Rurouni Kenshin: Tales of a Sexy Swordsman

Chapter 12: Bacon Flavored Things

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Entry 644:

Oh. My. God.

Entry 645:

Did you know they make condoms in bacon flavor? Now there's something that would turn Homer Simpson gay!

Entry 646:

I can see it now... Homer drooling, "Mmm... Bacon..."

Entry 647:

And licking it like a bacon lollipop...

Entry 648:


Entry 649:

It burns like nail polish remover in the eye! It burns like Shishio's touch against my smooth, smooth bottom! It burns like... like... Like me!

Entry 650:

Oh Kenshin you are so perfect! So absolutely beautiful in every way!

Entry 651:

Just think beautiful thoughts, and the ugly ones will go away!

Entry 652:

Kenshin in a bathtub. Kenshin in nothing but boxers. Kenshin shaking his long, fiery hair out of his eyes. Kenshin smirking to whatever fugly's in his way. Kenshin's beautiful purple eyes turning that piercing shade of amber. Kenshin... Kenshin...

Entry 653:

Kenshin loves Kenshin.

Entry 654:

Kenshin also loves dark chocolate.

Entry 655:

Kenshin wonders why he's talking in third person. Like... a monkey.

Entry 656:

Monkeys are sooo cute sometimes! Like, uber-cute. Like, cute like me when I'm oroing.

Entry 657:

Good god I ramble when I'm supposed to be rescuing people!

Entry 658:

That's what supposedly happened when I tried to rescue Tomoe, god rest her white-plum-flavored soul.

Entry 659:

But how can there be such a thing as white plum? And if there was, what would be the scent difference between it and say, a red plum? Or a purple plum? Or a green plum?

Entry 660:

Honestly, women and their perfumes. It's like hiding in the girl's locker rooms and watching the freshman come tramping in and spraying their 'Love Spell' and 'Pure Seduction'. Really, it's enough to make you choke.

Entry 661:

I did it again, didn't I? Rambling. Jeez. That's probably my one imperfection. That, and the fact that my butt is sooo... big.

Entry 662:

"Kaoru-dono! I apologize but I fear I have gone mind rambling! Can you tell me what's going on?"

Entry 663:

"Oh Kenshin, you silly rabbit, you. You were going to rescue me so you could take me home, undress me slowly, give me a sensual massage, and allow me to show you what making love with a kendo master was really like!"

Entry 664:

Ay, Taco Bell Dog!

Entry 665:

I always knew there was a devil in Miss Kaoru!

Entry 666:

Devil? OMG! 666! The devil's number! This is just like the time when they sent me to the bowels of hell to retrieve that dead girl, but then I accidently looked back to make sure she was hot–because everyone knows ugly chicks shouldn't be rescued for the good of the world–and she disappeared into a wisp of smoke?

Entry 667:

Wait, maybe that wasn't me... Ah well.

Entry 668:

Acts of heroism start blending into each other as time goes on, you know. So it's not my fault. Especially with how sexy and heroic I am. Rawr.

Entry 669:

You know what they say about the number 69... Snicker.

Entry 670:

That's right! When you flip the numbers around, they still say 69! Wicked, yo!

Entry 671:

"... Kenshin...?"

Entry 672:

Oh dude, I'm fur-eaking hot!

Entry 673:

Eek! I think one of my nails have chipped!

Entry 674:


Entry 675:

Oh, just kidding. It was just the light hitting it weird.

Entry 676:


Entry 677:

What color should I choose to paint my nails next time I get them done? I was thinking a pale purple, to set off my eyes, but then maybe it would be too pale? And if it's too dark then it's way too easy to see if they chip or not, and that could be a problem... Hm...

Entry 678:


Entry 679:

Well, now we know how loud she's going to be in bed!

Entry 680:

"Yes, Kaoru-dono?"

"Will you stop blanking out on me and just rescue me already!"

"Oh. Yeah. About that..."

Entry 681:

She made me do it. Rescue her, that is. Oh, this had better be worth it.

Entry 682:

I am never, ever dissing toothpaste companies ever again. Those three tubes where the only thing that got the artificial strawberry, cotton candy, mocha, watermelon, etc. tastes out of my mouth. I don't know how I ever did it, seeing how many fangirls I had to kiss.

Entry 683:

I'm not going to even mention how many girls stuck their hands down into my pants.

Entry 684:

Are they even allowed to do that?

Entry 685:

I should talk to Kaoru-dono about this.

Entry 686:

She might get jealous and hurt me, though. And I don't like getting hit. It hurts. And bruises my delicate skin.

Entry 687:

On the other hand... Snicker.

Entry 688:

Oh, Kenshin, you bad boy, you! 'Other hand'... You are sooo dirty!

Entry 689:

Ahem! As I was saying! She might take it as a hint.

Entry 690:

Oh, this is just like the time when I was at that job interview, and that guy asked me where I saw myself in 10 years, and I just had to blurt out, "Doing your wife," even though in my head I was telling myself not to.

Entry 691:

I suppose it's better than saying "Doing your mom". Your mom jokes are so old.

Entry 692:

Yo momma's so fat, when she jumps in the ocean, all the whales start singin', "WE ARE FA-MI-LY!"

Entry 693:

You have to admit that was good.

Entry 694:

Kenshin's good.

Entry 695:

Other than in the bed, of course. And he's very talented in that area, also.

Entry 696:

You know you just can't beat Kenshin when it comes to speed bed-making. Hehehehe... Kiss my pillows!

Entry 697:

... My... Legs... They're... Strange...

Entry 698:

I mean, they're all... You know... Strange.

Entry 699:

I hope it wasn't the fangirl's excessive groping that made them all strange.

Entry 700:

AHH! What if they mutilated my wanker! They did... stroke it so... sexually, and with such... er... enthusiasm. And... Er... Everything went hard—DARK, that's what I meant! Dark!

Entry 701:

This is rated PG13, or, as the kind people of Fiction Rating say, T... For Teen... And as we all know, teens don't know a single thing about sex. Or kinkiness. No, no, teens only know about doing their homework and going to church.

Entry 702:

OK, I double-checked. It's fine. My buddy, my friend, my little mouse (though it's everything but "little"), is safe and sound and in my pants. At least, from what I can see.

Entry 703:

I should really get Kaoru to check it. There might be some things I'm missing. Lumps, for example.

Entry 704:

She'll have to check it orally, of course. Or maybe...

Entry 705:

I always liked those hand-on check-ups. I liked them very hands on and very through.

Entry 706:

And I always liked playing doctor. Even as a child.

Entry 707:

Let me tell you, I got further at age 5 with the Takamura's doctor than I did with Tomoe on our first night alone together.

Entry 708:

Which reminds me of that one pickup line I used on her...

Entry 709:

"Hey, Tomoe, remember when you and Akira were young and played doctor? Now that he's dead, and we're all grown up, how about giving up that family practice so we can play gynecologist?"

Entry 710:

It didn't work out well, obviously, because I didn't get laid that night.

Entry 711:

I did later when I used this: "I thought very fine only came in a bottle."

Entry 712:

Hey, it's better than saying something like: "You're so beautiful, I want to be reincarnated as your child so I can be breastfed by you until I'm 30." That would be quiet... Er... Strange.

Entry 713:

Why 30? Because after that, they won't be milk-jugs anymore. They'll be more like... Er... Something nasty, I'm sure.

Entry 714:

Along with my swords (snigger), my lips are registered weapons.

Entry 715:

But trust me, the length of the sword I show more often is by no means compensation for the length of the sword I'd like to show Kaoru-dono.

Entry 716:

Comparison is more like it. Ohh yeeeaah!

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