Hello viewers. I'm back with a new story!! To start things off, this takes place after battle city when Bakura springs his trap and therefore succeeded with his plans of ruling the world. This prologue will explain. And in this story, everyone have their own body.

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Extension of Darkness


Drip. Drip.

The cave water drips from the stalagmites above onto the damp cold ground in a repeating pattern over and over again.

Drip. Drip.

The dungeon cell was wet and cold. It also had a sour smelling odor, like the rotting flesh of long dead rats. What an unpleasant place to live in. But our hero didn't have a choice.

Yugi sat in the corner, hidden by the long shadows of darkness. His arms sore forever from thick heavy iron chains holding his limbs up. Dried mud caked on his face, covering most of it. He sat in the darkness, alone in his agony. Alone in his pain. He could still remember the destruction. And he could still remember everyone who was lost in the terrible smoke surrounding the collapsing building. Tea…..Tristen….even Mokuba. Lost forever by the hands of darkness and evil. Even Macari was gone. The horrible images of Bakura carrying her away to be his queen. He could still remember her cries for help. But no one dared to step in and help her.

Yugi shuts his eyes, trying to forget everything that had happen. But it was no use. The same scene kept repeating itself in his mind. It was like a nightmare, only it was real…….a never ending nightmare. He shook his head hard trying one again to keep the tears from pouring down his dirty face.

"Tea…Tristen…." he managed to choke out. "Come back!!!!!!" he yelled into the darkness around him as he rattled his chains so hard, it hurts. No body answered him. He could still hear his voice echoing down the dungeon.

He couldn't help it so he began to cry. The crystalline droplets spattered once it touches the damp ground. His friends, his family, and everything he had once own had been destroyed and taken away that very same day. Yami was also gone, gone along with the puzzle. Along with the rest of everything.

He looked up and around the other empty cells. The cells where Joey and Seto has once been. Just looking at the cells brought back flooding memories. Mostly when guards had came down and dragged them away. His pleas and cries for them to stop still rang in his ears. His friends being dragged away was not a pretty sight at all. Joey's cries and Seto demanding them to set him free. Those were the last time he had seen or heard his beloved friends and/or rival.

He didn't care what happens to him as long as it means everyone else was safe but he knew they were gone, never coming back. He didn't care about the rotten smell or the dirty cell. He just wants everything to be normal again. But that will never happen again for all he knew. Hope just seems to have vanished into thin air leaving nothing behind for him to hold on to. Everything he ever owned and everyone he ever cared for was taken from him by someone just beyond those concrete walls.

Yugi was right. Beyond those walls lies a person who holds a powerful force. A dark and evil force that wants to rule all. In that room there was no smelling odor or wet grounds. There was a sweet smelling aroma filling the air with red velvet carpentry filling the cold floor.

"You'll pay for all you've done, Bakura." Yugi choked out in the dark. He knew Bakura was powerful and he knew it won't be easy to beat him. But what poor Yugi didn't know was that even though Bakura was extremely powerful he did have a weakness but what is it???

End of Prologue

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh. Thank you.