Disclaimer: I dont own Harry Potter.

Another day in the eyes of a cat,

Trying to figure out this world,

Why is it I'm hated for every move I make?

Or when I make a simple mistake…

How can I go on living like this?

Enslaved with their expectations,

Their intentions are good, but the heart is not,

I'm always played like a fool.

I desire to be what they want me to be,

I want to make them proud,

No matter what in the end,

I'll always let them down.

I want to be my own person,

Being the best that I can be,

I don't want to be something I'm not,

Never do I want to be that stereotypical gal.

Yet every time when I speak my mind,

I'm always whipped with insults,

Never will I like to be me,

For I'm never good to them,

I'll never be the prized child they want,

Just another apple on the tree,

Yet a bit bruised from always falling,

Stumbling onto the worlds sympathy,

It's a shame that I can't be what I am,

Because the mocking is still rolling in,

It's hard to tell the difference in emotions,

To see if they're proud or just cynical,

I'll always make the mistakes they wont,

Or do the things they didn't,

Raised into a totally different world,

But they can't see the diversity,

It makes me feel humiliated inside,

To see others who know more than me,

Of my own race, ethnicity,

It's something that I'll never be.

I turned into a puppet for them,

Trying to work harder in life,

Gaining new accomplishments for them,

But finally when they're proud of me,

Something better comes along,

And it just makes me want to cry,

To see that I rose one moment then fell,

My pride is ripped to shreds,

And I'll live in this lonely abyss,

Until I thrive to make my dreams come true,

And I close my eyes and hope,

For something to actually go right for me,

Or a goal that will let me live,

Just to grasp that one moment of pure imagery,

Knowing it's for the best,

I'm in my own little world for that one second,

Then veracity hits me once again,

Still stuck in this complication,

To wonder why I sit and sigh,

Dark in the mind, but light on the outside,

Praying for just this one split second,

That I can be the best that they want me to be,

Being perfect just for them.

People say the world isn't a popularity contest,

But deep within they know it's true,

It is the world I've always known,

Born in the world of blue.

I know somewhere there is a world out there,

Waiting for more to join,

A celestial place where I can be free,

And not be a disappointment once more…