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The soft whisper of reality trembles,

A murmur of mist rests,

Its dark abyss is swallowing the earth,

Into an eternal darkness forever more,

And faithlessness sweeps the worlds depression,

Using the energy of optimism in earth,

Fueling up the obliteration that will come,

When the entire world will fall into a spell,

A vast slumber of despair,

And until that day comes,

When extinction of humankind drowns,

Into the crystalline oceans of the Atlantic,

Because the crescent moon was dislocated,

So the tides give us a deep impact,

And yet the earth doesn't break,

But until it shatters into shards,

Like a mirror being punched into pieces,

Armageddon will presume its pace of destruction,

And well all die and lonely life,

Because the ones who might have cared for you,

Were selfish and bitter to you all those years,

And now you realize this whole situation,

That you have this fucked up life,

And now the end of the world is coming,

But you have no one to protect you from this pain,

So you think about the betrayal,

Of how your blood, even friends,

Deceived you like a fool,

And your hatred for them builds up the earth's elimination,

How could they have done those cruel things?

Why did they hurt you like that?

Why is it that you still love them?

But you can't love something you hate,

Yet I too am stuck in the predicament,

In between the balance of adore and abhorrence,

And this whole ordeal is deeper then the soul,

You think no one understands your verve,

But don't be fooled because you know your wrong,

Many live this life thinking about death,

A lot hold scarlet roses,

Or black ones, it just depends,

They clutch those meaningful flowers,

So to be bitten by those greenish thorns,

And then the blood seeps the hand,

While they just sitting their like they committed a sin,

How is it that life seems to get worse?

Along with the worlds piteous anguish ache,

Is it because we know the earth will end?

In an Armageddon shower to be forever lost,

We'll all be blasted into oblivion…