Now you're all probably wondering how much everyone has changed. And no, I don't mean their clothes, I

mean their personalities since 6th year.

Stephanie's long, blonde hair had grown to her knees. It was dead straight and had black and pink streaks

in it. Everyone was scared of her except Lily, Lauren, Cassandra, Molly and Dumbledore. She loved to beat

up the popular guys, and if you got on her bad side? Let's just say you would be in a LOT of pain for a

LONG time. Although she sounds punkish, she really wasn't. She was a nice, caring person who loved animals,

singing and acting. And of course, fighting. The only one person she despised was James, and since that

incident in the third year, she's never had a boyfriend. 'I just don't like guys,' she always responded.

Pfft. Like we believe THAT, Stephanie. She doesn't trust them, and everyone can tell.

Lauren's brown hair had lost it's poof, and now hung in waves down to her shoulders. It had light blonde

highlights. She loved a lot of things, but everyone knows that the thing that she cared most for in her

life was her darling Sirius. She could make Sirius do anything, or any guy for that matter. Guys were lining

up for her, and kept trying to tear them apart. But everyone also knows that Sirius and Lauren were inseparable.

Even a death threat involving a large chain saw can't make them stop making out. That's dead true; Stephanie

tried it once.

Molly had grown her hair to her shoulders, and it had light brown highlights. Her life basically revolved around

Mark, her boyfriend. He was her first true love, and they had been going out since the fourth year. Thankfully,

Mark didn't hold any grudges against James for the incident in the third year. Molly basically LIVED at Mark's

house, she was there so much. She even answered their phone. Molly liked to talk to Mark's grandmother when she

called, and they were on first name basis with each other.

Cassandra hadn't changed much. She was still going out with Remus, (they had been going out since the sixth year. Her hair was light brown, and very curly. It was a few inches above the middle of her back. It didn't have any highlights,

and mostly what she did was talk to Remus, make out with Remus, hang out with her friends, and sing. Thankfully,

Remus isn't as over protective as Sirius and James. Remus is ok with her having as many guy friends as she wants,

as long as there's nothing between them.

James, Sirius, and Remus were the same as always, only they had gotten taller, stronger, and hotter. Duh. Anywho,

back to the story!!

"No problem Steph. Now, Susan said that everyone could stay. That means that you can't beat James up or any of

the guys for that matter. And boys, you can't provoke Stephanie, as you all know that I'll let her kick your

sorry asses if you do." Lily said. "Oh yah, I forgot, your trunks! It's still almost a month away until school

starts!" In a second, everyone's trunks were there, packed and ready for Hogwarts. Lily snapped her fingers and

they all went to separate guest rooms. "So, anyone want to play some Quidditch?" Lily asked. Seeing as Mark

(on the Ravenclaw team), Sirius, James, and Steph (all on the Gryffindor team) played Quidditch, everyone

agreed. They elected Steph and James as team captains.

"Lily," Steph picked.

"Who said you get to pick first? I want Lily!" James complained.

"Fuck off, loser. I say I get to pick first." Steph replied.

"That's not fair!" James complained again. Stephanie's eyes had fire in them, and she literally would spit

fire at him. She got the weird ability when a spell backfired in her first year.

"James, lay off. I don't think you want a repeat of what happened earlier, do you?" Lily soothed, walking over

to Steph's side.

"Fine. I pick Sirius."






"Hey, no fair, why do I have to be on the girl's team?" Molly shushed Mark by kissing him. "Never mind."