggled and thought, He hasn't told me if he really loves me, yet. Oh well, I'll just beat it out of him later, then.

Again, they found each other's lips and kissed harder than ever.

"Waahh!! My Nami!!" mourned Sanji as he watched the scene from a spy hole Usopp recently made, "And we could have had a wonderful future together!"

"Shut up, you idiot, or they'll see us," whispered Vivi angrily as she pushed Sanji away to look.

"Move over, I want to see that, too," whined Chopper.

"I guess I'll make more holes then. You know, I could make holes like this in a flash. Honest!" declared Usopp proudly.

"Really?" asked Chopper, his eyes almost popping in awe.

"Ha, if I recall correctly, it took you thirty minutes to make one hole. Is that your idea of a flash?" said Zoro sarcastically.

"Well, I could do it faster. Anyways, the idea came from me,"

"AHEM! Wasn't I the one who suggested making this stupid hole," argued Vivi.

"Oh, look at that, they're doing something else! Oh, God, Nami never did that with me!" exclaimed a horrified Sanji.

"You aren't even lovers, you idiot!" said Chopper.

"Who are you calling idiot?"

"You, of course. I don't see a face more idiotic than yours."

"I'll cook you for that insult!"

As they continued bickering, Zoro sighed. He didn't dare look at the hole and see something that would make him jealous. He merely shook his head. That Luffy is one lucky guy. And with a small smile on his lips, he fell asleep.

He woke up some time after, when Nami and Luffy found the crew spying on them.


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