Ha! I told you this chapter wouldn't take that long! Now for some reason, this story was deleted, and a prologue isn't a non-story, damn it! So here's the first chapter, and fanfiction better not delete it just for a prologue which actually IS part of a story, you dumbass site-runner-person-dude!


The Titans, Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy were hanging out in the rec-room of titans' tower. Cyborg and Beast Boy were arguing over what kind of pizza to order. Raven was caught up in the pages of a black book that appeared somewhat old. Robin was flirtatiously staring at Starfire, who was dancing and lipsinging to "Lala".

"Okay, guys," Robin said, "Friday's pizza night, so what kind do we all want?" as soon as he had said that, he instantly wished he didn't.

"I personally don't care as long as it isn't covered in tofu, pickles, or mint frosting," Raven said in her monotone voice.

"Hey! What's wrong with tofu?" Beast Boy snapped.

"Because it's a pitiful excuse for protein," Raven answered coolly. Beast Boy fainted anime style. Raven rolled her eyes and continued reading her book.

"Let's get pepperoni, y'all." Cyborg suggested.

"Jeesh, Cy, you must have the worst day-to-day memory ever, because I have to remind you every day that I'm a vegetarian, dude!" Beast Boy said.

"Oh, well, I need non-tofu now!"

The five titans got into the T-car, Beast Boy and Cyborg still arguing over what pizza to get. Raven was staring out of the window the entire time- or at least, that was what she wanted them to think. She was really staring at Beast Boy through the corner of her eye.

Starfire was in the same boat. She was watching Robin, who was yelling at Beast Boy and Cyborg to try to get them to stop fighting.

Starfire finally decided to enter the argument. "We should have some Farka berry pie, one of my favorite Tameranian foods,"

"NO!" the rest of them said simultaneously.

Then, there was a ten second silence.

Then, "Man, I need my industrial music," Raven put in a Papa Roach CD and the song "Getting away with murder" came on.

"Raven, your music is way too loud, dude," said Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy, your music is way too crappy,"

Everyone but Raven and Beast Boy laughed like hyenas. Raven wasn't because she never laughed. Beast Boy wasn't because he was getting dissed by Raven, which happened almost every day. But then, Raven decided to smile for him.

"Whoah," Beast Boy thought. Raven was smiling for him. She never smiled- ever. Beast Boy had never seen her smile at all before, so he quickly tried to carve it into his photographic memory, so he could come back to it if he ever really needed to.

Raven turned away and got out of the car; Beast Boy had realized that during his daydreaming they had arrived at the pizza parlor. "Damn hormones" Bb thought. (A/n: lol!)

Beast Boy was the second-to-last one out of the car. Cyborg was doing any car repair you could think of on his 'baby'. He wiped the windshield, cleaned out the exhaust pipe, and buffed the paint until Raven grabbed him by the ear and said, "I will never understand boys,"

When the Titans got in and sat down at their usual table, Cyborg said, "We're getting pepperoni, y'all, and no one's gonna change my mind"

"I'm a fricken vegetarian, dude! I don't eat meat, you dumbass," Beast Boy repeated.

"Well, I ain't eatin' no veggies,"

"I was thinking something more on the lines of double cheeseā€¦"

Raven, Starfire, and Robin all made an anime sweat drop.

"You've gotta be kidding, man!"

Then, there was another sweat drop.

Raven, with a vein popping out of her head anime style, walked up to the arguing boys and said, "Let's just have an everything pizza," in her monotone voice.

"As long as they're separate from the vegetarian slices!" Beast Boy said.

Raven rolled her eyes and started reading her book again.

"C'mon, Cy, let's go get the pizza,"


"And I must use the bathroom," Starfire left the table also.

Raven and Beast Boy were left alone at the table. Raven just kept on reading her book, not bothering to look up. Beast Boy, on the other hand was trying his best to look cool. "c'mon, say something!" He thought. He said the first thing that came to mind. "Nice weather, huh?" (A/N: That is, like, the worst thing a guy could possibly say to impress someone, lol!)

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Raven said, still not looking up. But then Beast Boy could have sworn he saw Raven smile at him again.

Then there was an ear-piercing scream. Raven and Beast Boy turned around to see The HIVE- Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth- standing outside the restaurant's gigantic, wall-sized window. "So much for pizza," Beast Boy said.

"Titans, GO!" They heard Robin's usual annoying battle cry. And so they ran off after the HIVE, never getting a single taste of their pizza/