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The CEO sat in the darkness with only his laptop providing a dim light. The blue light stretched past the CEO and to the ceiling of the wall behind him. His shadow also stretched far above catching up with the light itself. Shadows danced across and around the room. Huge, thick, heavy, curtains hung from a window left of Seto. The fabric was so thick that moonlight can't even penetrate it.

The clock ticked softly as the hand continued in a circular shape. Seto lean back on his leather chair and folded his hands. His eyes surveyed the portable computer's screen. Suddenly the clock gave a loud tick then returned to its normal soft tick pattern. He glanced over to the clock. It was midnight. Seto was used to being up at this time of day. He didn't even felt a bit sleepy.

'Am I becoming nocturnal or something?' he thought. 'Who cares; I have way more important things to do than sleep anyways.'

He went back to researching cards and uploading his new duel disks. The large metal door gave a "swish" sound as it slid to the side revealing his younger brother, Mokuba.

"You're still up?" asked the young drowsy boy as he rubbed his tired eyes, "You should go to sleep now, big brother."

"I'll go later, Mokuba. You go back to sleep," said Seto, absentmindedly as he turn his focus back to the lighted screen.

"But Seto-"

"No! I'll go to bed later. This is much more important than a few hours of just sleeping. You go back to bed, Mokuba."

"Um, okay," said Mokuba, giving in. He retreated out the room and retraces his steps back to his room. Behind him he could hear the door slid close. Even though a wall is separating the two brothers, Mokuba could hear him typing furiously on the keyboard. From the way his brother was typing in the room Mokuba knew the speed was inhuman.

'What happened to my big brother?' the boy wondered. It was a question that lay unanswered for years. It was also a question that had been buried in the back of the boy's mind as he wandered for the answer. Even though it was buried, it remained lively in his head. Mokuba never dared to ask the question out loud even though he really just wants to scream it out. He wanted so much to free his anger; free the unknown.

'Seto had been so fun and lively when we were little, free from any adult until he showed up' Mokuba thought referring back to their stepfather. 'The day when he adopted us, the day Seto changed…..forever. Now he can't be apart from his technology for even a second.'

Mokuba reached up and clicked a button allowing the door to open revealing his room. He staggers to his bed and hop onto it. A warm rectangular metal blushes against his neck. He reached down and pulled out his necklace. He clicked it open. Seto's chocolate eyes stared back at him. But the eyes in the other room were empty and full of nothing but anger.

"What happened to you, big brother?" Mokuba whispered to the picture tucked neatly in the metal frame, "What happened to us?"

In the other room Seto sat once again staring into the screen as if the computer was going to melt if his eyes left it. He sighs and closes his eyes. 'I'm sorry, Mokuba. I'm sorry.'

End of Prologue

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh or anything used in this chapter or story. Thank you.