Nightingale: a James Bond 007 Fan Fiction.

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Chapter One- The Beginning.

Colombia is not always a really pleasant plays to visit.

Colombia is a country that runs on drugs and the Mafia. The KGB has

Tried to stop this but they just failed. Some of the Mafia has moved to

Russia for the last couple of years. Kozlov klosova was the leader of

The mafia in Russia and was planning of launching a space shuttle that

Contains a rocket with poisonous chemicals and launch the rocket in


It was such a beautiful morning when James Bond entered Miss

Monneypenny's office.

"Morning, Monneypenny" said James Bond as he greeted Miss

Monneypenny who is M's personal secretary.

"Late as usual" said Miss Monneypenny. "You would better go in M's

been waiting for you, she looks really worried too" said Monneypenny

as she opened a document on her desk.

"M's always worried" said James Bond as he walked into M's office.

"Have a seat 007" said Monneypenny as Bond entered her office.

"Welcome back 007, you have done a really excellent job on your

previous mission in Iceland" said M. James Bond was really amazed she

had told him one good thing, she had never done that in such a long


"A new problem has happened" said M worried

"It seems 008 and a Russian agent have disappeared in Moscow, Russia

this morning. They might have been killed" said M.

M pressed a button on her desk and behind her was a picture of

Two people.

"These are pictures of 008 and the Russian agent" said M

"When was this picture taken" asked Bond

"A year ago" replied M "But why are you asking 007?"

"Just to have information"

M pressed a different button and another picture appeared

It was a picture a man.

"This is a picture of Kozlov Klosova, Did you ever hear of him 007?"

"Well yes he works for the Mafia in Colombia and then moved to

Russia and is the head of the Mafia in Russia now"

"Well we believe he is behind this 007" said M


"Kozlov Klosova was planning on launching a space shuttle containing a

rocket that has poisonous chemicals. Kozlov wanted to launch the

rocket in England."

"But why would he do that?"

"Well 007 you must find out. I would like to tell you that you will not be

working alone"

"Why" asked Bond

"Anya Lasova a Russian agent will be working with you 007"

"He is the documents that contain all the information you need 007"

"When will I meet here?"

"Tonight 9:00 pm sharp" said M

"You will be flying to Russia tomorrow morning, and I need

you to send me all the information you get 007"

"Sure M" said Bond

"You can go now Bond but don't forget to go to Q's lab tomorrow

morning at 7:00 am right before your flight to Russia, good luck 007"