Carol Of The Bells

By AriznGlori

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Toshi Tsuiseki

Kikyo walked down the wide sidewalk of the city street, descending down a hill that, five hundred years prior, was tree-laden and silent. Now, it was busy, loud, and the air was polluted. She was disgusted to her core.

"The architecture is foreign and oppressive," she whispered in shock; "some form from the mainland, maybe. And yet…" she looked ahead of her, at the tall buildings of steel and glass that pierced the iron sky. "I feel an inorganic power here." Just then a car zoomed by, and the miko jumped four feet in the air. "AH!"

The priestess found herself clutching an iron post, shuddering in fear; she was getting unfriendly stares from the strangely dressed passerby. "W-what are you all staring at?" she demanded angrily; the stares stopped as people hurried on their way.

"Goodness; you'd think they've never seen a miko before…" Getting off the pole, she made a show of fixing herself, walking with a dignified air down the street again.

After a while of walking along, looking around, she passed by a store full of mannequins in frilly and brightly-colored under-garments. "Ooh," Kikyo said wonderingly, looking at the store with interest. She raised her eyes to the name of the store. "'Victoria's Secret'? It is definitely a foreign place." Kikyo looked longingly at the bras. "Ah…" She looked down at her sagging chest. "Oh man…"

Sighing in feigned resolution, she walked in through the doors of the store, which would be thrown into utter chaos that day.

Hark, how the bells, sweet silver bells,

All seem to say, "Throw cares away!"

"Inuyasha, meet Ayame, Yuka, and Eri; they are my three best friends," Kagome said with a nervous smile. But Inuyasha and the three girls just glared at each other, lightning sparks erupting from their eyes. "I'm not a two-timer," he hissed.

"That's not what Kagome said," Ayame pointed out angrily. Inuyasha growled threateningly in response, giving the girl an uneasy feeling. Is this guy human? Of course, she had no way of knowing, and, oddly enough, nobody took into account his ears so far… until Eri decided to point them out, that is.

"Oh, what cute ears! The name's Inuyasha, right? Where'd you get them?" She reached up to touch them, much to the hanyou's anger and embarrassment.

"Uhhh…I forget?" Inuyasha answered lamely. He really had no idea what to expect; Kagome's mother accepted them easily enough…

"Ah, it was probably EBay, right? Everything cool is on sale on EBay... They're so soft; I want some," Eri answered ruefully. "Now back to the glaring…"

"Everybody seems to want to glare at me today for some reason…" Inuyasha murmured, feeling like he was in the shit-hole. His ears drooped, and all present, police included, stared wide-eyed. Kagome sweat-dropped, thinking nervously, Oh Kami Oh Kami Oh Kami Oh Kami Oh Kami Oh Kami…

"That was cool! Do it again!" Yuka grinned, sipping a hot cocoa that nobody previously noticed. Ayame looked over at her and murmured "When did we go for hot chocolate?" Eri shrugged in response. Yuka was, however, blissfully unaware of the shift in focus from Inuyasha to herself.

"Typical Yuka…" Kagome remarked. Unfortunately, now the attention was on her. She sweat-dropped again. "What?"

"Um… why are you arrested and being taken into the police station two days before Christmas? I mean, just shop, don't steal; you can get gifts for everyone," Eri replied. Kagome looked at her like she was nuts.

"Huh? What do you think I did?"

"Err… Didn't you shoplift to get everyone presents for Christmas? Like, if you didn't have enough money before-hand to buy us all stuff?" Kagome still stared at her blankly. Eri started to get a tick above her eyebrow. "You didn't shoplift for us, did you?" It was more of a statement than a question, but Kagome nodded anyways. They don't think that they're that high on my priority list right now, are they? No, I guess not…

"Err, okay… I didn't shoplift one thi- well, then again" She glanced at the officers, who frowned at her. "—no, nothing," Kagome finished quickly, positively a nervous wreck right now. "Eheheh?"

Ayame raised one eyebrow at her response. "'Eheheh?'" The others stared at the girl, Inuyasha's jaw on the pavement as he stared in sock at Kagome. Kagome…lied? BLATANTLY? In front of these strange samurai people? Is she nutty?

Christmas is here, bringing good cheer,

To young and old, meek and the bold!—

"Um, Shippo? Are you okay?" Sango glanced over at the kitsune.

"I believe he is unwell," Miroku said seriously. "We must get him to the hut of Kaede; she'll know what to do." Miroku made a move to go get the kitsune, but Sango stopped him.

"I'll get him," the taijiya said. "You are also unwell, and it will hardly do to have you collapse halfway there due to exhaustion." Actually, Sango was going to test Miroku… She walked over to the kitsune, bending down to pick him up, exposing her butt to Miroku's reach purposefully. She managed to pick up the fox tyke without a grope, and she nearly had a heart-attack. In a fit of anger, she turned around and glared at the monk.

"How dare you!" Sango screeched. "Do you want to kill me!"

"Uh, what did I do to hurt you, Lady Sango?" Miroku asked in a slightly nervous tone. "Did I offend you?"

Sango blinked suddenly, realizing what she was just getting at, and she flushed clearly. "N-no, Miroku-sama," she whispered. "I was just…testing you…You passed, for the first time."

"Oh, Lady Sango, I get it! You were trying to test me to see if I would grope you." Miroku smiled, but it wasn't a smile of the perverted kind; it was a smile of simple understanding, and Sango was shocked to see the difference. Miroku's smile made something inside her flutter wildly, and she blushed all the more.

"Did you perform this test on me a lot, Lady Sango?" Miroku asked, getting up and going over to take Shippo from her arms. Sango bowed her head in embarrassment.

"Yes, and you failed every time…"

"You did the test for your own pleasure, didn't you?"

"…." Sango didn't answer.

"You used me for… for…?" Miroku sputtered in shock. He couldn't get the words out.

"H-hey, I never s-said anything!" Sango protested, stuttering a bit. "Q-quit jumping to conc-clusions, Miroku!"

Ding dong ding-dong, that is their song,

Ring, joyful ring! All caroling!

Kikyo walked out of the now-destroyed Victoria's Secret, carrying bag after bag of under-garments while people on the sidewalks ran screaming. The priestess was blissfully unaware, for now she was enjoying her first bra. Support feels good…

Eventually, she wandered into a street where no one knew she just obliterated a lingerie-store; people paid her no mind as she waltzed down the sidewalk, unless it was for her odd clothes. Soon enough, Kikyo noticed.

Hmm…I must look very different from everyone else…Of course; I should have realized that they're all in black cloaks and talking on shiny beeping things. If I'm ever to find Kagome and get my soul back, I might as well find some clothes to blend in…

Kikyo, being the under-handed evil bitch conveniently portrayed here, realized that she could just jump someone and take their clothes, rather than risking as much notice as she did for robbing Victoria's Secret just now. She went into an alley, and watched the crowds of people walk by, waiting until she found someone who had a body-type very much similar to her own.

Unfortunately, she did see one, a business-woman walked by, chattering in a language she did not understand, but heard other speaking; 'Ringish,' or something like it. The woman took no notice of the priestess in the alley, at least not until the miko grabbed her off of the sidewalk, covered her mouth, and purified her on the spot. The priestess then proceeded to switch their outfits behind a large stack of crates.

When Kikyo slipped onto the sidewalk in a stylish business coat, form-fitting black pants, shining black high-heels, pink scarf and Matrix-like sunglasses, nobody noticed the dead girl, lying behind the crates in clothing five hundred years out-of-date.

One seems to hear, words of good cheer,

From everywhere, filling the air!—

"Kagome, you're a card, alright," Yuka sighed sarcastically. She then proceeded to slurp some more on her hot cocoa, Eri and Ayame still trying to figure out where it came from.

"D-does that mean…that you think that I'm…skinny?" Kagome asked hopefully, even though she already thought she knew the answer.

"Yes, and no," the girl responded. "You're thin, but that's not what I meant." The police officers glanced at their watches, sighing.

"We'd better get you two to a cell," one said, going to grab Inuyasha's cuffs and take him inside.

"Yeah," replied the other, going for Kagome. "Wait until you get to call your parents. Ha! Ha! Ha!" But Inuyasha had had enough with the two for the day, much to Kagome's mixed-relief and horror.

The demon broke his handcuffs easily, tearing the remnants of the metal band off his wrist, which made life a lot easier; he could now go and fight with these two pussy-cops like he wanted to.

Timely enough, the officer going for Kagome pulled out a pistol, aiming at Inuyasha. "Freeze, freak!" The officer was trying to look tough, but Inuyasha was unimpressed. He walked right up to the officer, until the gun was over his chest, but not his heart; the hanyou had played enough violent video-games with Souta when Kagome was busy to understand what could happen.

"Go ahead; pull the trigger," Inuyasha hissed. Ayame, Eri, Yuka, and Kagome stared open-mouthed, as well as the other officer, who then fainted in fear. The hanyou snorted.

"Guns are so over-rated; now claws" the hanyou showed them to the officer—"are so much better. They allow for better control, and long-distance attacks. See?" He slashed at the length of the gun, and it fell in five even chunks of neatly-cut metal. The officer fainted at well.

"Oh, you are so in trouble," Ayame, Eri, and Yuka said at once. Inuyasha turned his harsh golden gaze upon them, and his claws flashed in the meager winter light. "Wanna a piece of me?"

"If Kagome doesn't mind," Ayame winked. Inuyasha blushed, and Kagome's ears proceeded to spew steam.

"Inuyasha," her voice, low and deadly, sounded. The dog-boy gulped. "SIT! YOU TWO-TIMER!" SLAM! Right on top of those annoying officers… Eri gaped at Kagome.

"M-magic…? Spells?" Eri, Ayame and Yuka looked at each other in fearful realization. "KAGOME'S A WITCH!" They ran away in fear, disappearing down the near-deserted sidewalk, rounding a corner, nearly barreling Kikyo over in the process as the miko drew up closer to her prey.

Kagome muttered to herself feverishly. "I'm so dead…" Sighing, she knelt down, and helped the hanyou up. He murmured angrily at her nonetheless. "Aren't you supposed to hate me?"

"I thought us girls had selective hearing, but this is ridiculous!" Kagome cried. "We'll discuss this later; right now we need to get you back to your own time. Things have been screwed up here as it is!"

"Are you mad at me?"

"If fat, butt-faced monsters are waltzing around this city, preying on innocents and stealing lingerie while hunting a crazed half-demon and his soul-stealing friend while eating sushi through their rectum, then no, I'm not!" Just then, Kikyo walked around the corner, eating sushi off a plate she stole from a passerby's bag. Kagome stared.

"It seems that I spoke too soon… Inuyasha, I'm still PO'd, so you're not off the hook yet." Kikyo glowered at her reincarnation angrily; she was dead, not deaf.

"Would it help if I…err… aided in our mutual escape?" Inuyasha asked, noticing the dark flash in Kikyo's eyes. He was very afraid when the gaze turned on him, and the miko's palms started glowing bluish-white, her teeth grinding together maliciously...

"It might help a bit…" Kagome said in a nervous manner, but Kikyo was already conjuring her soul collectors. They materialized in their ghostly, serpentine forms, things so unworldly compared to the modern cityscape they were now in.

Inuyasha grabbed Kagome around the waist and dashed into the police station, which had surprisingly few people, most likely due to people like Kagome shop-lifting… Inuyasha dashed through the offices, looking for a place to exit.

"Doesn't this place have any windows!" he growled anxiously at realizing that all the light was provided by the ceiling. Kagome looked up at him from her cradled position, and pointed towards a sign in a hallway directing the way towards the stairs.

"Kikyo can't fly, so let's get to the roof."

The said-priestess was right on the two's tail, purifying all who were present. Men and women fell to the ground left and right, and a few aware officers pulled out their guns and shot at the priestess; however, the bullets ricocheted off of the girl's shield of soul-collectors, the demons unaffected because of their lifeless qualities, returning to their deliverers, bringing death to all they hit.

It was a massacre the likes of modern Tokyo had never seen. Furniture was shattered, hitting more people; blood was sprayed upon the walls, and papers and telephones and all sorts of office-equipment went flying. Kagome and Inuyasha were barely able to keep ahead of the rampaging priestess on a mission.

Inuyasha, still carrying Kagome, was dashing up the stairs to the roof, turn after turn after turn up the very tall building. Kikyo had burst into the stairs not long after them and used her soul collectors, who had just stocked her up with the souls of all the young girls she just killed, to lift her up, and she was soon gliding over the stairs at a rate even Inuyasha couldn't match.

The hanyou knew it; he would never get to the roof in time. He changed course and ran into a different floor, the one where all the emergency-calls were handled.

Oh, how they pound, raising the sound,

O'er hill and dale, telling their tale!—

"We're very lucky to be alive," Miroku concluded his story, looking across the small hut's central fire pit to Kaede. The old woman sighed shakily.

"It is as I dreaded," she replied sadly. "I fear now, more than ever, for Lady Kagome's safety. It appears blatantly before us that Inuyasha isn't the only one besides her that can manipulate the magical properties of the well."

"I don't know," Sango said, pulling out a copy of Alice in Wonderland. "It clearly describes a well-like rabbit-hole in a tree in here, also manipulated by a little girl and an animal-like creature, except it was all a dream. I read the whole thing, but I have no idea what a seal is; or a queen of hearts. Or an Alice even."

"I have a sudden urge to sing 'The Old Grand-duke of York'," Shippo stated, now awake from his shock-induced slumber. "Or hum the Harry Potter theme song, but I'm not sure." The kitsune pulled out a small nursery-rhyme book and a tape player. "I think it's sort of weird that she gave me some cry-baby songs for Christmas… It's supposed to be a really important holiday or something; Hanukkah too. I think it's just winter though."

"Well," said Miroku briskly, "I think celebrating in the winter is silly; quite a waste of food, if you ask me."

"They have KFC, so it can't be all that bad," Shippo pointed out. "Remember when she brought that over?"

"Who could forget?" Kaede sighed happily. "It was the best chicken ever; maybe better than the one I was preparing when INUYASHA STOLE IT!" The woman's outburst was sudden and fiery, and Shippo was gone in less than a second, screaming about not wanting to get booted out of the tree.

Gaily they ring, while people sing,

Songs of good cheer, Christmas is here!—

"Mom?" Souta popped out from the foyer closet, looking around. "Mom, where are you?" He crawled along the stairwell, looking towards the entrance to the living room. It was very quiet, and not a thing moved. As he crawled across the matted floor of the narrow hallway, he could feel his blood pounding in his wrists, and beads of sweat leaking down his face.

"Mom?" His chest was shuddering with his fearful breaths; every time he exhaled, he swore that he could feel his body rock the floor. Was he quiet enough? Was that crazed Kagome-copy still in the house, waiting for him? He was too frightened to want and find out.

"Are you in the living room?" he asked the silent air. There was no answer. His skin was flowing in different spots from hot to cold, and his palms were sweating. He peeked into to the living room, and saw Mrs. Higurashi lying there, eyes closed.

Souta was now shivering in an unimaginable terror. Was she dead? He couldn't tell, and he was too scared to go check; he had to get to the phone. He had to call the police.

The phone was in the kitchen, which wasn't too far from where he was. But was Kikyo in the kitchen? He had no way of knowing, and yet he had no choice. Souta got up slowly into a crouched position, thanking Kami that the floor didn't creak beneath him. Then, he moved as fast as he could towards the kitchen.

Grabbing the phone off the jack, he broke down, crying, cowering in a corner with the phone, shuddering. His fingers shook badly as he dialed the police station; he didn't know what to do to calm down. Somehow, some way, he made his fingers work, and pressed the buttons carefully, forcing himself to take deep breaths. He held the phone up to his ear, and listened as it rang.

Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas!

Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas!—

Kagome and Inuyasha waited, hiding under a large desk of a vacant cubicle, listening as the few remaining people in the floor fled or fell to the wrath of Kikyo. The women and men who usually took the emergency calls were gone, and phones rang off the hook, unanswered. Kagome shuddered quietly, whispering "Oh Kami, how did this happen?"

Inuyasha's ears drooped again. He knew that this was his entire fault; now, people all over were dying… Right above them, the emergency-phone rang loudly, causing the hanyou to hiss and cover his ears. Kagome glanced up too. Inuyasha could see the yearning for her to use the phone, however it was used to save people...

Instead, she waited silently, her eyes telling the story of the guilt behind them. How she wanted to pick up that phone; but Kikyo was nearby. Inuyasha lightly elbowed Kagome and nodded in the priestess's direction, roughly a booth or two over. The phone still rang. Kagome had had it.

Before the hanyou could even realize, the girl had managed to get the phone, and was hurriedly whispering into it in her lowest voice.

"Police. What's wrong?" The girl listened to the light sobbing on the other end, strangely familiar.

"H-hello, my n-n-name's Souta H-Higuras" But before the boy could get the words out, Kagome shouted "Souta!" Unfortunately, Kikyo heard the high-pitched, joyous squeal of the girl, and was working on figuring a way through the office cubicles to get to the voice source; she could sense Kagome was extremely close.

"K-Kagome! Is that you?" the boy on the other end wept loudly. "I-I'm so s-scared! T-this creepy version of you c-came out of the well, and"

"I know; she's in the police station right now, hunting us down. Inuyasha and I are hiding under a desk in a cubicle," Kagome whispered back, looking at Inuyasha's frantic warning signs, many involving running a finger horizontally across his neck and the middle finger.

"She is? When she was here, she hurt mom!"

"W-what?" Kagome whispered in shock. "Is she alive?"

"I-I was too scared to check!"

"Feel her pulse; on her neck, okay? It's a little more accura- oh, what am I saying? Who cares if it's timely as long as it's there?"

"Okay sis, I'll check…I-I'm sorry I wouldn't play Uno with you," the boy apologized sadly.

"Forget that; is mom okay?"

"I-I'm checking; hey! S" Then, it ended; the phone died. Kagome frowned impatiently. "Dammit…" She yanked on the phone cord, and the phone's platform fell off the desk with a loud clatter, cut wires displayed.

It was only then that Kagome realized that Inuyasha cut them with his claws. How he deserved a royal sitting…

On, now they send! On, without end,

Their joyful tone, to every home!—

"Well, maybe we can use it," Sango said, gazing down the dark shape of the well's mouth. She couldn't see the bottom in the feeble winter sun, but she could tell that, if she jumped in, she could probably live. With a broken limb of course…

"Don't do it, Sango," Shippo begged. "It doesn't work; I was in it while getting attacked by that big ugly wolf-guy, and I couldn't get through. Kagome and Inuyasha can only get through because of the jewel shards, probably."

"But Inuyasha possesses no shards whatsoever, and he can leap through just as easily as Lady Kagome," Miroku pondered. "Maybe it also involves the bond created between them by the necklace that was bestowed upon him by Kaede."

"'Bestowed' is hardly descriptive," Shippo said dryly. "She practically strangled him to get them on, or so Kagome told me."

"Okay…Miroku, bye!" Sango said, pushing the baffled monk into the well. "A-A-A-I-I-I-I-E-E!" The monk landed with a thud. Sango and Shippo leaned over the rim of the well, peering in to see the damage they had done.

"He didn't make it through!" Sango hissed irritably. "He's just lying there, and" She gasped. The bottom of the well glowed briefly, and Miroku stared at the ground upon which he lay. The light, however, flickered and failed, and the shaft of the well was returned to darkness.

"He almost made it through," Shippo sighed. "Maybe it is because of the Shikon shards; and Miroku has three, so…"

"I don't think that's it," Sango frowned. "It could be just holy reasons; you know, like he can only get through because he's holy. Kikyo got through, and Kagome's her reincarnation, so that's most likely it."

"But how did Inuyasha get through?"

"The link with his prayer beads; his are bound by a potent spell; much stronger than the one that binds Miroku's hand, most likely. It could have a link that stands up to the powers of time…"


"I dunno… could it be strength? Kikyo and Inuyasha are strong, and Kagome's strong too…Wait! Does that make Miroku weak?"

"Let's throw him in again!"

"Okay! Miroku, get up here!"

"My back hurts," Miroku whined. "I wanna go home now!"

"You don't have a home! Get up here; Shippo and I wanna see if our other theories work!"

"Fine, I'll be right up…bitch…"

End Of Chapter 5

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