Can't Stop Loving You

Chapter 3

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"Master Dick and Master Tim have every perimeter covered tonight, sir."

"Thank you, Alfred."

The kind butler nodded before turning and exiting the study.

Diana smoothed the floor-length white dress down over her thighs and brushed a stray strand of hair away from her face, trying to tuck it back up in the elegant French knot at the back of her head but failed. It was just too thick.

Bruce exhaled slowly and took a small sip of the red wine in his crystal glass, gathering his thoughts as he turned away from the window to face Diana. Even against the dark red velvet couch, she looked like she belonged there: the white of the dress against the red, the creamy complexion of her skin against the white, the ebony color of her hair against the cream. He mentally kicked himself. Bringing her home would make this all harder. Diana sensed his discomfort and spoke in a soft voice, unsure of what to say.


He closed his eyes and swallowed more wine, running a hand through his short black hair.

"Diana…you know that this will complicate everything."

"I never said it was going be easy." She countered, gingerly sipping her own wine.

"It might spread rumors among the League."

"Since when did you care what they think?"

"I don't. I thought you might have found it bothersome."

She smiled almost sadly. "Thoughtful of you."

He shot her a look to see if she was being sarcastic but she wasn't. That made it all harder. He wanted her to yell and scream at him, to vow to never speak to him again, to hate him so he could spare them both the hurt. But then again, he thought bitterly, that would only hurt worse.

"Diana…we can't."

"And exactly why not?" Anger and defiance had finally risen in her voice now, making him wince.

"What am I supposed to do, just throw my feelings away? Believe me, I've tried, many times, but they won't go away. Can you honestly tell me that you can discard everything you're feeling at will?"

He turned away from her then, hand tightening on the delicate glass held between his fingers. Could he forget about her? The vision of her raven hair sweeping back from that pale, perfect face, the infinitely sweetness of her plump, ruby red lips? No, not in a million.

Diana stood and stared into the fireplace, the orange-gold flames devouring the log therein, hugging her arms around herself. A single tear fell from her cheek.

"If you want me to go, I will and I'll never speak of this again." She whispered, eyes shining full with firelight.

She heard him move and expected to hear him exit but his hand came into view and turned her face towards his. He brushed the tear away with his thumb, staring into her eyes and almost becoming lost in the pools of beautiful ice.

"I love you, Diana, and I can't stop loving you no matter how hard I try. If it gets any more complicated than this, then we're both in real trouble."

She smiled and gratefully accepted the kiss that followed. Only, the kisses never stopped.


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"She's a respected teammate, she's an amazing woman, she's…standing right behind me." –Batman