Lily Evans woke up, sunlight streaking her face. She was sleeping on something soft, and it smelled like the Forbidden Forest (which is a VERY good smell. Very earthy, and has a distinct pine smell mixed in). Lily opened her eyes, only to find that everything was very blurry. After a moment, her vision cleared. She was met with a red and gold ceiling. Propping herself up on her elbows, Lily looked around the room. It was gigantic, probably six times as big as her room. With that one thought of her room and family, memories came flooding back.



A HOME, AND YOU MAKE THAT BLOODY OWL WRECK THE ENTIRE HOUSE?!?!?" Mr. Evans screamed, his face full of rage.

"I didn't do it, I swear!" Lily begged, tears streaming down her face.

"Get out." Mrs. Evans said, dangerously quiet.

"W-w-what?" Lily asked her eyes wide.


WELCOME HERE AGAIN!" With that, Dillan Evans threw her school trunk (which had been packed the night before, as Lily Evans is always ahead of schedule,) owl cage (with a very distressed owl, Niag, currently residing inside) and her out of the door and slammed it shut. Lily heard a lock click, and she broke down sobbing.

"Where am I going to go?" Lily asked herself out loud. Getting back to her rational self, Lily hoisted her trunk over her shoulder, balanced her owl cage on top, and started running towards Diagon Alley (Lily lived in the outskirts of Muggle London, so it was about a six mile walk to Diagon Alley).

Once she got to the Leaky Cauldron, Lily got out her money, and reserved herself a room from Tom, the young, springy new owner of the place.

"The room will be ready in about ten minutes, miss. Have a seat; I'll come get you when it's ready." Lily dragged her trunk and owl cage over to a table, and sunk down into a chair. At that particular moment, Sirius Black and James Potter burst into the Leaky Cauldron. Seeing Lily, Sirius and James bounded over.

"Hello, Evans! Why do we find you here at this hour?" James asked, trying to pull off his charm.

"Couldn't wait for another month, Evans, for term to start?" Sirius asked, eyes glistening with the usual mischief. Lily spun around her chair to face them. Her hair was matted with dirt and grime from walking so far in the dusty streets, her eyes were red and puffy from crying, and there were tear streaks on her face. She sighed heavily, and spun back around in her chair. Sirius and James shut up the moment they saw her face.

" alright?" James asked, concerned and worried. Spinning around to face them again, Lily answered.

"I'm fine, besides the fact that I just got kicked out of my house and am never allowed to come back again, I just ran six miles with this extremely heavy trunk and bird cage, and have to stay here until term officially starts." Her eyes, as well as puffy and red, had hurt, mistrust, and the usual spark of anger and liveliness was gone. Lily was still breathing heavily from her tiresome journey, and she was also on the verge of fainting. James and Sirius' faces started getting fuzzy, and everything started spinning. Before she knew it, she had blacked out.

End of Flashback