A/N: I never originally meant to post this, but why not? Watching the movies just tends to put me in a poetic mood. And so here we have a short poem that takes place when the Rohirrim first show up at Pelennor. You know- when they're all screaming 'DEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!" or something like that. One of my favourite parts in the whole film.

Disclaimer: -shrug-


This chant is wordless and essentially meaningless
Unless you find yourself
Clinging to it like last hope
Last strength, one last ember
From the memory of a raging flame
Hearts race, anticipating the time to come
When swords will clash in time to their thunder
When men will fall, and men will triumph
And the senseless cry rings true
In every broken spear and every thriving spirit
Forth √Čorlingas!